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Target Profit: Find A Pricing Sweet Spot For Your Business

January 22, 2024

In FFF, Chris was able to find her target profit point and increase her pricing.

Transforming a Landscaping Business with Financial Fitness Formula™

Trying to identify the target profit of your business?

In the heart of Austin, Texas, Chris Carter’s green landscaping business stands as a testament to the power of financial literacy and strategic business planning to find her target profit.

This case study explores how Chris, a dedicated business owner, leveraged the Financial Fitness Formula™ (FFF) program to transform her business operations and financial health.


Chris Carter has been running her eco-friendly landscaping business for over 13 years.

She focused on using all-electric equipment to maintain a clean and quiet environment.

Despite her hard work and commitment, Chris found herself in a challenging financial position.

Like many business owners, she was struggling to optimize her business’s profitability.

Discovery of Financial Fitness Formula™

Financial Fitness Formula provides many financial spreadsheets that helps business owners project sales revenue, determine their break even point, and perform a target profit analysis for a product or service.

Chris’s journey with the Financial Fitness Formula™ began during the pandemic.

That’s when she joined a financial literacy group on Facebook, led by Jamie Trull.

Intrigued by Jamie’s teachings, Chris actively participated in calls.

She followed the content shared on social media.

When the FFF course was announced in 2020, Chris recognized its potential value but couldn’t enroll immediately.

In the fall of 2021, she seized the opportunity and joined the program.

This marked the beginning of a significant transformation.

Application and Results

Chris faced the challenge of calculating the variable cost of a custom project. She adjusted her selling price and won the bid.

The FFF course provided Chris with practical tools and templates, which she immediately applied to her business operations.

A pivotal moment came when a previous customer requested a cleanup job and new plantings.

Using Jamie Trull’s pricing guidance, Chris confidently submitted a bid significantly higher than her previous quotes.

The customer’s acceptance of this bid was a clear indicator of the program’s effectiveness.

Chris’s application of FFF strategies led to:

  • Improved pricing models, resulting in higher profit margins.
  • Enhanced customer interactions and confidence in service offerings.
  • Streamlined business processes using the course’s templates and tools.

Support and Flexibility To Reach Her Target Net Income Goals

Get the support you need to reach your target income and desired profit goals in FFF.

A standout feature of the FFF course was the personalized support from Jamie Trull.

Her commitment to answering every question made participants, including Chris, feel uniquely supported.

The availability of recorded sessions with searchable content allowed Chris to balance her business, personal life, and family commitments while fully engaging with the course material.


Chris Carter’s experience with the Financial Fitness Formula™ is a powerful endorsement of the program’s impact on small business owners.

Her journey from financial uncertainty to confident business operations underscores the value of the course.

Chris’s story serves as an inspiration to other entrepreneurs, demonstrating that with the right tools and guidance, significant business transformation is achievable.

Learn more about the FFF program here.


FFF gave Chris the confidence she needed to raise her sales price and improve her budgeting process.

“I wasn’t paid or influenced to provide this testimonial.

The impact of this course on my business is undeniable.

If you’re on the fence about Financial Fitness Formula™, don’t hesitate.

It’s a decision you won’t regret.”

– Chris Carter, Landscaping Services, Austin, Texas.

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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