I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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Profit vs. Cash Flow: How To Boost Your Business

January 26, 2024

Getting out of debt is a key strategy to improve cash flow.

A Financial Fitness Formula™ Case Study on Finicky Cat Sitting and Behavior

Beth Pasek, the owner of Finicky Cat Sitting and Behavior, LLC in Berea, Ohio, faced a daunting challenge post-COVID regarding her profit vs. cash flow.

With her business struggling and emerging from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Beth needed a radical change in her financial management.

This is the story of how the Financial Fitness Formula™ (FFF) program helped her turn her business around, increasing profits by almost 50% and giving her the time to pursue her passion for writing.

Measurable Wins: A Remarkable Transformation From Negative Cash Flow to Positive Cash Flow

Understanding your income statement, net profit, and net cash flow are all critical to running a profitable business.
  • Post-COVID profits soared by 47.1%.
  • Cat behavior consultations increased by 125%, with appropriate pricing adjustments.
  • Cat sitting services grew by 70.6%, allowing Beth to take on 37 new clients at higher price points.
  • The addition of two new employees to manage the growing demand.
  • Freed up time to focus on profitable services, host webinars, and write a second book.

The Challenge: Restarting with a Vision

Beth’s business, like many, suffered during the pandemic.

The shutdowns hit hard, and as a cat sitting business, the lack of travel meant a significant drop in demand.

Beth knew it was time to reassess her business model and financial strategy.

She needed a plan to restart her business the way she envisioned it, focusing on profitability and freeing up time for higher-level business activities.

Beth’s Reflection

After a rough 2020, Beth realized that cash flow and profit would be critical to her business.

“It was really the post-Covid shutdowns that had damaged my financial security.

As things started to open back up and the cash flow started again, it really was time to figure out what I wanted out of my business and how to get there financially.”

The Solution: Embracing Financial Fitness Formula™

Beth was inspired by Jamie Trull’s guidance through the complexities of COVID-related financial support for small businesses.

She decided to enroll in FFF, seeking a deeper understanding of her business finances.

The program provided her with tools like the Pricing Scenario calculator, enabling her to identify profitable services and eliminate unprofitable ones.

This strategic approach to pricing and service selection was key to her business’s turnaround.

Beth’s Experience with FFF

Beth learned that when positive cash flow occurs, she has more time for the things that she loves.

“I raised my prices, added employees, started paying myself, went from unprofitable to profitable.

I’ve freed up time to focus on the more profitable areas of my business AND I now have time to write my second book!”

The Result: A Business and Net Income Transformed

Since committing to FFF in 2021, Beth’s business has seen remarkable growth:

  • Profits increased by 47.1% in the second quarter alone.
  • Cat behavior consultations, a highly profitable service, rose by 125%.
  • The client base expanded with 37 new clients at higher rates.
  • Beth was able to hire a team, freeing her to focus on business growth and her passion for writing.
  • Financial decisions are now made with confidence, supported by solid numbers and strategic planning.

Beth’s Reflection on the Impact of FFF

Beth knows her numbers now. Like gross profit and operating cash flow.

“FFF laid a foundation for all my business decisions going forward.

From pricing to advertising to how to look at investing in your business.

Now I know in real numbers, how I’ve made it 12 years, and how much better the next 5 will be.”

Conclusion: Financial Fitness Formula™ – A Cat-alyst for Change

Beth’s story is a testament to the transformative power of the Financial Fitness Formula™.

From struggling with financial management to achieving remarkable growth and personal fulfillment, Beth’s journey highlights the program’s effectiveness in turning a business around.

Her experience serves as an inspiration to other entrepreneurs, showing that with the right guidance and tools, significant improvements in business profitability and personal satisfaction are within reach.

Learn more about the program here

Beth’s Advice

In Beth's situation, positive cash flow means time to do what she loves: including writing another book!

“If you’re considering FFF but worry about time constraints, I can assure you that it’s worth it.

The program has truly changed my business for the better, and I’m forever grateful for the impact it has had on my entrepreneurial journey.”

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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