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How to Create a Course Online: Course Confident Bootcamp

August 30, 2023

Are you wondering “where is the best place to learn how to create a course online?

Are you tired of hearing that it’s too late to start creating digital courses?

Or perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the idea of growing an email list before you even begin?

Well, it’s time to bust those myths about online courses wide open! I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Amy Porterfield, a multi-million dollar course creator.

We dived deep into the misconceptions surrounding digital course creation.

In this blog, I’ll share key insights from our conversation and introduce you to Amy’s Course Confident Bootcamp—a transformative experience that will guide you from zero to a digital course hero.

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Myth 1: You Need a Huge Email List to Sell Online Courses

One of the most common myths is that you need a massive email list to succeed in digital course creation.

Amy shared the story of Rob, a photographer who had only 100 people on his email list but made $12,000 with his first digital course.

The key is not the size of the list, but the engagement level. Watch the video below to hear the full story!

Myth 2: You Have to Wait for the “Right Time” To Create a Course Online

Many people think they should wait until they have a larger audience or until “next year” to start an online course creation journey.

But as Amy points out, waiting only stunts your growth.

The best time to start your first online course is now, and you can grow your list while creating your course.

This is a huge lesson that Jamie learned and her and Amy dive into this even more in the video below.

Myth 3: Digital Courses Are Dead

If you think the digital course market is saturated, think again.

Amy emphasizes that the industry is growing year after year.

The key is to adapt and stay relevant, which is exactly what the Course Confident Bootcamp teaches you to do. Jamie started making her first course in 2019 and people said this then too.

Guess what, creating a profitable online course was not dead!

Get the full details of what Amy and Jamie think about this myth in the video below. 

What is the Course Confident Bootcamp?

For just $47, you’ll get access to a private community where Amy will teach you the core steps of creating a course from scratch.

The bootcamp is a workshop-style experience that covers everything from course ideas to pricing strategies.

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Together, we will:

  • Discover profitable course ideas that align with your passion,
  • Develop pricing strategies that maximize your earnings,
  • Master the art of structuring your content to keep your audience engaged,
  • And learn how to build an audience that is eager to enroll in your course.

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Amy Porterfield sits on her porch, ready to share all the knowledge! Digital course creation is not dependent on the size of an email list, but rather the level of engagement with the audience. A case in point is Rob, a photographer who made $12,000 from his own online course with only 100 people on his email list.

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Amy P smiles from her couch in a yellow dress! Waiting for the "right time" to create online courses can hinder growth. The best time to start is now and you can build your email list concurrently with creating your course.

Video Transcript: 

Please note that the following is a direct transcript and has not been edited for errors or omissions. It is a verbatim representation of the spoken words and may include colloquial language, grammatical errors, or other inconsistencies. We have chosen to provide the transcript in its raw form to preserve the authenticity of the conversation. We recommend cross-referencing with the original audio or video source for complete accuracy.

Hello everybody. Welcome. Welcome to this exciting bonus episode on the YouTube channel. I am so excited to have the guest. I alluded to this for those of you who watched yesterday’s video, if you didn’t, definitely go back and check that out. It’s me talking about my journey. It’s a little more personal than I usually get on this channel. I’m usually talking all about the finances and you know,

things like that. But I wanted to give a little bit of, of an insight into my personal story because obviously it means a lot in this time of year. I love talking about it because this is the time of year that I get to hang out with you, Amy, and kind of reminisce on, you know, where we have been over the last several years.

Yes. And so this is the time of year we love talking about online courses and course creation. So for those of you that do not know her, I don’t know how you don’t know her, but Amy Porterfield, please introduce yourself. Well, hey There, Jamie, I’m so excited to be here. I’m such a fan of all that you’ve done. I loved seeing your growth over the years.

So it’s just such a fun thing that we get to have this conversation. I always tell people I am an ex corporate girl turned accidental entrepreneur, and about 14 years ago I left my last corporate job with Tony Robbins and I have since been growing my own, online education business. And over the last 14 years I have generated over $85 million in digital course sales. I’ve welcomed over 50,000 students into my courses and I have been able to help people take their knowledge,

know-how and skillset, and turned that into a very profitable online digital course. So I started because I wanted more freedom for myself. But now I wake up in the morning and my desire is to help more people realize more revenue and more freedom in their online businesses. I Love it and I love that Amy comes with the numbers ’cause she knows what channel she’s on.

She starts with the numbers. So true. We’re a big fan of that around here. She’s got the receipts. Yeah. So yes, Amy is the go-to for learning digital course creation and a marketing strategy. And so that was, I took one of her programs, her main program, digital Course Academy back in 2019. And that was really the biggest game changer in my entrepreneurial journey.

I mean, again, I talked yesterday about transitioning from corporate career into one-to-one service work, realizing I had no time at all. And then finding Amy through like wildly divine intervention situation. And that ending, ending up taking her digital course academy, which really changed everything for me. I mean, it’s been four years now. Wow. And it is wild to just look back on that journey.

And I love Amy. I was talking about in the video I did yesterday about being on your podcast before I was a digital course creator. That Is wild. I don’t have a lot of proof like that like I do with you. Where I remember when Jill on my team said, you should talk to Jamie on your podcast. She’s someone that should have a course but doesn’t yet.

And maybe you could work through why she hasn’t, what’s going on? And it was such a great conversation. Little did I know we’d be talking four years later with you having a thriving digital course business and also the fact that all the other things that you’ve done as well, this is why I love digital and selling online courses. They open up doors for so many other opportunities.

Oh my God. It’s not the only thing you need to do in your business, it’s just one thing to enhance everything else you’re doing. That’s absolutely been the catalyst. Absolutely. Yeah. And yeah, I mean it was, it was just a wild situation that led to that. And I’ve told Jill this story too, ’cause Jill was the one,

like you said, who reached out to me to be on your podcast. And I think I met Jill a couple years ago after all of this. And I ended up crying in a, we were standing in a driveway. We both had a little bit of wine and just like crying. And I was just thanking her. Oh my gosh. Where were you?

Were you at my house? No, we were in Asheville. I had a, I had a retreat in Asheville and we invited Jill to come and hang out with us. And so we got to hang out and so fun. You know, have some fun. So that is, that is the journey, right, of this going from, you know,

this being just like an idea in my head to coming to fruition and just being able to look back because now, you know, I’ve been through all the different sides of this. I feel like, where it’s the early, like exciting, but kind of stressful, you know, idea phase. Then there’s that implementation phase and it’s, it’s a lot of work in that implementation phase.

But then, you know, then into the hiring of a team to help support me phase. And now on the, oh my gosh, I actually have a lot of time freedom and my team handles a lot of the day-to-day and now I get to do the things that I really love. And so all of that has just evolved over time and I’m,

I’m so thankful to you to everything that you have done to help in that for me. Oh, I love that. Well, I’m so thankful that you’re such a go-getter and you actually do the work and you’ve inspired so many of my students who you’ve gone before them. Yeah. So we tell your story a lot. You, you’re such an inspiration.

So again, thanks for having me. Of Course. Okay, so let’s jump into it. So for this video, I wanted to talk a little bit about the myths of digital course creation. ’cause I, when I talk to people about this, and same with you, I know the same things kind of come up over and over again. So we’re gonna do a little myth busting.

I know Amy’s really good at this. So let’s start with the myth. And this was one that I had in my mind. You can go back and listen to that podcast episode, which is a link down below, but it’s kind of a time capsule. But I said, I don’t have enough time to do this. I’m already busy. I don’t have enough time.

What would you say to somebody who’s thinking that? I think they’re probably right. You don’t have enough time right now. And the secret to going after whatever you want in your business is you have to carve out the time you need to find it. You need to make it because you’re right.

Looking at your life right now and you probably have, you know, a family you’re taking care of, busy, busy schedule your business you’re trying to build. Or if you’re in a nine to five job, how would you ever have time on the side to get something going? You are totally right. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. So here’s the beautiful thing. When you create a digital course,

you get to then have an asset that you launch over and over and over again. What slows entrepreneurs down from growing their businesses is always starting from scratch. Always looking at a blank Google Doc and creating something outta thin air. However, if you create something that you could then build off of and continue to launch over and over again, as you make it better and you become better,

that’s a whole other ball game. So the time that you put into creating a course, whether it be 60 days, 90 days, it’s a season that goes by really fast. It might mean some early mornings, later nights, working on the weekends for a season. But once you have it done, now you have this thing that you get to sell over and over again.

And that’s the game changer. So I don’t have a magic wand to make more time in the day. However, I can encourage you to change your schedule around four seasons so you can get it done a few hours a week or whatever it might be, because the, the benefits of having this course will far exceed the time that you put into making it.

Yeah. I think that that thought about the seasons now resonates so much with me. Yeah. Because I know what that season is. Now, looking back, I have the benefit of hindsight to be like, oh my gosh, that was the season that I almost am nostalgic for now. Yes. Right. Like, there is a nostalgia. Like I love going through,

you know, with new course creators and being a part of that journey and seeing what they create because it brings me back to that moment. And you forget if all, all the like late nights, honestly, you forget all the, you just remember like the, the bringing something new out into the world and the excitement of it and the just like complete and utter newness of it all.

And I’m really nostalgic for it and it really is a season. It reminds me a lot of having kids like in a different way. But you know, I mean, I wouldn’t think of my kid as an asset, but, you know, but it’s true. A little more of a liability. Right? It’s true. Yeah. But I love That you look at it that way because in the moment it won’t feel exciting or that nostalgia,

the, all those good feelings, it’s really hard. Just like anything else in your business. But then looking back, you’re gonna be so proud of yourself. Like, I didn’t even recognize myself. Once I got that course done and I started launching it to success, I didn’t even know who I was anymore in like the best possible way. Absolutely.

You really surprise yourself what you’re capable of. Absolutely. I totally agree with that. I totally agree. Okay, so that’s, I don’t have enough time. I, I said this on your podcast, the reason that I need a course is because I don’t have enough time, right? Yes. That is the, the antidote. The antidote is to put in that extra time to create time later.

It’s that investing of your time now to create it later and you will see it, right? It won’t happen right away. It’s not like an overnight thing, but it does happen. And I can absolutely say that now with certainty. Yes. Okay. How about somebody who says, I don’t know what to teach. I don’t feel like I’m an expert in anything.

Okay, I love this one. So when I teach my students how to come up with a course idea, I take ’em through the sweet spot Formula, which is four different quadrants. And the first quadrant is figuring out your 10% edge. Where have you gotten results for yourself or for a client, a customer, a family member, a friend, that you’re willing now to lay out the roadmap and teach how you got those results.

And so everybody listening right now, everybody has a 10% edge and you likely have several of them, maybe a few in your nine to five job or in your profession or expertise, and then also in your personal life. So I’m gonna give you two examples. One of my students, mark, he is an accountant and he wanted to create a digital course to give him more freedom because he worked in an agency,

he was an employee, but he wanted more freedom and also more revenue coming in that he wasn’t gonna get from his salary. So he created a digital course helping resellers, like people selling on eBay and Amazon and Poshmark and all those sites, helping them do their taxes to make sure that they’re not gonna get in trouble for all the money they’re bringing in.

So he created a course and that was his 10% edge. It was based on his expertise. He took an area that he knew well and created a course. Now he thought, who’s gonna buy a course material on a boring tax program? But we know it’s kinda like in your wheelhouse. We know that people buy courses about making money, saving money, protecting their money.

Absolutely. And so he made over $40,000 in his very first course launch and then he went on to do even more from there. So that was his 10% edge. Now there’s other areas he could teach about as well, but that’s the first one he chose. Now that was in his profession. But another one of my students, she’s a banker, a corporate banker,

and has been for many, many years. But on the side, in her personal life as a hobby, she taught herself boudoir photography. It’s like the sexy photography. And she started doing this as a side gig and was really good at it. So her digital course was all about boudoir photography, nothing to do with her corporate job. So your 10% edge could be in what you’re doing for work right now,

or it could be a hobby or an interest or something you absolutely love. And, and you could go deep into those. You could just have a starter course to get people started in the right area. There’s so many different options here, of course topic but everybody has a 10% edge where you’re 10% ahead of those that you serve. And you’re willing to lay out the framework and teach how you got there.

That’s all you need. You don’t need more time, more education, more certifications. You already have a digital course in you. Yeah. And you don’t need to know everything about everything. I think that was definitely the misconception that I had is I’m not an expert in all the things. We don’t have to make a course about all the things things.

Right? Yeah. Make it course about the thing you know really well. And pretty much everybody has that. And we assume, we tend to assume that if we know something really well that somebody, everybody else does too. Yeah. And that’s absolutely not the case. That’s so True. It comes easy to us. Yeah. And we think it’s easy for everybody else.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth, could Not be farther from the truth.

What’s funny, it just, I just thought about this as you were talking about those, you know, the different people that you’re bringing up. I mean, mark and I have had a coffee chat. So one of the other great things about this online course world is these connections that you make with people.

Right. And Mark sells something completely different than I do. He’s an accountant too. And we can partner together and affiliate for one another and you know, promote each other. And that’s one of the great things too, is I feel like this area, I expected it to be a lot more competitive than it actually is. I love That. I feel like a lot of people,

right. And I think a lot of people see somebody doing this stuff and they’re like, oh, somebody’s already doing it. Right. So along the same lines, that’s one of the objections is somebody’s already doing it well. Yeah. Yeah. And I feel, I feel like when other people are doing what you want to do, I call that the ultimate validation.

Yes. Because there’s proof in the marketplace that people are spending money on it and you have to adopt the mindset. There’s enough room for everyone. What what you do is very saturated, but you’ve been able to cut through the noise and find your community. Yeah. What I do, there’s tons of people teaching what I do. And 14 years ago I used to just teach Facebook marketing and everyone in their mother was a Facebook marketing social media manager.

It’s like you wake up one morning and just declare it. There was no, no policy or rules or regulations around that type of expertise. So everyone was doing it and I was still able to cut through the noise. The secret to doing so is you show up, you create original content, you post on social media, you start a blog or a podcast,

you have original content out in the world, your audience will find you. Yeah. And you do it your way. Yeah. You do it your way. You don’t have to do it like anybody else. And in fact, if you do, it’s not gonna come off as authentic. So you have to do it the way you would do it.

Right. Even if you’re teaching a course that has the same stuff that mine has it or similar. Right. You’re gonna do it your way, you’re gonna attract your people. Yeah. So I think that’s definitely the case and something people need to keep in mind. So then another one is, how about if somebody says the objection of I can’t make an online course because my target audience is too small.

Hmm. Right. Or I don’t have much of an audience yet. Yes. When someone comes to me and says, Amy, I have no audience. Can I launch my course? I’ll say, absolutely not. Gimme another scenario where you could launch anything with a zero audience. There’s no magic bullet here. You do need people that are paying attention and that want to buy from you.

The thing that stops people in their tracks is they think they need a big audience. Right? So they look at your email list or my email list and think, I could never do that. I’m starting with zero. The beautiful thing is it doesn’t need to be a big email list. It needs to be an engaged email list. And anybody can do that.

One of my students, Rob Green, he’s a photographer. And during Covid he created his very first digital course. He was going out and doing his photography in person, but obviously that stopped overnight. And so he needed a way to make money. And he had this one expertise, he had a lot of expertise, but one of ’em was how to make flash photography look like natural light.

He was really good at that. So he created an entire course around how to make flash photography look like natural light. And he had a hundred people on his email list in a small social media following, and he made $12,000 with his first digital course. The reason he was successful online is because he was engaging with his audience. They didn’t wanna learn from just anyone on YouTube or anyone on the web.

They wanted to learn from Rob because they had a connection to him. So never ever think that your list has to be big. It just has to be engaged, which means you are reaching out to them, you’re listening to them, you’re giving them content that they want to hear about, but it does not need to be a big list. Yeah,

that’s definitely true. And I think that I was under the misconception, like I thought before I started to make a course, I had to have this huge list. Yeah. Right. And then what I realized is that by going through the process of kind of creating the course and figuring out the course content and all of that, I was also growing my list at the same time.

Yes. And that actually worked and really helped me to figure out what people wanted as I was growing it. Right. So you don’t have to like say, okay, I’ll, I’ll create a course once I get to this point. Right. I didn’t have that many people. I mean, I think I had a couple hundred, right. Because I,

I had at least figured out like, okay, I can, I can build an email list by putting out a freebie and getting some opt-ins. That’s about all I had figured out at that point. Yeah, Exactly. Yeah. But if You’ve got 10, you can get a hundred. If you’ve got a hundred, you can get a thousand. It’s so true.

Yeah. I know this is gonna sound weird, but a, a lot of women, and some men will relate to this, where weight loss, we think when I lose 10 pounds, then I’m going to do X, Y, Z. When I lose this weight, then I’m gonna go on that vacation, or I’m going to do this thing that’s so scary or whatever.

List building and digital course creation kind of has that vibe. I hear a lot when I have a list, then I’m going to create my course. And what that does, just like waiting for the weight loss, it stunts your happiness, waiting for your list to grow before you create your course stunts your growth in your business. Because exactly what you said,

while you’re creating your course, you can also be growing your email list. The two can happen together. And you don’t have to be on the sidelines waiting for the good stuff to happen in your business. It could happen alongside of you growing your email list. So that’s the reason, when I teach digital course creation alongside of it, I’m always teaching list growth.

They go hand in hand. You don’t have to wait. Yeah. And I think along the same lines, what if somebody says, okay, now is not a good time. I’m just gonna wait till next year. Yes. I hear it all the Time. Create my digital course. And then what I hear is when they finally create the course,

they think, why didn’t I do this sooner? It’s one of the biggest regrets my students have. Why didn’t I start the sooner when I first started thinking about it? Yeah. I think saying, I’m gonna wait till next year. It is rooted in a lot of fear. The fear, what if nobody buys? What if I create this and it doesn’t work?

What if this takes too long? Whatever might come up. But the thing is, a lot of my students, like 99% of my students, they have all the same fears, but they just do it anyway. Yeah. Because they don’t wanna wait for the growth of their business. They don’t wanna be on the sidelines. So it’s a really slippery slope to say,

I’ll wait till next year. Next year likely never comes. That’s definitely true. It is the, you know, the rolling next year, right? Yes, exactly. Okay. Maybe next year. Maybe next year. But a year from now you’ll wish you started today. Right? Yeah. Like I always, whenever I’m putting something off because I’m being a perfectionist or I think I don’t have time,

I remind myself I’m never gonna feel like it’s the perfect time. And a year from now I’m gonna be like, man, I wish I started a year ago. That’s so True. I recently posted something on social and I said, newsflash, you’ll never feel ready. And a year you’re not gonna say, now I’m ready to create a course. That is never going to happen.

Because creating a course could be scary and there’s some steps involved and you gotta figure it out. It’s just daunting. Like anything else you wanna do in your business for the first time. And so you’ll never feel ready. And that’s what most people are waiting for. I’m gonna, I’m gonna be more ready next year. No, you won’t do it now.

So things start to fall into place Just like having kids again. Yeah. I mean it’s really similar honestly. So true. Never already. You’re always just figuring it out as you go along. And that’s okay. Right. The quick, the earlier you start, the more time you have to figure it out as a course creator. So really, okay,

so here’s my last one. Here’s my last myth to bust. And this is one I’ve been hearing more and more. And I think it’s an interesting one, especially in like this post covid era that we’re in. What if somebody says, you know, I, I’m not gonna create an online course because I think I’m too late. Oh right. I’m too late to the party.

Digital courses aren’t, you know, I missed the big digital course. Boom. So it’s not for me anymore. Okay. So when did you enroll in Digital Course Academy? What year? 2019. Okay. Would you agree that in 2019 we were hearing that exact same thing? I, that was one of my excuses was like, I feel like this is already done.

Like I feel like this is already played out are dead. Worst thing, too many people are doing them. The, the market’s stilled. The market Saturated. You’ll never hear that from a successful course creator, ever. The only people that are saying that are the people who are too scared to get started with the digital course. A, anytime you hear courses are dead,

courses aren’t working, ask the person, how many courses have you launched to success? Yeah. Zero. I I promise you that, and I don’t mean to get cocky about this, but I’ve been in the industry for many years and I hear it every single year. And when I really wanna be compassionate, which I do, I think it’s because people are scared.

Like, courses are dead. I don’t need to worry about that. That’s one less thing I need to worry about. I need to figure something else out because they wanna dismiss it because they’re scared. What if it doesn’t work? But that comes up with everything we do in our business. Courses are alive and well. The digital course industry is only growing year after year.

The numbers we’re seeing in just two or three years in the Billions in terms of how many people are investing in digital learning is astounding. There’s a reason why masterclass continues to get bigger and bigger. And so I just wanna be careful of digital courses are dead. No one with a successful digital course is saying that. Yes, Absolutely. And I think,

I think sometimes we confuse, you know, oh this, this is dead with like the fact that maybe methods of reaching people are changing. Yeah. New social media platforms, new different things. And again, you don’t have to do all of them. You pick whatever you feel called to and you, you think you can do the best. But I think we can confuse that with like digital courses as an industry.

Yeah. And I think there is some adaptation that’s needed, but once you’re in this and you have created those assets, it doesn’t matter how you’re reaching people, you can figure that piece out if you have the asset that you’ve created that you know can help people. Right. I Love that you brought this up because every year I launched Digital Course Academy and every year I make it better or I change it to make sure that it’s relevant to today.

Like, let me give you an example. So every year I launched my program and this year we’ve added AI cheat sheets to every module because AI wasn’t a thing last year. And now I can teach people how to use AI as the ultimate digital course creation assistant while I teach them step-by-step how to create and launch a digital course. So I’m always reinventing,

I’m always looking for something new or different in order to help people get success faster, whether it be in the creation or the launching. Every year I do a bootcamp and well, not every year, this is the second year I’ve done it. Yeah. Years ago I didn’t do a bootcamp, but I found a way to bring in an audience faster with the bootcamp so they can see if a course is right for them.

So you’re always going to get better. You’re gonna add different things to your course launch or your digital online course platform, in of itself. That’s the exciting part. That’s the variety around being a course creator. But yes, it’s not, digital courses aren’t working, they just work different year after year. And that’s what I teach. I love that you brought up AI too because, I’ll go ahead and and plug really quickly and we’re gonna talk about the bootcamp that you brought up here in a minute too. But go to https://learn.jamietrull.com/Entrepreneur-Resources if, if any that anything that we’re talking about today that you wanna go check out because there is a really cool guide to using AI to help you kind of brainstorm for your course.

And what I love about this guide, Amy, is I think a lot of people are thinking, and there are some people that are out there touting like, oh, AI can totally create record. Like you can put an AI voice and avatar and you can have a course in 20 minutes on ai. Right. First of all, No, we’re a long way from that,

at least from a quality perspective. Yes. Right. Like there is a difference between a human being who is doing things and using their voice and you know, conveying things and understanding how to teach things effectively. But what the way you talk about using AI is exactly how I use it. And I’m a little obsessed with it as kind of an idea generator.

It helps me flush out ideas and brainstorm and when I’m stuck, like it’s a great thing to sit and go ’cause they’re not gonna get annoyed with you. Right. Right. You give that to Me five different ways. Yeah, exactly. Less sentences like Right, we’ll Do whatever you want. It’s like sure. You know, and it’s so polite about it.

It’s like, yeah, no problem. Here you go. I’m like, wow. I still find myself saying please and thank you. Just in case when when it takes over the world, it knows I’m one of the good ones. I love that. I was one of the ones that was nice to it. Yeah. But it’s great and it’s so much,

so much easier to get through those barriers. So I’m really excited to see, you know, in the bootcamp and into Digital Course Academy how you use the AI piece. Yeah. And give people ideas because I think sometimes we get stuck and that’s a perfect way to get through it. So using those new tools and I love that you are always keeping things updated,

keeping it relevant. It’s not stale material from five years ago. Right. Like I, I built my business off of a Facebook group. Would I do that again today? Probably not. But I would do it a different way. Right, exactly. I could still do it, it just wouldn’t be the same as I did it five years ago.

Yep. It’s So true. And that’s the beautiful thing about online marketing. As long as you find people who will guide you through the changes that are happening, you can always thrive online. Yeah. And if you’re willing to tweak things and change things around as needed, then you’re always going to be relevant. Exactly. And and I love that. And because most entrepreneurs,

we crave variety. That’s part of the fun. Yeah. And I think that that was something that I really realized at some point that the real freedom for me didn’t even come in the revenue, although that was great. Or the profit. Right. That is all fantastic. And the time it came from knowing that even if things change, even when things change,

I’ll say, I know how to adapt. I know I can figure it out. I grew this business, I know how to find the help that I need when I need it. Right. I know that I can continue to generate a good living through this type of work. Yes. And I think that that is amazing when you realize it’s not about the platform,

it’s not about the specifics, it’s that just the innate knowledge you’re getting and learning and it’s teaching you these really important life lessons that change everything. Like, I mean, like you said, I’m a different person today than I was when I started my business. Just like I’m sure you are right. Yep. Just like so many people have this story because we’ve realized that resilience,

we’ve been through the highs, we’ve been through the lows. Oh yeah. We’ve figured out how to adapt and we’re like, bring it on. So True. Like bring it on. I feel like I could do anything. Yeah. Because I’ve been through so many highs and lows and I think that just makes you a, a stronger person and a stronger entrepreneur.

Absolutely. Absolutely. Okay, so Amy, tell us a little bit about the bootcamp. Because today, if you’re watching this, the day the video comes out, which is August 30th, then the bootcamp is open today. Yes. And it’ll be open for the next two-ish weeks. It starts on the 13th of September. Yep. I believe. Right. But tell us a little bit about the bootcamp and why people should join.

So This is the second year I’m doing this bootcamp, it’s called Course Confident. And it’s one of the cheapest things I offer to sell online courses. It’s $47. And for $47 you get to come into this private community where I am teaching live on the core steps of creating a course from scratch, from coming up with your course idea to validating your course, to figuring out what type of course you should create.

There’s three types of courses and what I love to do is not only teach you the types of courses, but flood you with examples of students who have gone before you. What their course looks like, what type of course, how much they charge for it, how much they made on their launch, what did they do on their launch. We are gonna dissect it so you really understand what goes into creating and launching a course.

We’re also going to decide how much you’re going to charge. We are gonna do some fun course math to see what’s possible in terms of launching a course. And we’re going to talk about AI as your course assistant. So we’re doing all of this live. The accountability is incredible. People say that they get more done in a few days in my bootcamp than they have for months on their own.

And it’s because we are keeping people accountable. We’re actually not just teaching, we’re doing, it’s a workshop style experience. It’s gonna go by really fast, but so valuable. And I encourage anyone ever even thinking about creating an online course, a digital course, start with my bootcamp. Yeah. And this is the time to do it, right? This is the one time a year this is happening.

Yeah. You guys need to jump in. It is a wild amount of value for what you get and you get to see how hands-on Amy is. And that’s one of the things that I learned from you Amy and I have put into my course offerings as well, is just that hands-on, you know, you are right there every step of the way and there’s so much value in that.

So definitely if you’re thinking about getting started, this is the best place. Again, go to https://jamietrull.com/amy  if you use my link to sign up. I do have an extra bonus I’m doing for a bootcamp this year. Nice. So I’m so excited to do it. We’re gonna talk even more about the money aspect, of course creation.

So I’m doing a coffee chat called Money Talks so everybody that signs up with my link also get access to that where we’re gonna talk about, you know, course planning, the the profit side of courses, right? Planning your budget, how much does it really cost? How do we find ways to save money, right? How do we think about break even analysis?

Those types of

Those types of things. So I’m really excited to do that with everybody who joins the bootcamp through my link. So valuable. I love that we get to team up together to help people create courses and be more profitable in their businesses. That’s a perfect bonus for what I’m teaching in the bootcamp. Absolutely. So I’m very excited about it. I’m so excited about the bootcamp.

I will be in there too, cheering everybody on. Of course. Yes, definitely. Go check that out. Even if it’s after September 13th though, you need to go check out what’s over on the resources landing page too. ’cause we’ve got free guides over there. We’ve got all kinds of things. If you’re getting started with list building, we have things for you there too.

So again, https://jamietrull.com/amy  whenever you’re watching this. And we’re so glad to have you Amy, it’s been so great to have you on. I love just getting to chat and catch up. Oh, it’s so Fun. Jamie. I’ve loved to see your journey. I think it’s going to inspire so many of your students to see what’s possible.

If you want to know if digital courses can work for your business, look at what Jamie’s done. It’s been an incredible journey and I would love to show you even more examples in the bootcamp. So I hope y’all join us. Absolutely. See you guys there. Bye.

Learn more at: https://jamietrull.com/amy

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