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Profit First: My Love/Hate Relationship

Hobby Loss Rule - Side Hustlers Beware

As a CPA and someone who makes a living teaching financial literacy and cash management to small business owners and self-employed individuals, people routinely ask me my thoughts on Profit First, the book and business cash management system by Mike Michalowicz. For those who aren’t familiar, the Profit First system centers around using bank balances […]


Profit First: My Love/Hate Relationship

Jamie thinks about profit first

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There is no denying it, we live in the age of the side hustles.  The internet and specifically social media have made it possible to earn extra income in a million different ways, and I’m here for all of it.  As someone who works primarily with women (and a woman myself!) I’m super supportive of any avenue that […]

Part Time Gigs

Side Hustlers – Beware the Hobby Loss Rule!

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