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frequently asked questions

how did you get started as a financial literacy coach?

I started this business as a Virtual CFO. Now I use my expertise to empower women to take control of their own finances. 

where are you located?

Home base is in Franklin, TN. However, I serve women across the United States and we even get a few visitors from over the pond.

when is your next live event?

Weekly on Tuesday we release new content over on our YouTube Channel and occasionally go live in our Facebook Group FLWBO

Where can I find your podcast?

Ahh this is still in the works, but you can listen in on Podcasts I have been featured on including Amy Porterfield's Marketing Made Easy here

what's the difference between your Financial Fitness Courses?

Financial Fitness Basics is a great place to start. It covers more of the "what" and some of the "why". By contrast, Financial Fitness Formula is all about the "how". Learn to set profit margins, manage cash, and pay yourself

do you offer one-on-one coaching?

I do not offer any 1-1 services. I am all about helping as many people as I can. Visit my online
courses page to learn what I teach and my preferred vendor page to find someone you can work with. 

how can i sign up for your emails?! 

We would love to connect with you weekly! You'll get exclusive access to additional content and discounts only available to my email subscribers! Join here!

what Tools and products do you recommend?

I am so glad you asked because I have so many favorites I want to share with you! Head over to check them out here

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