FInancial LIteracy Coach and Profit Strategist

for women business owners

We can help you have a better understanding of what your numbers are telling you about your business so that you can be confident that your business will not only survive but THRIVE!

feel confident in understanding the number side of your business

You started a business for financial freedom, but you feel lost when it comes to issues of finance/accounting/taxes. Sometimes all the jargon feels like another language entirely.

As a CPA and former Virtual CFO for multiple small businesses, I understand how intimidating it all can be. I also know it doesn't have to be.

In serving thousands of small business owners, I realized how common it is to feel overwhelmed by the numbers side of business, which often leads to avoidance, and sometimes even shame.

COVID-19 and the massive economic impact opened the eyes of many small business owners and self-employed individuals to the fact that they needed and wanted to get a better handle on the key financial concepts in their business.  

Your time is now.

who is this for?

yourself lost when it comes to issues of finance, accounting and taxes?

do you find...

scratching your head at all the confusing jargon when you try to learn your business finances?

are you...

just the key concepts you REALLY need to know to start to feel more confident INSTANTLY in your finances?

do you want...

- Joyce

I have been putting off managing my business finances for several years. Jamie's Financial Fitness BAsics gave me the motivation to do it now! I have a better understanding on what I need to do to get my business finances organized and become financially fit!

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— Sharon K.

"Jamie is absolutely amazing at what she does. She simplifies the complicated world of finances down to a point where it makes sense!"

— Sabrina Y.

"Jamie's been essential in helping me set up my business finances. She has knowledge and experience in knowing what is necessary and where to focus your attention. "

— Michelle G.

"Holy buckets, Jamie is amazing!"

— Rachael

"We finally know what the numbers mean and how often we need to be looking at them."

5 stars all around



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