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Financial Fitness Formula™

Business Financial Literacy: Regina’s Journey with FFF

January 25, 2024

Regina began to understand important concepts related to financial planning while participating in Financial Fitness Formula with Jamie Trull.

A Financial Fitness Formula™ Case Study: Enhancing Financial Literacy for Business Success

This case study examines Regina’s transformative business financial literacy journey with the Financial Fitness Formula™ (FFF) program.

As an intuitive coach for professional leadership and a former clinical pharmacist, Regina’s story is a compelling example of how financial literacy can be a pivotal factor in entrepreneurial success.

Regina’s Business Owner Background

Regina transitioned from a clinical pharmacist to an entrepreneur in August 2020.

She faced significant challenges due to her lack of financial literacy.

Despite having a clear vision for her business, she struggled with fundamental financial concepts like profit and loss statements and balance sheets.

Discovery of Financial Fitness Formula™

Understanding concepts like cash flow and other basic financial concepts are critical to long-term business success.

Regina’s path to financial literacy began when she encountered Jamie Trull through Amy Porterfield’s community.

Inspired by Jamie’s story, Regina enrolled in the FFF course in the fall of 2021.

This decision came at a busy time in her life.

At the time, she was launching a digital course and working on a new consulting job.

Impact of the FFF Course

If you want to understand your business finances, the FFF Course is the perfect place to become financially literate.

The FFF course proved to be a turning point for Regina.

Despite not being a “numbers person,” she dedicated herself to the course, utilizing evenings and weekends, and even listening to lessons during long drives.

This commitment led to several key developments:

Financial Literacy With Financial Statements:

Regina gained a fundamental understanding of financial management and became comfortable using tools like QuickBooks Online.

This newfound knowledge enabled her to make more informed business decisions.

Bookkeeping Skills:

Through the course’s preferred vendor list, Regina hired a bookkeeper, Courtney, who assisted her in managing her finances while also empowering her to understand the financial language of her business.

Pricing Strategy Realization:

A crucial lesson on pricing helped Regina realize that her retreat was not profitable.

This insight allowed her to adjust her pricing strategies to ensure profitability.

Improved Communication:

Regina’s enhanced financial literacy improved communication with her husband, especially regarding business decisions.

This reduced conflicts and fostered better decision-making.

Ongoing Benefits and Support

The words "Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement" or even income taxes will no longer scare you as you improve your financial literacy as a business owner.

Regina continues to find value in the FFF course.

She regularly refers to the course notebook and utilizes the ongoing support from Jamie through Facebook groups and YouTube.

The addition of a private podcast feature has made it easier for Regina to engage with the course content.

She’s able to listen on the go or during her busiest moments of the day.


Small businesses are often started by non-business majors. That makes finding education about financial literacy important for small business owners.

Regina’s experience with the Financial Fitness Formula™ highlights the critical role of financial literacy in entrepreneurial success.

Her journey from a novice in business finance to a confident entrepreneur capable of making informed decisions showcases the transformative power of the FFF program.

Regina’s story is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with the right resources and commitment, mastering financial literacy is not only possible.

But it’s also pivotal in achieving business goals.

Learn more about the program here


“The Financial Fitness Formula™ program has been instrumental in building the business I envision for my future.

It’s changed my business for the better, and I’m forever grateful for the impact it has had on my entrepreneurial journey.”

– Regina, Intuitive Coach for Professional Leadership

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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