Do you ever feel overwhelmed trying to manage your business? You may find yourself thinking "If only there was a way to make managing your business easier!"  Well my friend you’re not alone - we all have so much going on in our lives.

Well, me, Jamie Trull, is here to help! I know first hand how difficult it can be running and managing a busy business. 

That’s why I've put together a comprehensive lists of all the tools you  to better manage your time and your business – with minimal extra cost or hassle!

I've hear from so many small business owners looking for solutions to this so I put together this comprehensive list of ALL the things I use to manage my business!

With my list of hand-selected platforms and software's, you will have access to great savings while also being able to keep on top of everything in the most efficient way possible.

Plus, rest assured that every platform we recommend has been tried and tested by us – so you know they're good quality tools that work as promised!

With these tools, you can take back control over your life, be more productive with what you do each day, and feel confident that everything is taken care of properly.
What’s more - many of these come with huge discounts when using my link or code!

Take the headache out of managing your business today by exploring this curated list for yourself now!

Scroll through this page and start saving money right away!

p.s. You should know some of these links are affiliate links, which means I receive a commission whenever someone makes a purchase using my link or code. Best thing is that this costs you nothing and actually can save you a ton of money! You should know I ONLY recommend brands I LOVE with all my heart and that I use in real life. Enjoy!

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financial Solutions

best no fee business banking*

Best for: small businesses that need free invoicing capabilities within their banking solution.

Why they are awesome:
  • Free banking with invoicing capabilities
  • Reserves within the main account
  • Modified Profit First savings method
  • ATM withdrawals up to $1,000
  • Automated savings into designated buckets
  • Suitable for solopreneurs & small businesses
  • User-friendly platform
*Disclosure: Novo is a financial technology company, not a bank. Banking services are provided by Middlesex Federal Savings, F.A.; Member FDIC.

Check out Novo here!

Email [email protected] to claim your free gift when you fund your account!

Quickbooks online

Best for: Any small business, solopreneur, or freelancer

Why they are awesome:
QuickBooks Online is best in class as an accounting solution. You can track expenses, send invoices, run financial statements, track mileage, and SO much more from QBO!

best DIY Accounting Software

Sign up for your free trial AND save 30% the first 12 months!

Best for: Individuals and business owners looking for my top recommended credit cards.

Why they are awesome:
I get a lot of questions from followers about which Credit Cards are the best to sign up for. If you know me, you know I’m SUPER careful about recommending the use of credit cards. Carrying credit card debt is an expensive form of financing, so I don’t recommend using one if you aren’t sure you’ll be able to pay your balance in full each month.

However, for those that use them responsibly, credit cards can be a good way to build credit and earn points for purchases you are already making. I recommend using them just like you would use cash, and ensuring you have the balance in your account before making the purchase (don’t steal from tomorrow to pay today’s bills!). Check out all the details with my link!

See my Top Recommendations!

Travel Freely

Best Business
Credit cards

Best for: small to medium-sized businesses of any entity type seeking free banking with extensive features

Why they are awesome:
  • Free banking for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Up to 20 separate bank accounts
  • Receipt Management Feature
  • Supports Profit First methodology with auto-transfer rules to put Profit First allocations on autopilot
  • Cash withdrawals/deposits at select ATMs
  • Team member access & virtual/physical debit cards
  • Recurring transfers between accounts
  • Multiple entities supported

*Disclosure: Relay is a financial technology company, not an FDIC-insured bank. Banking services and FDIC insurance are provided through Thread Bank and Evolve Bank & Trust; Members FDIC. The Relay Visa® Debit Card is issued by Thread Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. and may be used everywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted.

best Profit First Banking Platform

Get $50 Cash Bonus when You Fund Your Relay Account.  

PLUS Email [email protected] & claim your free gift when you fund your account!


Best for: Parents who want to raise financially smart kids.
Why they are awesome:
A quick and simple way to send your kids money - anytime, anywhere. With parental controls you can stay notified while teaching your kids about money management. I even use this card with my nanny for my kids expenses. Kids are able to set their own goals and learn about the power of saving.  


Best Debit Card for Kids

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payroll Solutions

Software Solutions

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