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Holiday Gift Guide 2023: Shop Women-Owned Small Businesses

November 18, 2023

Choosing to give back by purchasing gifts from women owned businesses is what we are all about at Balance CFO, LLC.

Tis’ the season for giving to others!

This is why Jamie Trull and her team have put together this AH-MAZING Shop Women-Owned Small Businesses: 2023 Holiday Gift Guide made up of businesses right from our own community!

Gifts From Women Owned Businesses

We aim to support tons of women-owned small businesses during the year and we invite you to join us! Scroll through our first-ever Women-Owned Business Holiday Gift Guide and shop for those on your list for gifts that will surprise and delight them from these fantastic women owned brands. 

Each business we are highlighting has selected one best selling item to share with you in our guide.

However, we also encourage you to check out their shops for additional product options!

None of the links or products are affiliate links, and Balance CFO LLC is not compensated for these features.

We are not affiliated with these women business owners, so please direct any and all questions about your orders to the individual businesses.

As you shop these amazing products and businesses keep in mind that shipping dates for small businesses can have earlier deadlines than Amazon.

Especially for custom-made products! So get those orders in early!

You can use the links below to do your shopping and take you to their sites.

Top Gifts for Self Care & Comfort

Relaxation Care Package 

Who doesn't love an expertly crafted care package with essential oils?

The perfect gift of relaxation. This compact care package holds everything you need to unwind, relax, and enjoy some much deserved “me time”. 

Kit contains: Calm essential oil roll-on (10 ml), Serenity aromatherapy spray (10 ml), Sleep Essential Oil Blend (1 ml), 3 Clay diffuser stones, Peace loose leaf tea (.5 oz), Fancy Jasper worry stone

Shop the relaxation care package here.

More from Blooming Light

Artisan Milk Bath Soak

Uplevel your skin care and create a luxury experience for yourself with this Artisan Milk Bath Soak.

Introducing our luxurious Artisan Milk Bath Soak, a rejuvenating and indulgent experience that will transport you to a world of relaxation and self-care.

Handcrafted with the finest ingredients, this exquisite bath soak is designed to nourish your body, soothe your senses, and leave your skin feeling irresistibly soft and supple.

Shop the bath soak here. 

More from Kimi Willson Co

Triple Healing Salve

You don't have to wait until Women's History Month to celebrate small business owners! Shop women owned businesses this year for the holidays!

This ultra-restorative salve is a triple threat thanks to its three hallmark components: plantain, yarrow and wild white willow bark.

Uses: safely speed up the healing process from cuts, scrapes, rashes, and more.

It’s safe for all skin types and ages — in fact, this is often a go-to for parents who use our products!

When their kiddos come to them with some new minor injury, whether it’s a bug bite, bee sting, or a random rash, our Triple Healing Salve is here to help.

Oh, and did we mention it’s also a great skin-healing lotion and lip balm?

Shop the healing Salve

More from Lakota Made

Cleansing Hydrator

If you research clean beauty, you'll appreciate the formula of this cleanser.

Do you, or someone you know, have painfully dry, sensitive skin?

The Cleansing Hydrator is the gentlest, simplest way to cleanse, hydrate, moisturize and nourish dry, sensitive skin.

As part of your purchase, Dr. Bexi will walk you through how to use the Cleansing Hydrator and checks in with you periodically during the first month of use to make sure you find all the ways the Cleansing Hydrator works for you. 

Gift yourself and a loved one healthier skin, nourished by whole foods and nothing else.

Shop the cleansing hydrator here.

More from Bexi’s Bespoke Revitalisation

Wood Wick Mason Jar Candles

You'll be pleased about the burn time of these beautiful candles.

We offer Coconut wax candles in mason jar candles with crackling wood wicks, as well as room Sprays, Wax Melts, Car Diffusers and Carpet fresheners.

Shop the candle here.

More from RusticTyed Candle Co. 

Bamboo Bath Mat

If you know someone who loves natural woods, this bamboo mat is for you.

These bamboo bath mats are crafted with care using high-quality bamboo and have a cedar coloring to them, ensuring exceptional strength and durability.

Color may vary.

The robust material ensures they can withstand daily use without compromising its integrity.

Shop the bath mat here.

More from VILLAPRO

Gifts for the Life Long Learner

Midwest YOGA + Life Magazine (Print Subscription)

Give the gift of ongoing health and power with a subscription to Midwest Yoga + Life Magazine.

We have expanded to the Midwest!!

Midwest YOGA + Life magazine is a perfect gift for the yoga, health, and wellness enthusiast in your life — or for yourself! 

This bi-annual magazine is full of content to help you live a more conscientious life!

Shop the Midwest YOGA+ Life Magazine Subscription 

More from Midwest YOGA + Life Magazine

Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription

Give the gift of continued success with the Sparkle, Hustle, Grow subscription box.

Empower the entrepreneur within this holiday season!

Experience a mindset shift, boost revenue growth, and shine as a confident and successful entrepreneur with Sparkle Hustle Grow, the monthly subscription box for developing female entrepreneurs.

Grow personally and thrive professionally today!

Gift a subscription box here

More from Sparkle Hustle Grow

The Artist’s Virtues, A Guide for Getting Started and Continuing to Grow as an Artist

Give the guide to getting started and continuing to grow as an artist to your creative business friends.

In “The Artist’s Virtue’s: A Guide for Getting Started and Continuing to Grow as an Artist,” Broaderick breaks down the four stages of artists’ growth, the virtues of each stage and a growth plan to progress to the next stage.

She lays out a path that begins with learning an artistic language and basic skills that aspiring artists can follow, in order to find their unique artistic expression.

“Learning to paint is like learning any other sport or interest,” said Broaderick. “If you are ready, there are concepts, rules and a new vocabulary that you can learn to help you create more easily and effectively.

In “The Artist’s Virtues”  I hope to inspire those who feel a calling in their heart to create with these practical steps.”

Shop the book here. 

More from Kathleen Broaderick Studio & Gallery

Illumina Journal: A journal for tending to your intuition and spiritual growth

Track your growth and success in the Illumina Journal, a thoughtful choice for those starting woman owned businesses.

The Illumina Journal is designed to be a space for growth.

In it, you can capture things along your spiritual awakening and intuitive growth and development journey.

The pages are formatted without lines on purpose, to allow for all the freedom to journal in any way that feels right for you.

You are encouraged to release the confines of what a journal “should” be and allow it to become what it needs to be for YOU!

Capturing your intuitive experience and thoughts along your spiritual awakening journey onto paper allows your thoughts to become things that then you can ponder, challenge or develop.

Shop the journal here. 

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Top Gifts for Children

What the Red Panda Knew

If you're purchasing for kids, consider this book by Julia Belsante: "What the Red Panda Knew."

Who says heroes have to be rough and tough?

Follow fifth grader Andrew George as he discovers a secret tunnel leading to the city zoo and learns that life is better with friends by your side.

A modern day middle grade novel that proves heart and creativity can always save the day.

Shop the book here.

More from Julia Belsante

Baby Paper

Looking for sensory gift ideas created by women owned businesses? Baby Paper has you covered!

Baby Paper makes the perfect holiday gift.

Our signature Baby Paper forms a bow for a perfect gift topper and our sensory plush make a unique sensory development toy for babies and beyond

Shop Baby Paper here. 

More from Baby Paper. 

Gifts for the Jewelry & Accessory Lover

3-Day Mirror Jewelry Pill Box Container

These jewelry or pill box containers are repurposed from fabric scraps for sustainability.

Elevate Your Organization!

Introducing Otto Finn’s versatile 3-Day Mirror Jewelry Pill Box Container – a perfect fusion of practicality and style.

This compact container not only keeps your jewelry or pills organized but also features a convenient mirror inside.

Crafted using Kantha scraps derived from our jacket production process, each detail reflects our commitment to sustainability.

Shop 3 Day Pill Box Containers here. 

More from Otto Finn

Gifts for the Foodie

Flavored Peanut Butter Gift Box

Delicious treats are always a hit! Like Reid's gourmet peanut butter!

Give the most memorable gift they’ll receive this year! A flavored peanut butter gift box.

Choose four of my 9 oz flavored peanut butters you’d like in this box, we will pack it in our nice black gift box and send it to your favorite peanut butter guru!

Shop the Peanut Butter Gift Box here. 

More from Reid’s Gourmet

Monthly Cookie Club

Quarter pound cookies? Yes, please! Grab these from Chubby Lil Cookies Club!

Once a month we curate a decadent box filled with a mix of fan favorites, brand new flavors, and seasonal specialties.

Each box includes a dozen treats, including our quarter pound Chubby Cookies, ganache topped brownies and other amazing treats.

We individually heat seal them and ship them anywhere in the US!

Note: Our Cookie Club needs to be ordered by the 3rd Sunday of the month and ships the next week.

Shop the Monthly Cookie Club

More from Chubby Lil Mermaid Bakery

Gifts for the Traveler

Milo+Mimi Travel Bag

Whether you're running errands or flying to new destinations for business or pleasure, the Milo + Mimi Travel Bag will have you traveling in style!

The Travel Bag is designed to simplify your travels and prove that functional luggage can be fashionable.

No matter your destination, this carry-on ensures that while you’re jet-setting, you’re trend-setting. 

The Travel Bag’s versatility and storage capacity means it’s also perfect for anyone on the go – moms, students, professionals, and others: we have your needs covered.

Shop the Milo+Mimi Travel Bag. 

More from Milo and Mimi 

Wanderlust Passport Travel Journal

For your sentimental traveler: the wanderlust passport travel journal!

The Wanderlust Passport is the only travel journal on the market made for a traveler by a traveler. Our tried and true documenting system is perfect for meaningfully chronicling your domestic or international travel and is strategically structured to allow you to document your experiences while giving you the creative freedom to record your most prized memories.

Shop the passport travel journal here. 

More from bobo design studio

Top Gifts for Fun

Giving Green Party (Holiday Gift Box)

Shopping for certified sustainable products? Consider the Giving Green Party Holiday Gift Box!

This Giving Green “party for one” gift box is the perfect celebration gift to help your long-distance friends and loved ones take a break from the frenzy and experience holiday cheer.

Each Confetti Post “Party” is themed to the occasion including fun gifts, confetti, and a message balloon arriving at the recipient’s doorstep in a bright yellow box.

This “Giving Green” Holiday Party is more than just filled with green-colored Holiday items: each of the extra gifts inside is sourced from small businesses committed to environmental sustainability. 

Shop the gift box here. 

More from The Confetti Post

Sample Me This…Vol I

Your big brain music buddies will be sold on this Sample Me This Trivia Game!

Sample Me This is a music trivia game that will test your knowledge of sampled music from all eras of music.

This game is great for those that love Hip Hop, R&B and Pop music.

Shop Sample Me This

Shop more from Melanated Source

Winter Wonderland Gift Box

You are magic winter wonderland gift box

Step into the holiday season with Beauty of Detroit Box, where curated collections and handpicked local treasures come together for a celebration of self-care. Unwrap the joy of thoughtfully selected unique self-care essentials and exclusive items, making each season a unique journey of discovery, relaxation and well-being.

Embark on a magical journey with Beauty of Detroit Box’s Winter Wonderland theme. This winter box transforms the world into a serene wonderland just in time for the holidays. Inside, discover a symphony of handpicked treasures, including a festive mug for sipping your favorite holiday beverages (like nostalgic hot cocoa with all the fixings), transform your space with our winter scene glimmer candle, casting an elegant glow and enchanting fragrance reminiscent of tranquil winter landscapes, and more surprises to indulge your senses in seasonal delights. Embrace the season’s tranquility and surprise yourself or a loved one with a curated experience that captures the essence of this magical time of year.

Shop the Gift Box here.

More from Beauty of Detroit Box

Enneagram Type Tees & Mugs

If your life is controlled by your enneagram type: check out these awesome enneagram type tees and mugs!

Do you and your friends really relate to your enneagram type?

These hand drawn graphic images prove you’re the superlative of your #.

A great, thoughtful gift to give any Enneagram loving adult in your life! Grab a mug to sip your favorite drink or a tee. 

Shop Superlative Enneagram

Top Gifts to Make a Statement

Wooden House Sign with Family Names

If your recipient loves rustic or country charm, these wooden house signs with the names of family member will delight them!

A delightful handmade sign, skillfully shaped like a house, makes for a thoughtful and heartfelt gift.

Adorned with the names of family members lovingly hand-painted across its surface, this unique present conveys the warmth and closeness of family ties.

With its rustic appeal and personal touch, it becomes a cherished reminder of love and togetherness, making it an ideal gift to celebrate special occasions and family moments.

Shop the signs here. 

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Support Your Local Girl Gang Hanging Pennant

Looking for some girl power? Hang it on your door with a Local Girl Gang Hanging Pendant.

Use The Women’s Empowerment Hanging Pennant Flags as decor for your home, your office, your camper, wherever you need a little reminder. These pennants are:

– 8×10 with black paracord hanger

– Magenta pop of color on the double thick edges for that secret bit of magic

– Perfect gift for an entrepreneur, small business owner, boss babe, girl boss, or friend

Shop the Pennant here. 

More from Noteify

Hand Stamped Silverware

These hand stamped silver ware options are more than home goods!

Vintage silver plated flatware, {spoons, forks, knives, spreaders, any flatware or cutlery} are hand stamped letter by letter combining our love of words in general with what we call ‘soul shine’, quirky expressive statements meant to bring joy to the recipient

♥ These make wonderful unique gifts and work perfectly with charcuterie boards when entertaining.

Shop Stamped Silverware here.

More from juNxtaposition

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

You can even make personalized Christmas ornaments for your company party!

Our beautiful metal Christmas Ornaments are personalized with your photo / name and made by me – a small woman owned business in Wisconsin. Photo Gifts are our specialty! We also make photo keychains, wallet cards, bracelets and much more! Don’t forget to check out our Christmas Pickle Book & Ornament and start your Family Tradition this year.

Shop the Ornaments here.

More from Savor the Memories

Gifts for Pet Lovers

Kitty Bento Box

Don't forget the pets! This Kitty Bento Box is an adorable idea for the cat lovers on your list!

The Kitty Bento Box is a complete catnip party all in one nifty tin!

Five toys in one!

The perfect gift for your favorite cat or cat lover.

Shop the kitty bento box here. 

More from Simply B Vermont

Hands Free + Convertible Sport Leash

All woman operated brand High Tail Hikes has the perfect leash for hands-free dog walking!

Our bestselling Hands Free + Convertible Leash is perfect for coffee shop strolls, hikes, beach romps, and brewery patios with your pup!

Our multifunctional 8-way leash is waterproof, odor proof, easy to clean, and available in 18+ colors and in multiple sizes so you can design the perfect set up for you and your best friend.

Made by hand in sunny Oakland, California by an all woman team dedicated to handcrafting the highest quality dog gear around!

Shop the leash here. 

More from High Tail Hikes

Top Gifts for Your Business

Unwrap Your Savings! Join Jamie Trull’s 12 Days of Christmas Sale

What's sweeter than chocolate? How about Jamie's 12 days of Christmas sale for women business owners!

Calling all Small Business owners!

Whether you are new here or have been a long time member of our audience we have something special for YOU during this season of giving.

Join us for the 12 Days of Christmas and discover exclusive daily deals and savings up to 50% off our best sell products, templates and even some EXCLUSIVE deals from some of our biggest partners in banking, payroll and legal templates!

Sign up now and get alerts delivered to your inbox December 1st to the 12th! BONUS all our products are tax deductible for your business too! 

Sign up and get alerts for the biggest sale of the season!

More from JamieTrull 

A Note from Team Trull

We are so incredibly thankful to each of these business owners for allowing us to share their products and businesses with you as options for holiday gifts this year.

Have no doubt we are 100% using this gift guide and these businesses in our own shopping this year too!

But it goes beyond just these products we are sharing here; each of these listings is from a Women Owned Small business and they have so much more available to shop from all year round.

Remember when we choose to use our dollars with a small business we are supporting individuals, families, and communities.

Each of the businesses we have featured is also dedicated to giving back and helping others, meaning that the dollars spent on our favorite small businesses go much further than we can typically imagine and continue to give back in so many ways. 

Make this holiday gift guide go even further and share it with others today! 


Why Every Purchase Counts: Shop Women-Owned Small Businesses

Transcript (please note, this has been machine-generated. We apologize for any errors.)

Hello everyone. Jamie Trull here, your favorite CPA and profit strategist. And I am so pumped for this video today because we’re gonna be talking about something that is near and dear to my heart, and that is why and how to support women-owned small businesses. Okay, so how do we support women-owned small businesses? Why is that something we should actually think about doing and be a little bit more intentional with, whether you’re a man or a woman, we’re gonna talk about all that here today, and I’m gonna make it really easy for you to find small businesses that you can support for things that you were planning to buy anyway or things that you need anyway. So before I show you the how and give you some tips to really be able to support women-owned businesses.

Why We Created This Gift Guide For and From Women-Owned Busineses

Let’s first talk about the why, because I think the why is so, so important here. And the reason is not that women own businesses are inherently better than men own businesses. Of course, I would never say such a thing. The real reason is just the fact that there is still a lot of inequity in business that affects women-owned businesses differently.

Now, things are getting better, but that doesn’t mean they are where they need to be or where we want them to be. But the more that we support these businesses with our money, that’s basically supporting those causes. So we are always looking for causes to give back to and things like that. But sometimes the thing that we can do to give back and really help is to just support these women-owned businesses with purchases that we were already gonna make.

And that can really help to put more economic power in the hands of women, which has a positive effect overall when that happens. 

So in all countries around the world, when women are given more economic power, good things happen. We support our families, we support our communities, we support the world. That is what happens when women have economic power.

Statistics and Women-Owned Businesses

And with economic power comes actual authority and power for decision making and things like that. So there is a lot to be gained by everyone for having more women with economic power. It will lead to more women having representation in all areas of life. 

And just to talk more specifically about statistics, because I love statistics and data, right? Women own 40% of all the businesses in the United States, which is pretty dang good. Honestly, if you ask me, if you go back 30 years, that number would’ve been very, very different. It was the 1970s before a woman could generally have a bank account by herself without a man to co-sign. So the fact that so many women have stepped into this and have started their own business not that far out from when we did not have the rights to be able to do such a thing is amazing.

But there’s still a long way to go. And that shows up in the fact that even though women own 40% of businesses, they only contribute 4% of total revenues when you look at the total revenues of small businesses, which is just abysmal. And what that means is that there is still a massive disparity, and there are a lot of different reasons for that disparity.

Challenges For Women Owned Businesses

It’s harder for women-owned businesses to get funding for various reasons. Women are also less likely to hire employees. And then in some instances, it really relates to the fact that women still, even in the 2020s, right, we are still responsible for the vast majority of the household tasks and the caretaking.

So the unpaid labor that happens, that’s true in this country. But that’s true all over the world. And that just tends to mean that women are starting businesses, but also trying to juggle a lot of things. 

Now, really clearly, of course, I have to say men own businesses are great too, and lots of men are also juggling things. But we know statistically a lot of that, a lot of that unpaid labor is still falling on the shoulders of women.

And so what that means is by supporting these women owned businesses, right, we are allowing women to have greater freedom, have greater flexibility in their lives. A lot of women start businesses. I started a business because I wanted to be able to be here and more present with my kids, get my kids off the bus stop, right? 

How To Find Women-Owned Businesses

And that is the story for a lot of women where a normal corporate career just wasn’t gonna work for the other demands on our time.

And so supporting women-owned businesses, gives more options, and the more we support them, the more additional women will be able to see the opportunity that lays in front of them and allow them to maybe leave that job that doesn’t really work for their schedule, or doesn’t allow them to spend time with their kids and do something that gives them more freedom. So I’m super passionate about supporting women-owned businesses for that reason.

I think not just women should be. I think this is something that is beneficial for everyone. 

And so that is why I wanted to make this quick video. So now that we talked about the why, let’s talk about the how. Okay, so we’re walking into the holiday season. So right now we’re thinking about all the things that we want to get. All the presents we want to buy for people.

Tips For Shopping Women-Owned Online

And where’s the first place that most of us go? Probably not the mall anymore, right? I was a 1990s kid. And so the mall was the place to go back in the nineties when you were a kid. But these days, most of us are probably starting online and specifically probably starting on Amazon.

And believe it or not, there are ways to actually filter for the kinds of businesses that you want to support. 

So again, if you’re really passionate about a cause. If you’re passionate about women. Or you’re passionate about supporting any kind of minority owned business, right? Black owned businesses, indigenous owned businesses, L-G-B-T-Q-I-A businesses, okay? All of that can be found on Amazon.

They have ways to filter for that, but they just don’t show you very easily. So I created a link that you can use in order to be able to get directly to where you can find how to support women and other minority owned groups just on Amazon. And so when you’re starting your shopping, when you’re looking for something.

You can start searching there instead of going to the normal amazon.com search bar. So because Amazon makes this a little bit hard to find. And you can’t actually filter for this in the search bar. This won’t show up on the regular page. I went ahead and made a special link for you. So if you guys go to Jamie Trull dot com slash amazon woman owned Amazon woman owned. That’s woman singular, you’re gonna be able to get to a page that probably looks something like this.

And this is gonna allow you to find women owned businesses, black owned businesses, Hispanic owned, all kinds of different businesses that you can support. And you can just start your shopping from this place and know that you’re supporting something that really aligns with your values and the things that you wanna support in the world. Now, because this is something that I’m super passionate about,

Our Annual Holiday Gift Guide

We also have just created our second annual holiday gift guide that features women-owned businesses specifically. And these are all women who have product-based businesses that we thought were absolutely great to feature for gifts that you may want to give. So we have all kinds of different things on there. We have books on there, we have children’s gifts on there, we have beauty gifts on there.

All kinds of things that you might want to give to the people that you love in your life. And also you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re supporting a women-owned small business and their family. And I don’t know about you, but I would rather spend my money in a place that I knew it was gonna help somebody pay their groceries or their rent. Or send them on a vacation with their family. Rather than paying for something that’s just going to be padding corporate profits. 

So we are so excited this year about this holiday gift guide. It’s a labor of love. We do not take any money from any of the sales of anything that’s in our holiday gift guide. And we don’t charge the people to be in this holiday gift guide. We simply just asked people what amazing products they had that they wanted to tell the world about. And then we curated a list for you. 

So hopefully this will help you as you are doing that holiday shopping, especially if you’re shopping for the person who you never know what to get, this is the perfect thing to go check out. So you’re gonna find all the amazing goodness over on Jamie Trull dot com slash gift guide.

Shopping For A Woman Owned Business Owner? (Maybe Yourself?)

Now, of course, since we’re talking about supporting women owned businesses, guess what? I am also a woman owned business and there are lots of different ways that you can support my business. Even hitting subscribe on this video as you’re watching it, is a really big help and something I very much appreciate. And that is something that you can do for other women in your life.

Just support them by following them on social media platforms, maybe sharing them with friends, maybe writing a review. All of those things are so helpful and don’t require you to spend any money at all to support a women-owned business. And if you happen to be looking for things specifically for your business, if you are a business owner. Then I definitely want you to come check out a new thing we’re doing this year that we’re so excited about.

Join our 12 Days Of Christmas Season Of Giving Event

We’re just teasing it right now. We’re not gonna tell you all the things that are coming. They are surprises. But we are doing the 12 days of Christmas season of giving event. So this is gonna be featuring different products of mine as well as other people that I am partnering with to give you amazing deals. And we’re gonna be doing one new deal a day that expires at the end of the day.

So it starts December 1st and it ends on the 12th of December. So if you’re watching this when this video comes out, definitely go check it out. Join the waitlist, okay? Jamie Trull dot com slash 12, the number 12 days, and you’ll be able to join the wait list to make sure that you are alerted of these deals that are happening. 

Give The Gift Of Strong Business Finances!

Go ahead and bookmark that page so that you can check back every single day for what the deals are,because I’m gonna tell you, you do not want to miss it. So whether it’s an educational tool you need for your business, something to help you manage your finances, anything like that, we have lots of amazing things that are coming that we do not do any other time of the year.

Thanks For Supporting Women Owned Businesses!

So thanks for joining me. Go have some fun shopping and supporting women owned businesses or any other minority owned business that you are really passionate about supporting.

And I’ll see you next time. Bye for now.

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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