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AMY PORTERFIELD QUIZ: Which DCA Affiliate Offer Is Best?

September 24, 2023

Amy Porterfield Quiz time: which DCA affiliate offer is the best fit for your business? Explore this offer from DCA Alum and course creator Jamie Trull. Ready to learn from the queen of online marketing and integrate digital courses into your business?? You're in luck: you've uncovered extra special bonuses from Amy Porterfield's DCA affiliate Jamie Trull!

Jamie Trull here, your go-to CPA and Financial literacy coach, and I’ve got an Amy Porterfield quiz-like question: Which DCA Affiliate Offer is Best?

We typically dive deep into business finances, strategies to manage your money effectively, and ways to enhance profitability.

However, today’s topic veers slightly towards a transformative experience I had: integrating a digital course into my business.

Transitioning from my one-to-one virtual CFO client consultations in 2019, I embraced the power of digital courses, thanks to Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy (DCA).

With DCA’s enrollment coming to a close in just a few days (yes, if you’re catching this in September 2023, the window’s almost shut!), I felt compelled to shed light on some overlooked benefits of this program.

Many approach DCA with expectations around course content and structure. However, I discovered hidden perks that truly enrich the learning journey.

If you’ve been contemplating whether DCA aligns with your aspirations, stick around.

These insights might just tip the scales for you.

A Personal Affiliation and Transformation:

Creating a digital course is about more than making more money. It's about finally taking action on your dreams.

Real quick, because I think it’s important to be upfront here: I am an affiliate partner for Amy Porterfield’s DCA.

You’ve probably seen things from other affiliates out there. I’m an affiliate for this program, but not because I’m trying to make tons and tons of money off of the back of Amy Porterfield.

I’m an affiliate because I actually took this program and it transformed my life and my business.

Hidden Benefit #1: An Incomparable Community

When you create a new business, it's helpful to have other course creators around to bounce ideas off of and who understand this unique entrepreneur journey. You don't need to know how to write code to launch your course. In DCA, you'll learn how to build on your existing knowledge - and existing platforms.

While many online courses flash their ‘exclusive communities’ as a selling point, DCA’s community genuinely stands apart.

It isn’t just a community; it’s a movement.

Within DCA, you find yourself amidst a powerhouse of DOERS — individuals who don’t just dream but take actionable steps. 

These are passionate souls dedicated heart and soul to their digital course trajectories.

The vibrancy and fervor in this group are palpable. And as for the networking opportunities? Think endless.

Whether you’re scouting for future clients, potential affiliates, or groundbreaking business collaborators, DCA’s extensive community acts as a goldmine.

Personally, the returns I’ve gleaned from connections and collaborations formed here have outshone my original course investment multiple times over.

Hidden Benefit #2: A Tech Library Like No Other

Let's chat about the best standalone Online Course Creator platform and other tech tools for you as an online course creator!

Navigating the vast expanse of technology can be nothing short of a maze.

This is where DCA steps in as your compass. But its offering goes beyond merely guiding you through course content.

It’s a treasure chest filled with invaluable tools.

From a comprehensive tech library to meticulously designed templates. To detailed, easy-to-follow guide, DCA ensures you have a clear roadmap at hand.

This means slashing down hours otherwise spent grappling with uncertainty and tech challenges.

Hidden Benefit #3: Learning from a Master

When you enroll in DCA, you’re essentially tapping into the genius of Amy Porterfield. She’s a maestra who boasts of a staggering $85 million in digital course revenue.

It’s like getting a golden ticket to peek behind the curtains and decipher her successful methodologies, tactics, and structures.

The learning here operates on two profound levels. If you love he3r Online Marketing Made Easy podcast, you’ll be blown away inside DCA.

First, there’s the content-rich wisdom she generously shares. Second, and equally potent, is the opportunity to discern and imbibe her method of delivery and approach.

Hidden Benefit #4: Bonuses Beyond Expectation

What sets Amy’s course apart is its ensemble of value-packed bonuses that enhance your digital course journey.

From cutting-edge list-building strategies to deep dives into the nuances of Facebook advertising, the added perks are nothing short of a bonanza.

Here’s a little insider advice for you — always, always opt to purchase through an affiliate.

The cherry on top? The extra bonuses that come your way.

As a case in point, my Bonus Package Ultimate Course Creator’s Success Bundle for 2023 promises to amplify your course-creating success with a focus on profitability!

Introducing: Ultimate Course Creator’s Success Bundle for 2023

If you’re considering joining the transformative journey of digital course creation with Amy Porterfield’s DCA, you’re in for a delightful surprise.

I’ve carefully curated this bundle, valued at over $1,800, to seamlessly enhance your DCA experience. 

Why, you might wonder?

Well, I’ve been right where you are now, stepping into the world of course creation, and I understand the pivotal role that support and resources play in your success.

My bundle is all about the three Cs: Cash Flow, Connection, and Coaching.

My goal is simple – to supercharge your cash flow, foster meaningful and enduring connections within the course creation community, and provide you with steadfast support when you need it most. 

Enroll in Digital Course Academy®️ through my partner links on this page, and you won’t just gain access to Amy Porterfield’s incredible bonuses; you’ll also secure guaranteed access to my additional bonuses.

So, what does my Ultimate Course Creator’s Success Bundle for 2023 include?

Let’s dive in and explore!

Bonus 1: Cash Flow

Get ready to tackle course finances like a pro! Valued at $499, the CASH FLOW bonus is designed to set your course launches soaring in profitability. Gain access to templates and tools that ensure profitability from the get-go for digital course creators. Dive into course creation budgeting, course creation metrics tracking, and even Facebook ad spending for course creators.

📘 Profitable Launch Playbook: Your roadmap to financial triumph in digital courses.

🛠️ Use dynamic financial templates: Optimize course pricing, budget effortlessly, and plan ad spends.

📈 Equip yourself with tutorials, trackers, and planners designed for clarity and success.

Bonus 2: Connection 

Find your people in the vast world of online courses! With a $299 value, CONNECTION offers intimate community experiences within the DCA universe. You get smaller, more intimate groups to ensure deeper connections and networking opportunities. Think of it as a turbocharged community experience.

🤳 Exclusive Facebook Community: Interact, share, and grow with like-minded course creators.

🍷 Bonus Zoom Happy Hours: Mix & Mingle, explore AI in course creation and tackle legalities with expert guidance from the lawyer that Amy and I both use.

🔗 Access our DCA Bonus Experience Member Directory: Boost your networking game!

Bonus 3: Personalized Course Creator Coaching

Introducing personalized guidance, exclusive for 2023! Worth $999, get personalized advice and strategies for your DCA journey.

📱 Direct Voxer access to Jamie: Expert insights anytime you need.

🌈 Boost your confidence with firsthand advice from a seasoned DCA success story

💡 Discover the insider secrets behind generating nearly $2M using DCA methodologies.

On the Fence About Joining DCA?

To those on the fence about DCA, remember, it’s not just about the course content. The hidden benefits, the community, the resources, and the learning experience from a master are priceless.

So, are you ready to dive in? To see more about DCA and my bonus offerings for 2023, visit https://jamietrull.com/dca. Your course creation journey awaits!

Now that you’re informed, you’re ready to take the Amy Porterfield Quiz: Who has the best affiliate offer for DCA?!

Hidden benefits of DCA: Video Transcript: 

Please note that the following is a direct transcript and has not been edited for errors or omissions. It is a verbatim representation of the spoken words and may include colloquial language, grammatical errors, or other inconsistencies. We have chosen to provide the transcript in its raw form to preserve the authenticity of the conversation. We recommend cross-referencing with the original audio or video source for complete accuracy.

Hello. Hello everyone. Jamie Trull here, your favorite CPA and Financial literacy coach. This is a channel that we are typically talking about business, finances, how to manage your business, finances, how to become more profitable, all of those things. But today, and what I’ve been doing for the last couple of weeks is talking a little bit about something different, and that is adding a digital course to your business. 

So I am fully a financial educator now. I no longer have one-to-one clients, and I moved to that business model back at the end of 2019, and I did that by taking Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy. So I have feelings and thoughts that I have been wanting to share about Digital Course Academy because it is open for enrollment right now, but only for a couple more days. 

If you’re watching this, the day this comes out in September of 2023, it is almost closed. So this is a little bit late to be putting this out here, but I was really inspired because there are a few things that when people are deciding whether or not DCA is right for them, they’re usually thinking about the course content and things like that.

And there are actually some hidden benefits that people really aren’t aware of, and that I wasn’t aware of when I first got into DCA. So I wanted to do this video really about some of those hidden benefits. If you’re on the fence, if you’re trying to decide if it’s right for you, this may help you make that decision. 

Now, real quick, because I think it’s important to be upfront here, I am an affiliate for Digital Course Academy, and you’ve probably seen things from other affiliates out there, but I wanna tell you that I’m an affiliate for this program, not because I’m trying to make tons and tons of money off of the back of Amy Porterfield, but because I actually took this program, it was transformational in my life and my business. 

And I talked a lot about changing from that one-to-one virtual CFO business that I had before to this online education business that has allowed me to really find what I love and to be able to serve thousands of people. So because I have this business that I have. Because I have an online education business, because of Amy Porterfield. I was able to help so many people through the COVID Pandemic do a lot of content on how to get them help, right? 

So for me, and I’m super passionate about what this type of business model can give. That is why I’m an affiliate. And I do have extra bonuses. They’re amazing that I’ll talk about at the end. But again, this is really about what are those hidden benefits that you might not be thinking about when it comes to making the decision on whether DCA is right for you? 

Okay, so let’s jump into what those hidden benefits are. And number one on that list for me has been the community. Now, you might know that there is a community associated with Digital Course Academy, right? If you’ve been in the Amy Porterfield world, maybe you’ve been in some of those free or low cost communities. But this community is different. 

This community is filled with doers, it’s filled with people who invested. It is filled with people who want to make a digital course so badly and are putting in the work to do it. Okay? So being around that, there’s so much benefit, first and foremost, to just being around that energy, being around those people who are doing, we uplevel to where the people we surround ourselves are with. So if you are a person that maybe in your normal daily life, you don’t have a lot of people that understand what you’re trying to do, these people will, and not only that, these people might become friends, they might become business associates, they might become affiliates, they might become clients of yours. 

These are potential customers there. I had several people that I met and connected with inside Digital Course Academy that ended up buying my digital course. In fact, more people that I met inside DCA bought my course than the cost I paid to get into DCA.

So it was worth it just right there for the connections that I made. Now, that didn’t happen automatically. I had to be in there, I had to be engaging, I had to be getting to know people. I set up different coffee chats. Then I also found friends that have been really close friends through this journey that we’ve set up accountability pods.

We have set up little masterminds and things like that. And that has been so incredibly beneficial to have a group of people to go through this with. So Amy will help you get into accountability pods. Again, one of my bonuses is even a smaller community, we should have sub a hundred people or so in it. So you won’t have the thousands that are in DCA, and that’ll help you connect a little bit more intimately, maybe find your account accountability partners a little bit easier. 

But community is just so incredibly important. I can’t even stress enough how much I gained from having that community and still gain to this day, right? You might find people to be on, you know, your podcast, or you can go on other people’s podcasts.

You might find people who you can do kind of audience swaps. There are so many opportunities out there to find those synergies. If you go into it and decide, I’m going to put the effort into connecting, I highly, highly, highly recommend it. 

Okay, number two, hidden benefit. This one’s kind of hidden. It’s kind of something that she talks about, but I think that I really want to stress how helpful this is. The tech library and all the different templates and things that you get. This isn’t just a course where you’re watching video where she’s telling you what to do and then you have to go do it. There is that, but she gives so much in terms of templates, swipe, copy, right? 

Tech tutorials that are literally step by step where I would sit there and I’d be trying to connect one system to another. And I am not a tech person, y’all, if you followed me, you know, I say that a lot. It’s hilarious that I have an online business. Like I still laugh thinking about that for as non-tech savvy as I generally always considered myself to be.

But when you have the right tools, when you have the recipe to follow, right? It’s like, okay, if you say you can’t cook, can you follow a recipe? If you get the recipe from Amy Porterfield in her tech library, it is so helpful to just be able to do step one, then step two, then step three, and all of a sudden you’ve done something you never thought you could do.

So there are so many things like that within DCA. It’s not just education, it’s tools. So there was also templates for sales pages and webinars and things like that, that you could just lift and shift and customize to yourself without having to start from scratch. I can’t tell you the amount of time that I saved by having that I, I can’t even quantify it.

Like people will ask me that. And I, I literally cannot quantify the amount of time that those things saved me. And I hadn’t even really considered that that much when I was making the decision to join. Right? So that’s something to highly consider. How much is your time worth and how much is that trying to figure things out, getting frustrated, ending up giving up, walking away, right? 

How much is it worth to you to have a roadmap to have some of this already done that you just need to customize and tweak it. You don’t have to start from square one. I can’t even, you know, tell you enough how much time savings that is. Hundreds of hours, easily. 

Okay, moving on. Third, hidden benefit of joining DCA and that is getting to watch a master at work. Amy Porterfield has made over $85 million in revenue off of digital courses in the last 14 years.

She knows what she’s doing, and you get to see how she delivers a program. How does she set everything up? What does she include? How does she make sure that her community is really loved and supported? Right? What does that look like? You get kind of that inside seat on how to set something up and how to put on a super successful course that helps tons and tons of people.

And you can take that and package and take the things that you like, maybe get rid of the things that you don’t like, but it is such a great thing to be able to see her actually do the things she’s teaching you to do. It’s a little bit like meta, it’s a little inception, but you’re literally watching her do it. And there is so much value in that.

So not only is she teaching you by giving you content, she’s also teaching you by showing you, this is how you deliver a course, right? This is how you actually set this up. This is what it looks like from a user perspective. And I have used that perspective so much. So even if there were things that I didn’t like about what she did or things that I really liked, I picked and chose. 

I don’t know the things that fit for me and for my business based on what she did. And it was instrumental to the success in my course launches and why my students love it. Because from the get go, I was watching the master, I was picking the things that I thought, okay, this is how you overdeliver. This is how you make people successful. How you encourage people. This is how you run live q and as. Right? This is how you can do this and really help your students as much as possible.

 So you get to watch her do the thing she’s teaching you how to do. Okay? The fourth And now the fourth and final hidden benefit, and I’m sure there are so many more I’ll probably think of some as soon as I finish recording this video. But those were the things that were most impactful to me. 

And the fourth one is the bonuses. Holy cow. Okay, Amy, first and foremost, packs packs this course full of extra bonuses. So she has her core content, that’s the stuff to really focus on for the creation and the launching of your digital course. But she has bonuses in there, depending on when and how you sign up and things like that, you might have different bonuses. So I won’t go into all of them. But some of the things that are often in there are things like list building bonuses, right?

Things like Facebook ads, bonuses, things like, I mean, there’s just all kinds of things within there. She’ll give you, again, additional templates for figuring out how to and what to put on social media. There are so many different bonuses that she puts into this program that are so beneficial. And here’s my plug, right? You knew it was coming ’cause I’m an affiliate, but you can also buy through an affiliate for the extra cost of nothing. Okay? It costs you absolutely nothing to buy through an affiliate. And then you get all of their bonuses too. Okay? 

And depending on who you buy from, they’re going to supplement with what makes sense for them, right? For me, I am a finance person, so of course some of my bonuses really focus around that. How do you make sure you have a profitable first launch, right? That is the key. We want to be profitable from the get go. And this is one of those types of businesses, which amazingly, you can do that, right?

Some businesses you have to wait a year, two years to actually be profitable. That is not the case with a digital course business if you have the right tools to help you. Okay? So that is of course gonna be part of my bonus program is stuff around finances. But there’s more than just that.

So let me tell you a little bit about my bonuses. I’m super excited about them. These are the best ones we’ve ever offered. If you’re watching this after DCA closes for 2023, they can and probably will change. So go check out our bonuses, make sure to get on our wait list, go to https://jamietrull.com/dca . If DCA is open, you’ll be able to see all our current bonuses. If DCA is not open, you’ll be able to join our wait list so that you’re the first to know what our bonuses are the next time we open. But we’re so pumped about the bonuses this year. This is by far the best package we’ve ever offered. It’s over $1,800 worth of value for free.

Y’all okay? For free. Don’t join without an affiliate. It’s really, really important to find an affiliate that you really resonate with and you think is gonna be able to help you get to the finish line. So that is the goal of our bonus offering. My bonus offering has three Cs associated with it, okay? So you can go check out everything again on that page https://jamietrull.com/dca , assuming that DCA is open right now when you’re watching this. 

But my 2023 bonus package is C number one, cashflow. We’re gonna give you all the templates, all the templates for budgeting, for your course launch, for tracking your metrics, for if you wanna do Facebook ads, how do you determine how much to spend on that? We’re gonna give you all of it.

So we want you to be profitable, we wanna help you project your profitability, to project your cashflow. You’re gonna get all of that, including all of the tutorials for how to use those templates in this course. Okay? So that’s the profitable launch playbook. You’re gonna get that for me, it is worth at least $500 at least. I would probably sell it for more if I were actually going to sell it.

But it is super, super valuable and has been totally redone for this current year. Now C number two, as part of our bonus experience is connection. I talked about that when we talked about how important community is and how much value I got from community. I want to help turbocharge that. So DCA is big. There’s a lot of people in it.

There will be thousands of people just to, just to warn you, there will be, and that’s a great community to be active in. But if you’re more of an introvert or if you’re just like, you know what? I would rather have a smaller group that I feel a little bit more comfortable, you know, maybe speaking out a little bit more, talking more, connecting a little bit more easily. That’s what we’re gonna have. Our community is expected to be under a hundred people. So it’ll still be enough that there’s a lot of people to connect with, but it won’t be so big that it’s overwhelming and we’re gonna have mixers. So it’s almost like speed dating.

If you wanna find an accountability group or an accountability member in that, then that can really help with that. You can meet other people, other course creators that way, maybe find some friendships, maybe find some affiliate partnerships, things like that through this group. And we’re gonna do two happy hours. I love happy hours. One of them is gonna focus on AI.

We’re gonna do some playing around in AI and how you can use it to really help you get this done. And then we’re also gonna have a tax and legal happy hour with Autumn Whitt Boyd, who is my lawyer, also Amy Porterfield’s lawyer who’s gonna come in and we’re gonna chat all things tax and all things legal, but in a fun way and with the beverage of your choice.

So we’re really excited people love our happy hours. It’s a lot of fun. And you’ll have that community, that Facebook community to connect with people as well. So we’re super excited about the connection bonuses, and that is one of the things that people really love about this bonus program. 

And the third C, this is the big one, y’all. This is coaching. This is the first time we have offered this with this program. You will have one-to-one access to me via the Voxer app on your phone, alright? All throughout DCA throughout the eight to nine weeks of DCA. You are gonna have access to me to bounce your ideas off of ask questions to, right? If you’re stuck on, you know, your course topic or the content or your course promise or anything like that that you’re trying to work through and you want some, you know, one-to-one feedback on, that’s what I’m here for. 

I’m gonna be doing Voxer office hours. We can do voice text, we can do text, whatever you wanna do back and forth so that I can help you make progress. I think that is one thing. Obviously DCA is big. Amy can’t do that. She can’t hold your hand through it, but I can. We’re gonna have a small enough group that I really want your success. I want to be able to help you. Get to know what you’re doing.

I want to hear about your courses, give feedback and be there to encourage you. 

I think that is critical to being able to have success in this program and something that I wish that I had had, and that was something thankfully I was able to find in other ways. But this bonus program, right here is going to give you all a that, okay? You’re going to have some handholding if you want it. 

Some ability to ask those questions of someone who has been there, done that. My business has generated over $2 million, mostly in course sales over the last couple of years. So I’ve done it. I am by no means an expert on all things digital courses, but I am someone who has been there and done those things. So I would love to help guide you through that process so you can get insights and hopefully not make some of the same mistakes that I did.

So if you’re interested in finding out more about DCA, more about my bonuses, definitely start by going to https://jamietrull.com/dca . Depending on when you’re watching this, it might be open, it might not. If it’s not, please join the wait list so that you find out what the bonuses are next time. And if you have questions about DCA, whether it’s right for you, if you have questions about my bonuses, email us at [email protected]

We are standing by to help you. I want to give you personalized guidance. I want you to make the best decision for you. Note that I have other content that goes more into DCA and who’s right for it. The video I did last week was all about who’s right and who’s not, because not everyone is right for DCA

So please go watch that too. If you’re on the fence. I think that’s really important. You wanna make the best decision for you. But for those that know this is right for them, for those that are super excited about the idea of of putting a course into action and are ready to really start that journey,

I would love for you to come with me on it. I wanna be right there with you as you do it. So thanks for being here. Please make sure to like and subscribe. It really helps my channel, it helps support me as a small business owner, and I really appreciate it and I’ll see you next time.

Learn more about my bonuses and join the DCA waitlist here: https://jamietrull.com/dca 

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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