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Join the Best Signature DCA Course Affiliate: Jamie Trull

August 30, 2023

Digital Course Academy has one of the most popular education affiliate programs.

If you are thinking about joining the signature DCA program by Amy Porterfield, you are in the right place to find the best affiliate program bonuses!

Jamie Trull is not only a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and financial literacy coach but also a passionate advocate for helping others transform their businesses through digital courses.

In a recent interview, Jamie spoke with C Lee, a student who enrolled in Amy Porterfield’s Signature Digital Course Academy Program using Jamie’s partner affiliate link getting Digital Course Academy Free Bonuses.

As a result, C Lee received exclusive bonuses from Jamie to support her on her course creation journey.

The Journey to Digital Course Creation With Your Own Online Course, powered by DCA

The pandemic brought about many challenges for individuals and businesses alike.

For C Lee, a certified professional organizer, the pandemic coincided with a time when she was considering retiring from her physically demanding job.

With the pandemic restricting her ability to work in people’s homes and a desire to continue sharing her knowledge and expertise, C Lee started exploring virtual organizing.

However, she quickly realized that it was not the solution for her. It was then that she came across Jamie Trull and the idea of creating digital courses.

The Impact of Jamie Trull’s Partner Bonuses

For DCA's Online Education Affiliate Programs: I am biased but I believe that we have on of the best education affiliate programs for Digital Course Academy. In this Digital Course Academy Review, Jamie is with you through a bunch of great bonuses to help you successfully build your course.

Som of the significant benefits of enrolling in the Amy Porterfield Digital Course Academy are the Free Bonuses through Jamie’s partner link was the exclusive bonuses offered.

Jamie’s bonuses included Zoom happy hours and a focus on community and connectedness. These bonuses provided C Lee with valuable connections, inspiration, and ideas from others going through a similar journey.

C Lee was connected with a group of like-minded women, with whom she continues to meet weekly, nearly two years later.

This sense of community and support was instrumental in helping C Lee navigate her course creation journey amidst personal challenges.

The Importance of Digital Courses (And Your Own Signature Course!)

Jamie and Amy smile for the camera. Jamie and Amy smile for the camera. I have loved learning how to create my own online courses and  being a part of the DCA online course affiliate programs and Amy Porterfield's affiliate networks.  Time with Jamie will go beyond each digital course lesson to find insights in what truly makes your own digital course a PROFITABLE online course.

The popularity of digital courses has been growing rapidly, and the pandemic has only accelerated this trend.

Digital courses provide an opportunity to make a broader impact by serving many people at one time, regardless of geographical location.

Additionally, creating a Signature digital course idea allows individuals to share their passion or expertise.

Whether or not they have a certification or degree in the subject. As C Lee pointed out, it is not only about what your profession is but also about what your passion is.

Keys to Creating a Successful Digital Course

The journey to creating digital courses can be both rewarding and challenging.

However, with the right support and community, it is possible to navigate this journey successfully.

Jamie Trull’s Digital Course Academy Free Bonuses provide valuable resources and a sense of community online learning platform to support course creators on their journey.

You CAN create your own online course and more importantly, sell online courses profitably.

If you are considering creating a digital course, be sure to check out Jamie Trull’s digital course creator resources and join the DCA waitlist to be the first to know about her exclusive bonuses.

Digital Course Success, Video Transcript: 

Please note that the following is a direct transcript and has not been edited for errors or omissions. It is a verbatim representation of the spoken words and may include colloquial language, grammatical errors, or other inconsistencies. We have chosen to provide the transcript in its raw form to preserve the authenticity of the conversation. We recommend cross-referencing with the original audio or video source for complete accuracy.

Hello. Hello everybody. Jamie Trull, your favorite CPA and financial literacy coach here. And today we’re gonna be continuing the trend. We’ve lately been talking a lot about what I actually do, what I actually sell in my business, and how I was able to pivot my service-based business into one that is fully an online business, specifically doing content marketing and making digital courses and other digital products.

And so we’re gonna continue that today. I’m actually bringing on a special guest and it just so happens to be another person who has gone down a similar path, although a very, very different type of business. And I’ve watched her go down this path and I wanted to share her with all of you so you could see somebody else’s story. A couple weeks ago on the channel,

I released more about my story, specifically with how I pivoted my business. And now I want you to hear her story, especially if you’re someone thinking about whether creating digital courses could be right for you, whether it’s something that could fit into your type of business. Believe me, I think it can fit into a lot of types of business. You don’t just have to be a finance person.

I’m gonna show you that here in just a minute. So with that, I’m gonna bring up my special guest today. If y’all, if we had a live studio audience, I would tell them to give you applause, but we don’t, unfortunately, or fortunately, our live studio audience right now is my puppy who’s asleep on my feet. That’s about it.

The Journey to DCA and Creating a Digital Course

How are you doing? Sealy? Jamie, thank you so much for inviting me. I’m thrilled, thrilled to be here beyond belief. I’m so excited to have you on here because I’ve been watching, like I said, your story. I was talking to you a little bit before this, but I’ve been watching your story. I got to see it all play out from where you were before.

You, you know, went down this whole digital course creation journey to now, and I always like beam with pride whenever I see your updates and things like that. So tell people a little bit about what you do. So I am a certified professional organizer. They’re actually fewer than 400 of us worldwide. So it is an actual thing like a cpa.

I’m a cpa, yes. And I had been organizing in people’s homes for almost 20 years, and then of course the pandemic happened and it just so happened that the pandemic kind of coincided when I was actually thinking about retiring. It’s a very physical job, right? Getting, literally putting my knee pads on and crawling around people’s basements. And I’m gonna be 59 this year.

So I was, I dunno how You do it. I sit at my desk all day and I still like, my back hurts by the end. So, so I was 57 and I was definitely thinking about transitioning and then pandemic hit, and literally, I legally could not go into people’s homes unless it was a move project, right. Unless they had to have me there.

And so that was a hard transition, and I was thinking, but I’m not ready to retire. Like, I still have so much knowledge and so much to offer. And so I played around with virtual organizing kind of one-on-one, but it was so frustrating. I’d be looking on the Zoom camera, I’m like, see that book? Pick it up.

You know? Oh. So I quickly realized that was not gonna be a solution for me. And so it just so happened because of you, and I have to say, you have saved me literally thousands, a pound, thousands of dollars, and I can’t thank you enough because you, you jumped in during the pandemic and read all of that financial knowledge.

And I think it was my husband who found you, and he was like, Hey, you gotta listen to this woman. He’s, she’s telling you how to fill in your PPP. I was like, oh, yeah. So I was, I was an early adopter. I was there every Wednesday. Tell me how to do it. You were my,

my load stone, my guiding force during that time. And, and that’s why it’s so interesting because when I delved into D C A, I thought, oh, Jamie’s already paid for this for me 10 times over Right before you Go. Yeah. You know, so I’ll just say, I, when I had been following you, I read all of your emails and then all of a sudden out of nowhere you were like,

Hey, could you teach a digital course? And I was like, hell yeah. I could teach a digital course. It had literally never occurred to me until you first suggested it in an email and I pondered it, and then I got a couple more emails and I pondered it. And I thought, this is the answer. This is what I can do.

Was just like, kind of like fing Like, and, and I may be like, some of the people watching this may be in that same spot. Yes. I, I had that same moment where I’m like, oh, I’m burned out working one to one. Like, what is I, there’s gotta be a better way to do this. Right?

And to be able to absolutely scale a business that doesn’t eat all of my time and energy. Right. But still gets to make an impact. And in fact, in this business, I, I fully believe you can make an even broader impact, right? Because you’re not limited to who you can serve. Absolutely. You can serve many people all at one time and help them with the problem that they have.

Absolutely. And yet it was kind of nipping at my heels, like the same thing happened where it was like, huh, digital courses. Okay, I’ll think about that. But for me, I’m like, I’m, I’m so busy, right? I’m so busy, I don’t have time to think about this. And I think it like just kept coming up and kept coming up.

So some of y’all might be hearing this and this, you’re like, okay, this keeps coming up. Right. And I realized like, okay, if I ever want time, if I ever wanna have the time to be able to, to do something like this, like I have to make it, I have to make it. Otherwise I’m always gonna be in this cycle of I have no time.

Right. And I, and I think, you know, you and I are both experts at what we do undoubtedly, but I I don’t think you have to be an expert. It can be kind of like a hobby that you love or enjoy. I have, I was actually talking to a friend of mine who, because my daughter was a classist,

she knows these people who do this kind of Roman army recreations. Yeah. And he’s, he knows everything there is about the costumes. And I’m like, you know, you could teach this Yeah. In an online course because, and he was like, and I’m like, you are the, you know a lot about this, the, you know,

this is your passion. No, you didn’t study it. No, you don’t have a degree or a certificate, but this is your passion. And he’s like, oh. So I mean, I think it, you know, it really think about not just only what your profession is, but what your passion is, is what I’m telling people. Yeah.

And, And I, and I think that that too, that’s so true because I think sometimes too, we think we need to know everything about everything. Right. And a lot of people, you probably have, there’s probably an area in your life. And so the question we’ve been asking is like, what could you talk about for an hour? Right?

Like, what could you just talk about in nonstop with no preparation for an hour? And name those things off the top of your head. And those, those may be the things that are in your sweet spot. So you can have a narrowly focused, what Amy Porterfield, who we’re gonna get to here in a minute, talks about as a spotlight course.

You can have a very narrowly focused, like, this is this subject on something you know, really, really well, but it doesn’t have to be something that you have a certification in, or it can be Right. Depending on what, where you’re at. So I think like allowing for that, that to kind of sit a little bit and try to figure out like,

okay, what is it that I could create something about, you know, like is it related to a profession or a certification I have or is it something I just love? Right? Yes. And would love to teach and bring to the world, you know? And I think sometimes we overthink it and that was, I definitely did that. I don’t know if you overthought.

I, I didn’t, I didn’t. It was, I, I have to tell you, I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it. I had never heard of Amy Porterfield. I knew nothing of this whole digital marketing world. You were my first and only introduction. But I think it just made sense. It was, you spoke to me at the right time.

I was in the right place. And I think just as you said, I knew I could make a bigger impact. And I do think that the people that it makes sense for, right? Like I think a digital course doesn’t make sense for everyone. If you hate teaching, if you hate now, you don’t have to love being on camera. Cuz I would Yeah.

I did not love it. I’m sure you didn’t see Lou. No, no. Definitely. I know you’re like me, right? You, you are, what do you call yourself? Not is it a tech dinosaur? What? I’m a digital dinosaur. A digital Dinosaur. I love that phrase because I felt like I, I was not a techie person.

It makes me laugh uncontrollably to think about the fact that I have an online business. It makes my husband laugh even more because he’s my IT guy and has to come in and make sure my, like computer is plugged in half the time. So, so you don’t have to be any of those things. No. Right. In order for this to work,

I prove, I prove that to be true. You just have to be willing to learn and to hire other people. And I I’ve done both. Yep. I’ve done both. Exactly. I think in the beginning you start by kinda learning things yourself, realizing the things you hate doing. Yep. And then, you know, you go from there,

but it is, it’s definitely a journey. So tell us a little bit about that journey. So you made the decision, you saw my emails, which, you know, brought you in and you said, okay, this is interesting, right? And so some other people are kinda like, yeah, I’ve had that thought that this could be good for me too.

So you joined Digital Course Academy, which is getting ready to open up for the first time in 2022. I know Sealy is also, I am an affiliate for the program because I love it so much. It changed my whole business. I know Sealy is too, so I wanna make sure to mention that. And because we love it, right? We Are.

Exactly. It’s just like you, anything, when you find a fa fantastic new restaurant, you tell your friends, right? Yep. Things that make a the difference to you, you wanna let people know about happily. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah. It changed everything. And I think the, the people that this is, is meant for it can change so many lives.

I’ve seen it change so many people’s lives and businesses. And so it just makes you passionate about wanting to get this out there. And I think so many people think like, oh, it’s that time has passed this, this industry is growing like hot cakes still. Oh, okay. It’s changing, right? Like it’s changing. Yeah. It’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s The tip of the iceberg. And I think Covid accelerated the growth and people got more comfortable Right, Right. With with online learning things. So people who maybe would never think about taking a digital course before now are a lot more comfortable with those types of things because they had to live in a digital world for Right. They figured it out. Yeah.

They figured it out. So that learning curve, that that, you know, objection as we would call it in the online marketing world, right. Is kind of gone out the window now. So your market is much bigger. Yes. There’s more people out there doing it, but nobody’s doing it the way that you would do it. No, exactly.

Like Nobody, it, it, it, everybody has something to add in this space. I, I truly, and I will put my flag in the ground on this, I don’t believe there’s competition. Like, I don’t, I don’t feel like there’s competition. Not to say people aren’t doing amazing things, but I’m doing it the way I would do it and they’ll,

I mean, so my people will find me. And this, your people will find you so well because I mentor other organizers and I remember I went to a organizing meeting and a woman came in, I said, oh, I’m from Arlington. She’s like, me too. I was like, oh, that’s great. She’s like, oh, you’re my competition.

And I was like, stop one minute. First of all, I’ve been doing this at the time, a decade you just started and there is no, we are collaborators. If you are my friend, I’m gonna send you more work than you know what to do with. Like, there is no competition. That’s like such an, you know, a,

a mindset of negativity and I have an abundance mindset. Right? Yeah. And I think it’s something we’ve been fed to, right? Yeah. I mean especially like this whole women versus women narrative, like, don’t get me started at this point because The, The most influential, the people that have helped my business the most have been these amazing women who were willing to,

you know, elevate other women and help me and, you know, mentor and, you know, doing all these things. I think we’re coming out of that. I think we have to kind of realize that we’re so much better when we work together. And that’s what I love about, I think a lot of people are worried about jumping in digital courses and even joining through my bonus program,

I know other accountants and bookkeepers and people in my space always get worried cause they, they’re worried like, is this gonna feel like competition if I join? And I’m like, no, No, there’s more Everybody. I loved It when, when I think our industry needs this. And I’m sure you feel the same. Right? It doesn’t feel a competition.

Okay, so you joined through by bonus program. So again, Digital Course Academy is opening in early September. So that’s coming up. There are a few things going on before that. So if people are kind of want something to do in the meantime, I’m gonna send them to https://jamietrull.com/onlineresources.

I believe That’s right. I will check that.

https://jamietrull.com/onlineresources. And there’s lots of resources on there for kind of starting to think about what kind of course crew do you create, right? Yeah. You can join my Digital Course Academy wait list so that you know what kind of bonuses I’m offering this time around. I can’t announce them yet, but you can find that out and you’ll be one of the first to know and we’ll keep you kind of updated and there’s lots of additional fun things going on and we’re keeping that page updated with all new things as they are coming out.

So make sure to check that out. If you’re thinking about it, a bunch of stuff is free out here and great to just kind of start diving in and deciding if it’s right for you. But what did you think about going through, you know online course affiliate program, my bonus program? Did you find it helpful to join My Goodness Way? Yeah. I mean,

again, I am so, so very in appreciative and grateful for you, partially because what your bonuses, and I don’t know what you’re doing this time, but I’m sure it is along the lines of connection, right? You connected me randomly with four other women and one of them has changed careers, but the other three I still meet with every week.

Love. This is nearly two years later. I love that So much. Two of them actually met for the first time in person in Dallas, like a week ago. And there was a photograph and I was like, they’re like, we swear to God it wasn’t Photoshopped. I’m like, what was it like? And they’re like,

it was, we know each other inside out. They’re like, we just actually could hug each other. Right? I know Some of my best friends, I also met through Digital Course Academy in other online ways. And when you see them in real life, you’re like, this is crazy. But also I feel like I know everything about you. Right, exactly.

I know, I know your favorite food. I sent you a birthday card. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So anyway, that connection has been so, so very valuable. So I joined Digital Course Academy in September of 2020 and it just so happened at the time I was mourning my one sister who had passed away. I was the executor and my other sister,

both of them two decades older than me, was extraordinarily ill. So I wasn’t able to really dive in. Like I had wished I had wanted to because I had other familial obligations, but I had these women and I, I was showing up for them. So I have to say that the, they kind of forged the path for me and they were like,

okay, this is what’s really important. This you don’t have, you know, they really helped me throughout the way and you know, you also helped me because one of the things you did is you had kind of zoom happy hours and I love my happy hours. I love that connection. Having seen all those smiling faces from around the world, I feel there were people sharing their perspectives,

sharing their wins and their losses. Right? Some people had hard going. It really, it just gives you the enthusiasm, the inspiration ideas. They’re like, oh, I should try that. Like, it hadn’t occurred to me, oh yeah, let me give that a good try. Oh, that didn’t work for you. Okay. But maybe from,

if I do it this way, so that those bonuses were so very, very valuable. And of course we’re still friends today. For Me, creating these connections of people who were going through something very similar was so incredibly helpful from a personal perspective of friendships. Right. But also from a business perspective, both in connections that you’re making, people helping you,

you, you seeing them, you know, blaze the Trull ahead of you. Also, there are several people that were in, you know, that I got to know within Digital Course Academy that ended up buying my course. Oh yeah. That’s really Great for that too. Right? So you have this great community there. So it’s so much better than going it alone.

I thought about going it alone. And I almost tried to do this all. I I tend to like to be scrappy. So I tried, I was gonna try it all on my own. Really I just thought, why in the world am I not going with a proven track record? And there was so much benefit that I didn’t even know I would get.

And so our, we are really big on creating community. There will definitely be, there will be resources Yes. Within our affiliate program offers our bonus package, but also an emphasis on community and connectedness. And I like to personally be a part and see you guys go through your journey. I think it’s so, I just love it. It’s, it is so much fun to watch.

Yeah. And it just like lights me up inside and your Enthusiasm is contagious. Truly. I think that that’s, you know, can using the word contagious in the most positive way. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But yes, I, yeah, I really do. I just get so much life out of it. That’s why I love doing those where I get to see people and actually hear stories and keep people going.

Right? Yeah. Because that’s the great thing is that you do have access to all these materials, Amy lets you keep them forever. Right? And so you can, a lot of people think like, oh, if I don’t finish by the time the course is over, what’s the point? And I’m like, no, I’m the grand scheme of life.

Like if you’re three months later than you planned. No, I’m keep going. I’m the best example. I literally purchased in September, 2020 and I really didn’t start until September, 2021. Yeah. But that was okay because I had like, don’t wait. Right? Like, don’t wait, don’t let enough year go vibe. I’m so glad I jumped in because I learned from my pod sisters,

we call each other. Yeah. And learn from just, just ab absorbing whenever I had an opportunity. Oh yeah. Listen to a podcast, listen to colleagues, get in the chat, in the groups and just try to learn so that when it was my time, you know, I was able to dive in and I, I mean I’m really proud of my success.

You know, I started with a Black Friday offer last November. So here we are just nine months later and I’ve made like $28,000. I mean, that’s incredible, right? And so I have a one year plan, a cheer year plan, a five-year plan, a tenure plan. I am all in. And it’s because of you, Ms. Tra I mean,

so my course is a paper, it’s called the Paper Cleanse. Paper cleanse. Yes. Yes. And so it’s, you’ll link To it below Information. Appreciate that. It is a non-digital solution, right? So it’s a way to help people go from, you know, clutter to clarity and clear the piles, curate the files and it will give them the paper organization they need.

And I think like for what you teach, sometimes people have to get the paper organized before they can get their finances organized. Right? That Is true. I have a lot of paper. I’m like, I’m glad you can’t see everything that’s going on. Cause it’s Exactly, Yes, yes. Organization is critical. Yes. So that, so that for me,

you know, I’ve had students now literally from three continents, from the us the UK and Australia, and the changes, the transformation that people have achieved has been phenomenal. Like literally they’re able to feel like they can go on vacation, that they can start, I had a student start a nonprofit, you know, spend more time with grandkids or, and get their kids off to college.

It’s been so rewarding. Like, I can’t even tell you. So that’s what feeds my soul, right? I, I love to teach. That’s why I was a successful organizer, right? You anybody can come in and organize you, but it needs to be a long-lasting solution, right? Yes, yes. When they leave, you’ve gotta be able to maintain it for an,

an older student, you know, it’s somebody who really still wants the paper, they wanna touch it, they wanna feel it, they wanna highlight it, they got their sharpie, they’re ready to go. That’s who I’m for. So yeah, it’s just been, it’s been so satisfying. I love that. I love all of that. And there’s something that you have that is available for free for our audience,

if that sounds awesome to anybody. We gotta make sure to plug that. Absolutely. So you, you live in Tennessee, you guys have had wild weather down there, right? I mean we have seen, I, I forget the exact thing, but a, a third of the country has been under a weather advisory of some nature in the last three weeks.

Yeah. Right. So I have, it’s called, it’s, you know, I say can you find your vital documents fast? And, and most people can’t. And this worries me. This is my passion. I don’t want anybody ever be caught out. So I have this vital documents guide, go to C L E e C A W L e y.com,

c lee colley.com/guide and you can get it. I’ve got a short video tutorial to talk you through it. It’s an 11 page ebook. It’s absolutely free. But this will help you get started. And I really, this is one of the things that I feel so strongly about it, there’s, everybody needs to do this and a lot of us don’t know where our vital documents are.

Yeah. Yep. So you’ve motivated me Now I’m like, I’m gonna go download the guide. Yeah. Okay. So I love all that. We are going to put a link to the guide Great. Down below so that everybody can go and grab it. Go check out Celia’s website and everything over there because she’s doing awesome, awesome things and I’m cheering for her all along the way.

If you are interested in making your own digital courses, if you’re interested, if you are talked into it, you say, okay, alright, you got me do It, Let’s do it. Really thinking about it, I want you to go to https://jamietrull.com/onlineresources , check out all the different things. Make sure you join my Digital Course Academy wait list.

It’s on that page. Or if you happen to be watching this when Digital Course Academy is actually open, since some people will be watching this later on, it will link you directly there. So I wanna make sure that everybody goes over there, checks out the free resources, gets on that Digital Course Academy wait list. That way you will find out what my bonuses are as soon as I am announcing them,

which will be soon, but not yet. And, and as a tip, Amy has updated it entirely. Yes. Right. She’s, I don’t know if we’re not Hundred percent. I’m so excited to see it. I haven’t even seen it yet. I Know. Neither have I, but so, and she’s keeping the price the same because I think we’re all aware of economics and,

and everything. So like if you’re ever gonna do it, now’s the time because It’s fully updated. Yeah, totally updated. You’ve got some new strategies for 2022 and things that are working now. Exactly. So if you’re worried about doing scale, it’s not, I can’t wait to dive in there too. I’m gonna be going through it all again this year.

And you and I get to, because I get to keep it right. It’s lifetime. It’s lifetime. When you’re having It, you get to keep it forever, including the updates, which I think is absolutely fabulous. It’s something I’m modeling in my courses too, because I think that that’s really useful for your students to continue to provide value, Always able to improve.

Right, me too. I love that. I’m also looking at updating a few things and it’s, it’s not that my ideas have changed, it’s that I realize, oh, I can streamline that to make it even easier for my students. Right? Yep. So yeah, having that path forward totally marked out is so essential. So yeah, I’m,

I’m super excited about that as well. Well thank you so much Sealy for coming on here and I’m again, continuing to hear for you. I hope your next launch goes amazing. Thank you. And I will talk to you soon. And bye everybody. Check out all, all the resources Back mile and it was a pleasure. Jamie. I can’t thank you enough. 

Learn More at: https://jamietrull.com/onlineresources 

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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Profit First: My Love/Hate Relationship

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