I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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Financial Literacy Business Tips To Achieve Business Success

February 1, 2024

 Financial literacy is important for entrepreneurs - but not often taught.

Unleashing Financial Fitness: Kym’s Journey to Financial Clarity and Success!

Meet Kym Cadle found financial literacy (business edition) through the popular Financial Fitness Formula™ (FFF) Program.

Kym is the brilliant mind behind Pure Ambition Consulting, a rapidly growing company with big dreams and even bigger financial aspirations.

Join us as we dive into Kym’s transformative journey through Jamie Trull’s Financial Fitness Formula™ (FFF) Program!

A Quest for Financial Mastery:

Kym’s ambitions were sky-high, but she felt like her business finances were slipping through her fingers.

Scaling her company was the goal, but she lacked the confidence to navigate the financial complexities.

That’s when she stumbled upon the FFF program, a beacon of hope to bring her dreams to life.

Discovering the CFO Hat and Trustworthy Financial Literacy Business Advice

Debt management and financial stress can impact an entrepreneur's financial stability.

As a passionate CEO, Kym had never considered the role of a CFO until FFF opened her eyes.

She realized the significance of managing her finances strategically, making her success all the more attainable.

This realization brought to light the importance of not just being the CEO.

But that the CFO role was just as important. 

Taking Control of the Finances:

Before the program, Kym’s business was booming, but the finances were on autopilot.

The FFF program brought her finances to the forefront. The program continues to give her the tools and strategies to take control and fund her scaling dreams.

The Game-Changing Spreadsheets:

Kym raves about the FFF spreadsheets, calling them immediately effective and extremely helpful.

They were not only user-friendly but also crystal clear, guiding her through the pricing, direct costs, and indirect costs analysis.

The best part?

The spreadsheets allowed her to run “what-if” scenarios, empowering her with data-backed decision-making.

From Flying Blind to Financial Clarity:

FFF is about giving you the financial knowledge to make informed decisions for your business. Financial literacy goes beyond a high credit score.

FFF wasn’t just about struggling with numbers for Kym; it was about finally gaining clarity.

She no longer felt like she was flying blind, but rather, she had a solid foundation to understand her business finances inside out.

Pricing Power and Increased Profitability:

Kym’s biggest victories came in the form of newfound pricing confidence and increased profitability.

Armed with the knowledge from FFF, she raised her prices wisely and saw her profits soar to new heights.

Building a Secure Future:

The FFF program provided Kym with a roadmap to financial security.

Armed with a clear understanding of her numbers, she could now plan for a comfortable retirement and make a positive impact on her family’s future.

A Community of Empowerment:

Financial literacy can help you make informed financial decisions and deal with financial challenges successfully.

Beyond the spreadsheets and strategies, Kym found a supportive community within the FFF program.

The camaraderie with fellow entrepreneurs and Jamie’s cheerleading created a safe space to ask questions, learn from each other, and grow together.

Empowering Entrepreneurs Beyond Personal Finance:

As a strong advocate for women’s empowerment, Kym believes that FFF is especially vital for women entrepreneurs.

The program’s focus on pricing confidence and financial empowerment resonates deeply, inspiring women to take charge of their businesses fearlessly.


And there you have it – Kym’s remarkable journey to financial clarity and success through the Financial Fitness Formula™ program!

With newfound confidence in her pricing, a handle on her finances, and a supportive community by her side, Kym’s business is on a trajectory to greatness.

The FFF program’s impact has been far-reaching, creating financial magic and empowering her to create a life of fulfillment and joy.

If Kym’s journey has taught us anything, it’s that with the right resources and guidance, every entrepreneur can achieve financial mastery.

So, take the leap, seize your financial future, and unlock your potential with the Financial Fitness Formula™ program.

The roadmap to financial freedom awaits, let’s do this! 🚀💰

Learn about the program here

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My aspirations for my business in terms of finances, were really getting a handle on things. My company was growing quick, quickly to not have a handle on my finances. Just felt like I was flying blind and month to month I was, you know, just navigating my business without even really stopping to think through the impact of my choices. 

And so I didn’t know what I didn’t know I had and have a CPA, but it was more somebody who did my taxes and, and filed for me, but not with a lot of strategic partnership. If I had not gotten a handle on understanding my business finances in the long term, what it would’ve meant is less financial security and stability. And at this time in my life, that’s incredibly important. 

More than a case study testimonial For FFF

Jamie is a pretty incredible human. There’s no shame in any of this. And she creates space for any questions. You can do the Financial Fitness program at your own pace, and yet there’s a lot of structure to it to help you stay on track. What I really loved about the program was a small bite-sized video segments that allowed you to really kind of consume, implement before consuming more information. 

Financial Fitness Formula has helped me increase my profitability by a very large margin and understand by product line where my profitability is so I can focus more energy on the lines that produce more profit. Biggest positive outcome for me, I, I would say there’s actually two. One is understanding my pricing better and being able to raise my prices in a way that really made sense for me and my clients.

And two, it is just having a handle on the numbers. And so long term, I feel much more confident that I’m gonna be secure because I have a real foundation and framework. I’m on a much better path to understanding my financial future and in particular what retirement looks like for me and my partner.

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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