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Explore Jamie Trull's media and press page, featuring a collection of captivating interviews, exciting events, and notable press coverage. Dive into insightful conversations as Jamie shares her expertise as a financial literacy coach and profit strategist, empowering entrepreneurs to achieve financial success.

Stay up-to-date with her latest appearances on popular podcasts, engaging interviews, and noteworthy events. Discover the impact Jamie has made in the business world through her transformative insights and empowering messages. Explore this page to access valuable resources and discover why Jamie Trull is a trusted authority in the realm of business finance.

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Discover a collection of inspiring podcast interviews featuring Jamie Trull, a financial literacy coach and profit strategist. Tune in to these captivating conversations and transform the way you engage with your business finances.

Gain valuable insights, practical tips, and empowering strategies as Jamie Trull shares her expertise on becoming your own CFO. Step into the role of a confident and strategic business owner, making informed financial decisions that drive your success. Listen now to unlock the secrets of financial empowerment and take your business to new heights. Click the podcasts below to listen to Jamie Trull.

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— Sharon K.

"Jamie is absolutely amazing at what she does. She simplifies the complicated world of finances down to a point where it makes sense!"

— Sabrina Y.

"Jamie's been essential in helping me set up my business finances. She has knowledge and experience in knowing what is necessary and where to focus your attention. "

— Michelle G.

"Holy buckets, Jamie is amazing!"

— Rachael

"We finally know what the numbers mean and how often we need to be looking at them."

5 stars all around


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  • Basics of Finance, Accounting, and Taxes for Business Owners
  • Money Mindset and Forgiving your Financial Past
  • Profit Planning in your Business
  • How to Be Strategic with Your Business Finances
  • Her Entrepreneurial Journey and Lessons Learned

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Jamie Trull is a Financial Literacy Coach and Profit Strategist who helps business owners understand the finance side of their business so that they can make and KEEP more money. Prior to becoming an online entrepreneur, Jamie spent her career rising in the ranks of Finance Leadership in the Coca-Cola System. After leaving the Corporate world in search of a more balanced and fulfilling life, Jamie leveraged her background and her CPA designation to serve women-owned businesses as a Virtual CFO. Recognizing that there was a lack of truly accessible and understandable financial education resources for small business owners, Jamie pivoted her business toward creating resources to help fill that gap and impact more people. Today Jamie has helped thousands of business owners feel more confident about their finances through her resources and programs. 

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