I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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Planning For Profits: From Financial Uncertainty to a 40% Profit Increase

January 25, 2024

Profit planning became a key part of Teresa's business planning process and helped her become more confident  with her business.

Case Study: Teresa’s Transformation with Financial Fitness Formula™

Teresa, the owner of Mind’s Eye Journals LLC, faced a daunting challenge planning for profits after separating from her husband, who had been the primary financial manager for 17 years.

With her business in bookbinding and selling unique leather journals, Teresa found herself at a crossroads, needing to develop her financial skills to ensure the sustainability and growth of her business.

Background: A Shift in Financial Responsibility

Significant changes in your personal life may be a catalyst to assess the financial health of your business.

Teresa’s journey began with a significant personal change, leaving her to manage the finances of her business alone.

This transition highlighted her need for financial literacy.

Especially in understanding budgeting, profit, sustainability, and tax filings for her business.

The Challenge: Overcoming Financial Anxiety

Before enrolling in the Financial Fitness Formula™ (FFF), Teresa experienced intense anxiety regarding her finances.

The thought of checking her bank accounts was fear-inducing. She often felt cornered by her lack of financial knowledge and management skills.

Teresa’s Reflection: Cash Flow and Profit Margin Challenges

Creating a profit plan helped ease Teresa's anxiety about her business finances.

“I used to experience panic attacks before logging onto my bank accounts, super scared of what number might pop up at me. The anxiety of thinking about money all the time was through the roof.”

The Solution: Embracing Financial Fitness Formula™

In order to mitigate risks to your business, it's important to understand operational expenses, like overhead costs and direct labor costs.

Teresa’s decision to join FFF was driven by her need for financial literacy and empowerment.

She was drawn to Jamie Trull’s expertise and teaching style, which she felt was a perfect fit for her learning needs.

FFF provided Teresa with the tools and knowledge to transform her approach to business finances.

Key Changes and Wins In Profit Planning

Getting organized and identifying key performance indicators is a key step in planning for annual profit.
  • Teresa revamped her pricing strategy and started paying herself, leading to increased profitability.
  • She outsourced her bookkeeping, freeing up time and reducing financial management stress.
  • Teresa’s confidence in making financial decisions soared, and she felt more secure with savings for emergencies and reinvestments in her business.
  • A significant shift was moving her business online, eliminating the need for participating in high-risk, high-overhead arts festivals.
  • Teresa’s overall profitability increased by an estimated 40%.

Teresa’s Experience

“Without Jamie’s insights, I might not have ever considered leaving my main source of revenue (shows) and moving to the supplemental one (my website.)

Now, I have better emotional and spiritual balance, better relationships, and I feel like I can work at my own pace…all the while being more profitable by 40%.”

The Impact: Realizing Value and Potential of Financial Health

Getting profitable with continuing revenue growth can have an impact of your personal outlook as well.

The most impactful win for Teresa was realizing her value and potential as a business owner.

FFF helped her transition from feeling overwhelmed to confidently managing her business finances, recognizing her worth, and planning for profits.

Teresa’s Reflection on FFF’s Impact

“I realized my value and my potential…I no longer feel like a loser. I actually pay myself now!”

Conclusion: A Journey to Financial Empowerment

Financial Fitness Formula helps you measure success not just financially, but emotionally as well. This course is more than a lesson about an income statement and increased labor costs: it's about becoming the best business owner you can be.

Teresa’s story is a powerful testament to the transformative impact of the Financial Fitness Formula™.

From a state of financial anxiety and uncertainty, Teresa has emerged as a confident, empowered business owner with a significantly more profitable business.

Her journey illustrates the profound effect that financial literacy and effective financial management can have on both personal well-being and business success.

Learn more about the program here

Teresa’s Advice For Planning For Profits

“If you’re facing financial challenges in your business, especially after a major life change, FFF can be a game-changer. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about realizing your worth and potential.”

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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