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Planning for Profit: A Financial Turnaround Story

January 25, 2024

Jamie Trull's Financial Fitness Formula™ helps business owners increase their profit margins and improve their net profit.

Case Study:

Mary Ann’s Transformation with the Financial Fitness Formula™ Program

In this case study, we will explore Mary Ann Sircely’s planning for profit experience with the Financial Fitness Formula™ (FFF) Program, designed and led by Jamie Trull.

Mary Ann is the owner of Sircely Marketing & Design, a business that she has been running for many years.

Before joining the Financial Fitness Formula™ Program, Mary Ann faced challenges in managing her finances, struggling to achieve the level of profitability she desired.

She was determined to gain control of her finances, pay herself more regularly, and improve her business’s overall financial health.

Let’s dive into her journey and see how the program transformed her business and mindset.

Mary Ann’s Aspirations and Financial Challenges

Many business owners struggle to understand the profit drivers that get their business to a desired profit margin or financial goal.

Before being introduced to Jamie Trull, Mary Ann aspired to better manage her finances, enabling her to focus on working “on” her business rather than just “in” it.

While her business was barely profitable, she was not paying herself regularly, causing frustration and hindering her ability to grow the business.

As a co-founder of a financial technology startup, Mary Ann also felt the need to lead by example and get her own finances in order.

Discovering Financial Fitness Formula™ and Building Trust

Mary Ann discovered the Financial Fitness Formula™ Program by Jamie Trull and was drawn to Jamie’s genuine and personal approach to teaching.

She respected Jamie’s knowledge and skills and felt a strong connection, making her confident that Jamie could help her achieve her financial goals.

Unique Features of Financial Fitness Formula™ For Planning For Profit

Jamie's program provides a variety of financial management expense spreadsheets that help business owners track their business expenses.
Jamie’s program includes tools for “Cash Flow Forecast & Guide to Improving Your Cash Flow.”

Mary Ann found the program unique in its focus on spreadsheets, particularly the spreadsheet that focused on pricing and profitability.

Financial Fitness Formula™ provided her with valuable insights into her projects’ true profitability. As a result, those insights allowed her to make informed decisions while creating proposals for clients.

The program’s emphasis on organizing finances through customizable spreadsheets was a game-changer for Mary Ann’s business.

Gaining Confidence To Plan For Profits

Mary Ann had no hesitations about investing in the Financial Fitness Formula™ Program, given her trust in Jamie’s expertise.

As she progressed through the program, she experienced significant wins at each stage.

Those wins boosted her confidence to manage her finances effectively.

Positive Outcomes and Empowerment

A profitable business uses profit strategies to improve their bottom line. Financial Fitness Formula™ shows business owners how to do this.
“Jamie’s spreadsheets are a game-changer for anyone who wants to manage their finances efficiently, without the stress and confusion that often accompanies financial management.”

The Financial Fitness Formula™ Program had a profound impact on Mary Ann’s business.

The confidence she gained in working with finances and pricing her services with a healthy profit margin transformed her approach to her business.

She learned to forecast her income more effectively, which provided her with a sense of empowerment and peace of mind.

Mastering Financial Management

Through the program, Mary Ann learned how to manage her finances like a CFO.

She effectively used Jamie’s Profitt Plan™ to establish reserve accounts and prioritize cash flow.

She opened a Novo account for business banking, making financial transactions seamless.

By incorporating these strategies, she ensured that she had money set aside for taxes. And gained better control over her cash flow.

Overcoming Beliefs and Transforming Mindset

Understanding her profit objectives helped Mary Ann focus on her most profitable customers and make a profit.
“I’m not afraid of the numbers anymore … I know exactly how much I can invest back into my business.” – FFF Alum

Financial Fitness Formula™ not only equipped Mary Ann with practical financial skills. Moreover, it also helped her overcome limiting beliefs about numbers and finances.

The program empowered her to recognize the value of managing her finances and how it positively impacted her business growth.

Recommendation and Gratitude

Mary Ann wholeheartedly recommends the Financial Fitness Formula™ Program to other business owners, especially women.

She believes that women often undervalue their financial abilities. But through Jamie’s program, they can become confident CFOs of their companies.

Mary Ann expressed immense gratitude to Jamie for teaching her how to be financially fit. And empowering her to achieve success.


Mary Ann’s journey with the Financial Fitness Formula™ Program showcases the transformative power of financial education and empowerment.

With Jamie Trull’s guidance and support, Mary Ann gained control over her finances. Which also meant significantly increased her profitability. The program transformed her mindset about financial management.

FFF™ not only improved her business’s financial health. It also instilled a sense of confidence and empowerment that will benefit her in the long term.

Financial Fitness Formula™ is a testament to the importance of financial education. And the positive impact it can have on entrepreneurs’ lives. Learn more about the program here

A Journey Planning For Profit:

This transcript has not been edited or reviewed for accuracy. It may contain errors or discrepancies from the original spoken content.

The transcript is offered for informational purposes only and should not be considered a definitive record of the event. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information provided in this transcript. Any reliance you place on such information is therefore strictly at your own risk. All current Financial Fitness Formula™ timelines and offers can be found at jamietrull.com/fff 

I never really thought that I was a numbers person.

I am, I’m a creative, really, I’m a writer and a graphic designer.

My business has gone, has evolved over the years. And it hit a spot recently where it just wasn’t as profitable as I wanted it to be.

I tend to be an under estimator. It’s gonna take less time than I thought.

Think it’s gonna take, I can get that done fast. It’s just a big frustration. And you go around and around. And you wish that you feel like you’re not getting back what you’re putting into your business.

I’m really on my own.

My husband died like seven years ago. What it means for me is my, it’s my livelihood. I love Jamie Trull. 

I just think she is so genuine and personal and honest.

The one thing about Financial Fitness Formula that was unique. That I haven’t gotten in any other programs, is Jamie’s like love of spreadsheets. 

Feedback for the Financial Fitness Formula™ Program

My favorite part about having the spreadsheets is that they organize me. And the one that helped me the most is on pricing and profitability, so I use that all the time.

Matter of fact, I was just working on a proposal today. Where I use that spreadsheet in order to make sure that the numbers were gonna be profitable. 

For me, what surprised me the most about Financial Formula was the community around it.

Because all of the people in the community were just so, they were so into it. And so excited about learning about their finances and moving their businesses forward.

It was absolutely worth all the time and money I invested in Financial, Fitness, Formula.

It’s already paid for itself over and over.

The fact that I’m paying myself more regularly and I am being able to forecast my income and my whole financial picture. it just gives me a real feeling of confidence and peace of mind.

That I’m doing things right.

And I just feel so much more empowered as a business owner.

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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