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Is Digital Course Academy by Amy Porterfield worth the investment? 

June 1, 2023

Check out Amy Porterfield's Digital Course Academy!

A financial coach’s perspective on Digital Course Academy

Hi there! Thinking about joining DCA?

I’m Jamie Trull, CPA, and Financial Literacy Coach. Today I want to talk about a topic that’s been frequently asked by my clients:

The big question: Is Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy worth the investment?

As someone who took the course in 2019 and built a successful online course business, I’m here to share my perspective.

If you’re all about the TLDR perspective, here’s the short answer: YES. DCA is worth it! Read on to find out why!

From CPA to Online Course Creator: My Experience with Digital Course Academy

Jamie Trull is part of the DCA affiliate launch. Amy Porterfield's popular education affiliate programs are attractive to students who have had success in their own online courses.

Are you tired of trading your precious time for money?

Are you feeling burnt out and unsure of how to scale your business for greater impact?

This was certainly the case for me as a mom and former corporate employee who was struggling to keep up with the demands of running her own business while also raising two young children.

I was hesitant to invest in DCA due to the cost and time commitment but ultimately realized that I couldn’t continue on my current path and needed to make a change.

Despite the fear of the unknown, I took the leap and found that DCA was a game-changer for not just my business but my entire life. So, is DCA the right investment for everyone?

Let’s explore that further.

The Digital Course Academy (DCA) may be the perfect solution for you.

Online Courses: Is DCA The Right Investment for Your Business?

If you're ready to create your own online course, generate leads and learn the technical skills to be successful, DCA is the perfect digital marketing course for you.

First and foremost, let’s define what “worth it” means in this context.

Many people want to know if DCA is an investment that can generate more money or time down the road.

From my personal experience, I can confidently say that it is absolutely worth it.

However, there are a few caveats that you need to be aware of.

Before investing in DCA, you need to ask yourself if this is the right path for you.

Are you tired of trading dollars for hours and want something more scalable?

Do you want to make a greater impact on your business? If you answered yes, then DCA might be the right choice for you.

But, keep in mind that investing in DCA may not be suitable for everyone.

It takes a significant amount of time and money to complete the program, and it’s not a panacea for someone who isn’t willing to do the work.

You need to commit to following the blueprint and doing the heavy lifting required to succeed.

The Pros and Cons of Investing in DCA: A Financial Coach’s Analysis

As a financial coach, I encourage you to make a financially responsible decision before signing up for DCA.

If you’re worried about finding the time to invest in the program or not being able to put what you’ve learned into practice, then you need to decide if it’s the right time for you to make this investment.

DCA has built a successful online course affiliate program. With an affiliate link, successful DCA alumni guide their audiences in how to sell online courses, in addition to what DCA teaches.

The Learning Curve and Heavy Lifting: What It Takes to Succeed with DCA

Overall, DCA is an investment that can pay off if you’re willing to put in the effort.

I have seen it pay off time and time again for myself and my peers. I

t gave me the flexibility to work on my own terms and take control of my life.

So, if you’re ready to take the leap and commit to building a successful online course business, then DCA might be the right choice for you.

Next Steps 

Jamie-Trull-DCA-affiliate-program My online business has skyrocketed due to the digital marketing skills I learned from DCA. I'm so proud to be an affiliate marketer for Digital Course Academy!!

Watch my full video below on helping you decide if DCA is an investment or an expense for you and your business.

Want to bounce some course ideas off me?

Email [email protected] so we can chat and I can personally answer any questions you have about DCA so you can make an informed decision. 

If you do decide that DCA is for you and you want access to my Bonus offers, plus DCA, PLUS all of Amy Porterfield’s Bonus offers, then be sure to join my waitlist to learn when enrollment opens plus what my new bonus offers will be at jamietrull.com/dca.

Check out all my resources for course creators here.

Read my 2023 Review of Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy here.

Video Transcript: Is Digital Course Academy Worth It

Please excuse any grammatical and spelling errors below as this is a transcript of the video and has not been fully edited.

Hi there. I’m Jamie Trull, CPA, and Financial Literacy Coach, but today I’m gonna be talking about something a little bit different than normal.

We’re not talking numbers today.

Today I wanted to talk about Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy, and specifically, whether or not it is quote-unquote worth it.

That’s the question that I continue to get from people asking me about my experience in DCA, which I did take in 2019.

Is Digital Course Academy Worth it?

 If terms like sales funnels, high converting landing pages and all the tools to create them seem overwhelming, Digital Course Academy will help you develop skills to do it all.

So people ask me all the time, is it worth it? Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

Now, the first thing I wanna start with when I talk about whether it’s worth it is what people probably mean there is, is it gonna be something that really works?

Is it really going to generate more money in the future, right?

Is it something that is going to help me build the business that I want to build?

Now, I can tell you as someone who has taken the course and has built a business that I wanted to build that, yes, it can absolutely be worth it, but I have a few caveats for you that I just wanna make sure that you stay aware of.

Is DCA The Right Investment for Your Business Goals?

Selling online courses is a great way to add revenue to your business. I joined the affiliate program as a strategic way to grown our revenues and help other business owners find success creating their own online courses.

Now remember, I am a financial person, and so I like to deal with numbers.

So when we’re talking about whether or not it’s worth it, what we’re usually asking really is, is it an investment?

Is my investment going to pay off?

The definition of an investment is something that you maybe put time or money into now, right?

A time investment or a monetary investment into now that will generate you more money or maybe more time down the road.

And I will tell you from experience that for me, Digital Course Academy was an amazing investment.

Both the money and the time that I spent going through the course, right, really yielded a completely different life for me.

So I’m just gonna give you a little bit of a background for where I have been so that you know this is coming from a place of a person who has probably been where you’re sitting.

Are you still trading dollars for hours?

If you’re sitting there trading dollars for hours, you feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel, you want something that is more scalable for your business, and you wanna be able to make a greater impact?

If that’s you, then this is probably a fantastic path for you.

I know this because that was me before I took DCA in 2019.

For me it was kind of feeling like, how am I gonna do all of this?

The appeal of online courses, affiliate programs and online business is passive income and a more relaxed lifestyle. The only downside is that live launching takes a lot of work before you get a paying customer, and for weeks afterward.

I left the corporate world so that I could have a different type of life, and then I recreated it in my own business.

I was tired, and I was a mom with two young kids, and I just didn’t know how I was going to continue at the rate that I was going.

Something had to give.

And I kept telling myself, I don’t think I can do DCA, because number one, I felt like at the time anyway, it was expensive.

Now I’m gonna talk about that here in a minute.

I felt like it was expensive, and I also felt like, oh, am I even gonna have the time to invest in this?

Am I gonna have the time to invest in this? I’m so busy already.

And I realized that because I was so busy already, that was the reason that I needed to invest in creating an online course.

So then I finally realized, okay, no, this is why I can’t continue like this.

I don’t want this to be my life a year from now.

Amy Porterfield’s DCA

If you sign up for online courses using my affiliate link, it costs you nothing extra. In fact, because I'm a part of the DCA affiliate program, you will actually get even more value from this already awesome course.

I need to do something different.

So I took the leap into Digital Course Academy, and it felt scary because you don’t know at the time that you put down that credit card or debit card, you don’t know what’s on the other side.

And so sometimes that fear of the unknown stops us in our tracks.

Now, is it an investment for everyone?

The Learning Curve and Heavy Lifting

You can go through Linkedin learning or some other online course platform. But what my affiliate program offers is direct support from me and my team as you navigate building your own course.

No. No. Truthfully no.

Because what makes something an investment, right?

The whole blueprint is there for you to be able to be successful.

I know because I took it to 10x my business income with Digital Course Academy as my guide.

I used it to a T, I followed every rule in it, and I built my business off of it, and it brought me so much more flexibility.

But that was up to me. I was the one who had to use it. I was the one who had to do the work. I

t wasn’t gonna get done for me.

So it’s not a panacea for somebody who wants, you know, someone else to do the work or isn’t ready to do the heavy lifting.

What It Takes To Build Successful Online Courses With DCA

As a part of the DCA affiliate program, I can't tell you that this online course is easy. But I'm apart of this affiliate program because I feel that it is one of the best values in online education.

It takes work. There is a learning curve.

You have to commit to being able to do it.

Now, that can be a whatever timeline doesn’t have to be a short timeline.

You can take however long you want, but as long as you commit to actually putting it into practice and doing the work, I believe that it will pay off as an investment.

And I say that not just because of what happened to me, but to so many other people that I went through the program with and became friends with, and watched grow as well.

I’ve seen it pay off time and time and time again for people.

I want you to make a financially responsible decision though, right?

If you’re worried, if you’re gonna actually be able to put it into practice, if you’re worried about finding the time, if you’re worried about really following through, if you’re worried, you’re just gonna stop midway, right?

Making a Financially Responsible Decision: Factors to Consider Before Signing Up for DCA

There are several different affiliate programs and affiliate marketers to choose from. My affiliate program is different because in addition to DCA, I am also concerned about your business's financial health. And I will provide resources through my affiliate program to help you with that as well.

Either decide you’re not going to do that.

Commit to finishing the program and launching or decide it’s not right for you.

But I want you to know that the decision on whether it’s an investment is up to you.

You’re the one who makes it an investment.

But yes, it is absolutely worth it from the fact that Amy gives you the whole blueprint.

I’m a person that’s really scrappy.

I really have trouble investing in myself and my business because I like to be financially responsible.

And so when I don’t know if there’s gonna be a return on something, I tend to be a little worried about it.

But if I continue to do that, I realized if I continue to hold tight, I wasn’t gonna be able to see the dividends and the growth that I wanted to have in my business.

At some point, you have to invest in order to grow a business, in order to grow a life that you want to have.

And to me, this was the best investment bar none that I made in my business, the best one.


Because it gives you the step-by-step.

I didn’t have to waste time trying to get scrappy, which typically is my thing, right?

I, I will get scrappy, I will listen, take in all the free information and try to piece it all together and do it myself.

Key WINS from Digital Course Academy that Made it Worth It

One of the reasons I became apart of this affiliate program for Digital Course Academy is my own massive success with the online course.

But the truth of the matter is, when you have it all laid out, the amount of time and effort I saved, and also trial and error, right?

If you don’t have a blueprint, what that means is you’re gonna be piecing things together and you’re gonna do trial and error, and that means you’re gonna waste time and probably money.

So why not have a blueprint that will teach you how to do it?

Even just the tech library alone makes DCA worth it!

DCA has so many modules that cover all the things from creating to selling your course, but there’s also a tech library.

I feel like this is one of the best affiliate programs because connecting the dots between online courses, online business, and profitability is my sweet spot.

I am not a techy person at all.

That’s what I was so worried about.

It is hilarious to people who know me that I have an online business that is not something I ever thought that I would have.

But there are tech tutorials for everything in there.

There are resources for everything in there so that you can find what you need in order to be successful.

So is it worth it? Yes. If you make it worth it, if you make it worth it, it’s worth it.

Bonuses To Consider Choosing My Affiliate Program Over Other Online Education Affiliate Programs From Other Educators

So I want you to go to jamietrull.com/dca to see all the different bonuses that I am offering.

Now, depending on when you’re watching this, DCA may be open, but it may not be. But if I am offering bonuses at this time, you will see them here.

When you choose my affiliate program over other affiliate programs, my affiliate sales are tracked with "affiliate tracking links." This is how the DCA can pay affiliates based on their referral. Once I'm notified of my affiliate partner sign up, I'll add you to the list to receive all of the bonus from our affiliate program!

I want to make sure that you find everything that I have to offer.

So here, you’re gonna see lots of information about why I love DCA.

Of course, you’re gonna see some information, some happy hours from Amy and I, Amy, who it was my mentor for a long time, and now has become a friend.

And then you’re also going to see a lot of the bonuses that I offer.

So for this current launch, I meant, now these have, these are subject to change in future launches. So make sure to check jamietrull.com/dca to find the current bonuses.

1. Cashflow Bonuses:

Why I feel we offer one of the best education affiliate programs out there for DCA: I'll show you how to launch profitably. get my Cash Flow bonus for setting your first Course creation budget

Get ready to tackle course finances like a pro!

Valued at $499, the CASH FLOW bonus is designed to set your course launches soaring in profitability.

📘 Dive into the Profitable Launch Playbook: Your roadmap to financial triumph in digital courses.
🛠️ Use dynamic financial templates: Optimize course pricing, budget effortlessly, and plan ad spends.
📈 Equip yourself with tutorials, trackers, and planners designed for clarity and success.

2. Connection Bonuses:

Find your people in the vast world of online courses! With a $299 value, CONNECTION offers intimate community experiences within the DCA universe.

My favorite part of my affiliate program for DCA? The time that we will spend together as a community moving forward together. Be part of DCA in a SMALL Intimate Group Setting

🤳 Exclusive Facebook Community: Interact, share, and grow with like-minded course creators.

🍷 Bonus Zoom Happy Hours: Mix & Mingle. Explore AI in course creation. Tackle legalities with expert guidance from the lawyer that Amy and I both use.

🔗 Access our DCA Bonus Experience Member Directory: Boost your networking game!

And sometimes I have some extra bonuses thrown in.

So make sure you check out jamietrull.com/dca to see what the current offers are.

There’s me giving cheers to my husband.

3. Personalized Coaching Bonuses:

Voxer access to Digital Course Academy Alumni Jamie Trull for Personalized coaching.  Another benefit of signing up for DCA through my affiliate program? Personalized Coaching Bonuses:

Introducing personalized guidance, exclusive for 2023! Worth $999, get personalized advice, tips, and strategies for your DCA journey.

📱 Direct Voxer access to Jamie: Expert insights anytime you need.

🌈 Boost your confidence with firsthand advice from a seasoned DCA success story.

💡 Discover the insider secrets behind generating nearly $2M using DCA methodologies.

While I’m not an expert in all things courses, I’ve walked this path and want to share my wisdom with you.

These bonuses are meant to provide you with comprehensive support and guidance throughout your DCA journey. ✨ Join through our DCA partner link in 2023 and unlock these fantastic bonuses to supercharge your course creation journey! 🎉

Why Amy Porterfield’s Digital Academy is Worth it

DCA only launches once a year, so you'll only have one chance in 2023 to join my affiliate program.

So all that is to say, if you’re thinking about Digital Course Academy, I highly recommend it.

I believe that it absolutely is worth the money If you commit to putting the work in and utilizing all the amazing resources that come with it.

  • It is step-by-step.
  • It cuts out all the noise.
  • It keeps you from spending hours and hours and hours spinning your wheels and trying to connect information and put things together yourself.
  • It is all there in a proven roadmap, and I can tell you it’s a proven roadmap because it worked for me, and it’s there for your disposal.

So personally, I am a really big fan. Again, if you wanna go through with me and join my bonus experience for free.

It costs you nothing extra to join my bonus experience, jamietrull.com/dca, get my bonuses and Amy’s program and Amy’s bonuses, and I think you will be set.

So I hope to see you again. Let me know if you have any questions.

If you are wondering about DCA or wanna know if it’s right for you, please email me at [email protected].

I’d love to answer any of your questions about the program!

If you wanna even bounce your idea for a course off me. I would love, love, love to hear from you and help you make an informed decision.

I hope to talk to you soon.

p.s. Start here if you have questions about choosing a business structure or S Corp tax deadlines.

Frequently Asked Questions about DCA (Digital Course Academy by Amy Porterfield)

My affiliate program for DCA will help you navigate the learning curve of online business.

How long is digital course academy?

The Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield is a comprehensive program. It takes a total of 16 weeks from start to finish.

The program includes 10 intensive training modules, each taking approximately 1-2 weeks to complete.

With the Digital Course Academy, you will gain access to exclusive content. Plus, you’ll learn step-by-step techniques for creating a profitable online course.

In 2023, expect to have implementation weeks and opportunities to join accountability groups to cross the finish line successfully!

How much does Amy Porterfield DCA cost?

Because financial fitness is part of my message for entrepreneurs, I only recommend that you sign up through my affiliate program if DCA makes good financial sense for you.

The cost of joining Amy Porterfield’s DCA varies depending on when you decide to join. As of 2023, it costs $1,997 USD to gain access to all of the resources offered by Amy Porterfield’s DCA.

The price did not increase in 2023. However, courses typically increase annually and DCA could be around $2,493 USD in 2023.

How often does Digital course Academy launch?

As a DCA Affiliate program member, you'll only have one chance this year to sign up for DCA through my link.

Digital Course Academy (DCA) is an online learning platform created by Amy Porterfield, a renowned digital marketing expert. DCA typically once a year in the Fall.

How many weeks is Digital Course Academy?

Your success in DCA depends on your  commitment to showing up for online meetings and working through the materials.

The launch usually lasts about 4-6 weeks. There’s lots of content and support from Amy throughout that time period. Usually via her paid bootcamp groups (usually offered through Facebook.)

Make sure you join and get Amy’s bonuses! Plus one of the best DCA affiliate offers by using Jamie Trull’s affiliate link!

How much is Amy Porterfield’s Momentum?

Amy Porterfield’s Momentum is a private community for Digital Course Academy alumni. As of July 2023, the member price for Momentum is $99/month.

It’s important to note that this price may not reflect the actual cost of Amy Porterfield’s Momentum program after the 2023 launch of DCA.

Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy (DCA) is priced at $1,997.

This course is a prerequisite for joining the Momentum community. DCA opens at least once a year with the next launch scheduled for September 2023.

Remember, prices and availability may vary, so it’s recommended to check Amy Porterfield’s official website or contact her team directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Where is Amy Porterfield located?

Amy Porterfield is a renowned online marketing expert and the host of the top-ranked podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy.

She is based in Nashville, Tennessee but started her business in California.

Her company, Amy Porterfield, Inc., specializes in online courses. Fans of Amy also know that she has a “hunky hubby” Hobie (those are Amy’s words!) She also has a beloved and adorable dog named Scout.

How did Amy Porterfield Get Started?

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Porterfield worked as the director of content development at Anthony (Tony) Robbins Companies.

In 2009, she left her corporate job to start her own business. Over the years, she has built a successful career helping entrepreneurs build businesses online.

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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Profit First: My Love/Hate Relationship

Hobby Loss Rule - Side Hustlers Beware