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Sell online courses with Digital Course Academy’s Amy P.

June 14, 2023

Are you ready to create and sell online courses?

Ready to embark on an exciting journey to sell online courses and inspire others?

Imagine a world where your expertise could reach hundreds, thousands, even millions. 

A place where your digital products and insights become the guiding light for others. 

That’s right, you’re on the verge of creating a successful digital course! 

This is more than just a project, this is your chance to inspire, engage, and revolutionize learning. 

So let’s dive in, and remember, every great journey begins with a single step!

In this article, DCA Alumni Jamie Trull sits down with digital course curriculum creator and marketing guru Amy Porterfield to ask all the questions everyone wants to know.

Things like, how to choose an online course platform? And does Amy think anyone can create an online course? And is a course a smart edition to an existing online business? 

This Q&A-style blog post has been summarized from their full video interview.

To listen to the interview scroll to the end of the post to listen in and get a few more bonus secrets from Amy Porterfield.

Amy spills all the beans on her secrets to success as a digital course content creator, including how to launch a course over and over again and the impact it can have on both your life AND your bank account.

Q: What is your absolute favorite thing about selling online courses?

A: I love the time financial and lifestyle freedom that a course gives you.

It allows you to put the work and time and effort and love into creating an asset that you can launch over and over again.

You’re not reinventing the wheel, which means that you’re going to get more time and space for creativity.

You’re not going to hit that financial ceiling because you have an opportunity to make more money with the same course over and over again.

Q: What is your least favorite part about creating online courses?

A: Not being able to constantly change the course.

When you love to create the course, waiting to change it until the next time you launch it can sometimes get to you.

Q: What is it that makes for a successful digital course creator? Like what’s one trait you have seen or one thing that successful digital course creators have in common?

A: The difference between a successful digital course creator and a course creator that doesn’t launch or make money is that a successful digital course creator is willing to just get started even though they don’t know all the answers.

It’s a mindset thing, but it’s this idea that I know I’m not guaranteed success.

I don’t know how it’s all going to come together, but I’m gonna do it anyway.

So knowing that they just get started and it’s usually from courage, not confidence.

Confidence comes with success. But they just do it because their why is bigger than their fear.

Q: Can you share an example of someone who started with courage and overcame their fear to become a successful digital course creator?

A: Sure, Jamie.

You’re a perfect example of someone who had the courage to get started even though you were scared.

You didn’t want to be tied to your desk on the phone with clients every single day knowing you can only make so much money and you only had so much time.

It was that desire, that “why” you had to get clear about, that drove you to create your successful digital course.

Q: What about when things don’t work out? How do successful digital course creators handle failure?

A: When something doesn’t work out, successful digital course creators get back up and they do it again.

In some of my success stories, their first launch was not a success.

In my first launch, I made a whopping $267 and cried for a week.

So they’re willing to get back up.

It’s rare that we’re just going to succeed straight out the gate at something.

And if we just decide, well I guess I’m not meant to do this anymore, what could have been?

Q: What do you see in people who try to launch a course and are not successful?

A: The first thing I see is that people don’t validate their idea.

You have to make sure that you’re not just creating a course because you want to, but because you have something that you can sell in a course.

Anyone can create a digital course as long as they have gotten results for themselves or for their clients/customers and are willing to show the roadmap of how they got it.

But you need to validate your idea with your audience and understand their struggles, needs, and wants.

This is where course calls come in handy. [Listen here to Amy’s Validation Call Episode 280 of Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast– Fun fact this was the first time that I and Amy ever met!] 

Another reason people fail is that they don’t put enough effort into marketing.

You can’t just post on social media and hope that people will buy your course.

You’ll need to have a marketing vehicle such as a sales page, webinar, challenge, or Facebook Lives leading up to the launch. You need to sell and sell more than once, with multiple emails and social media posts.

You have to treat it as a campaign.

Q: What’s the blueprint for creating and launching a successful digital course?

A: Digital Course Academy (DCA) is my blueprint for creating and launching a successful digital online course marketplace.

DCA not only teaches you how to create a digital course but also how to market it.

You need to have a way to sell your course, and webinars are an effective way to do that.

Webinars may be foreign to people who have never done them before, but I teach them slide by slide to get it all locked in.

The Key Takeaways To Create An Online Course

Remember the secrets to becoming a successful digital and course content creator are having the courage to get started, being driven by a strong why, and being willing to get back up when things don’t work out.

Failure is a part of the process, but it’s how we handle it that sets us apart.

With these insights from Amy Porterfield, you too can become a successful digital course creator.

If you’re looking for more secrets to success in the digital course creation world, look no further than Amy Porterfield.

She’s a pro at launching to sell courses online and teaching others how to do the same, and she’s not afraid to spill all the beans on what it takes to succeed.

Grab all my resources to online entrepreneurs and course creators at https://jamietrull.com/amy

If you decide that Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield is the right next step for you, consider using my Affiliate Link to enroll in her DCA program!

That way you can grab all of my ah-mazing bonuses, Amy’s Program PLUS all of Amy Porterfield’s Bonuses too! It is a win-win! 

Now for what you have been waiting for click the play button below to hear even more of Amy’s secrets and learn from the Online Marketing Made Easy Queen herself!

Looking for my most recent review of Digital Course Academy? Check it out for 2023 here.


Spilling the Secrets of Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Success

Please excuse any grammatical and spelling errors below as this is a transcript of the video and has not been fully edited.

Hi friends. I’m Jamie Trull, a CPA and I’m a numbers nerd. 

I’m also a business owner, but I have a slightly different type of business model than maybe a lot of the other CPAs that you’re used to. I actually teach finances online. 

I teach business owners financial literacy and profit strategy to help them in their businesses. But this is not always what I did.

My Story: The Journey To My First Online Course

Previous to this, I was in the corporate world for a Fortune 500 company for a long time. 

And then I went out on my own and I was actually a Fractional CFO where I was working directly with businesses to help them with their finances. 

And then I decided after working myself like crazy and not feeling like I was really getting paid what I was worth, that it was time for a different type of business. 

And that is when I found Amy Porterfield. So if you don’t know Amy Porterfield, you guys need to know Amy Porterfield.

She is the queen of online marketing and digital courses. 

So she taught me how to create and market a digital course that could actually replace, and at this 0.5 x my old corporate salary.

And we’re only going up from here. 

So I’m really, really excited to introduce you to her. 

If you already know her, then you know she’s made tens of millions of dollars launching online courses and teaching other people how to do the same thing. 

I get to sit down and have a little bit of a happy hour chat with her and ask her all the secrets that you guys want to know.

What We Are Talking About Today: Online Course Creation

So, of course, we talk about the secrets of online courses and what makes somebody successful at it, but we also delved a little bit into some more fun secrets as well.

So make sure you watch the video and make sure that you also go check out https://jamietrull.com/amy if you’re interested in finding all the resources that could help you become a digital course creator too.

Cheers All Around: Let’s Chat About Creating Courses

Cheers, everybody. 

All right, well I think we first need to start off by cheers. 

Okay, Perfect. Cheers! Ooh, I’m excited. Wine and chatting. Yep. 

We’re just gonna have some, you know, some, some girl talk. We’ve got a charcuterie board over here. Okay. So this is a special board though.

Oh yes. This is a special charcuterie board. A

nd I should give a shout-out to Corrine from Wilco Wine and Cheese. 

Who made this shout? This is not an ad. Hashtag is not an ad. 

But this is a Tennessee-themed charcuterie board because Miss Amy Porterfield here has recently moved to my home state of Tennessee. Yes. So there’s a lot, there’s moonshine.

Just for the record, if you get it, that’s The end of the video. 

Okay, got it. 

I was Like, when is that happening? 

And lots of goodies in here. 

And Jamie, you’re kind of the fun part about moving to Tennessee. 

I didn’t know a lot of people. You’re one of the few people I knew and Jamie took me out right away.

Got me margaritas, of course. 


So she just gives me liquor and it tends to be extra fun. 

That’s Generally my goal. 

It tends to work pretty well. 

So I’m just gonna keep doing that. 

Perfect. Now I got you some Tennessee wines. 

Great. This is good. We got, we got all the things. All the things we need.

Okay. So talking about, before we get into all the fun of digital courses, which we are going to talk about of of course, because you are the guru of digital courses. 

Let’s talk a little bit about Tennessee.

How do you like living here in Tennessee?

What’s your favorite thing about living in Tennessee? Okay. My favorite thing would be the people.

The people here are incredibly nice. 

Like everybody is nice to us and we love that. So that’s number one. 


And I think number two is you look around and every, like right now, especially, everything’s green. 

Yes. And lush and beautiful. Yeah. 

Very different from California. It’s just a different landscape. And so we really love it.

And we’ve got a little land in our backyard and there’s deer all the time. Because we feed them. Yes. So they come. 

So we’ve got deer, we’ve got little land and it’s green and I love that. 

Just wait for the snakes. The snakes. Okay. So I’ll be going back to California. 

So nice to see you guys.

What’s your, what’s your, wait, when do snakes come? What? 

I mean they’re around all the time. Just, you know, wait to see All Day. 

So, because the theme of this video is spilling your secrets…

What’s your least favorite thing about Tennessee?

Okay. The humidity is just about gonna kill me. 

Yeah, it’s awful. 

I mean, especially coming from California, I walk outside and I’m like, I can’t breathe. 

So am I going to get used to the humidity? No. Okay. No, it’s always, well it goes a little bit better. 

I’ll drink to that. You just end up using a lot more hairspray. 

Like I have, I never used to be a hairspray person and I have a lot in this.

We’re locked in here. We’re locked In. Yep. Absolutely. 

Well, I am glad you’re here for one cuz we can actually sit down and do this. I know, person. 

So fun with some wine And cheese. Like, what is better than this? 

This good. I Love it. I’m so excited. Okay. 

So today Amy, let’s talk a little bit about digital courses. Shall we?

What Makes Amy So Qualified to Talk about Digital Courses?

Let’s talk about it. Let’s do it. 

Is there anything you wanna Share? A few things. 

All right. So let’s get into some of these secrets. 

Some of the things that people wanna know from you, so I know I would love to know, is what is your absolute favorite thing about being a digital course creator?

Ooh, I like this question. 

So I often say that yes, I teach digital courses and it’s, it’s not that I’m obsessed with digital courses. 

I’m obsessed with what digital courses can do for your business in your life. 

And you’ve experienced this, I’ve experienced this. So I always talk about this idea of freedom.

What does Freedom With Your Own Online Course Look Like?

This idea is that when you have a digital course, you put the work and time and effort, and love into creating this asset, you get to launch it over and over and over again. 

So you’re not reinventing the wheel, which means that you’re going to get more time in space, in time for creativity. 

And you’re not gonna hit that financial ceiling because you have an opportunity to make more money with the same online course creation over and over again.

So I love the time financial and lifestyle freedom that a course gives to you. 

And I am, I live only what I teach. Like I live that financial, I mean that freedom. And I see my students do it all the time.

Yep. And I can attest to that a hundred percent. That’s my favorite thing too, is just the freedom that it gives you is so amazing.

And the impact that you can have too. Right? 

Oh, I mean, so true. 

A lot of my students aren’t about the money, they’re about the impact on other people’s lives. 

They tell me this all the time and they, they say, not only do I get to impact so many more lives with my course than I could with one-on-one.

Freedom after serving 1-1 Clients vs. An Online Target Audience

Yeah. Because you know, you’re, when you do one-on-one, you could only serve so many people. 


So they say, not only do I get to impact lives, but then I get to spend the money on helping those that I want to help and serve. 

And I love that. Yep. 

That was my story from two years ago, right? At the time, like almost to the day. Yes. 

That’s crazy. That’s, we gotta talk for the first time. 

And that was my story entirely was I, I was doing one-to-one services and I did love that business. 

But the impact was, you know, only the, a certain number of people at one time. 

I could only take so many clients, and then I was kind of burning myself out doing the dollars-for-hour thing and having something that was more scalable that could impact thousands at this point.

Which is crazy to say, crazy to say two years later, you know, thousands of people and you tens of thousands. Right? Yes. 

Like that that has got to feel good. So amazing.

It does. Yeah. I agree. Okay, so then, so that’s, that’s an easy one. It’s An easy one. Now the harder one…

What is your least favorite part about being a digital course creator?

Ooh, that’s a good Question. We get real here. Yes. I’ve never been to this Happy hour. We gotta get real. Yes.

So my least favorite thing. Okay. 

One thing that’s hard about creating digital courses, especially when you love to create the course and I tell me if you’ve experienced this, you create the course. 

And my motto is, you create one course and then you launch it over and over and over again so you’re not reinventing the wheel. 

But when you launch your first online course and then let’s say a few weeks later you realize something that you really want to change in the course.

Has this happened to you? You’re like, Ooh, I don’t like how I taught it that way. 

Or like, sometimes I’ll teach social media and my courses, and then social media changes and I’m like, ah. 

So my discipline is to wait to change the new course, till the next time I launch it. But waiting can sometimes just really get to me.

So not being able to constantly change the course because you shouldn’t constantly change your course. Right. Right. 

What’s the point then? Yeah. Yeah. It slows you down. 

And if it’s vital of course, but if it can wait, you wanna wait. 

But yeah, not being able to always tinker with it kind of gets me. 

Well, and that’s how I, I’m glad you say that because I have felt that way and my team has to, now I have a team. 

I didn’t used to have a team so I would just tinker. Yes. 

Until I was blue in the face. And now that I have a team, they’re like, no, no, no, we need, it’s fine Jamie. 

And because usually it is.

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Digital Course Creation

I finish a course, I feel amazing about it for like a week. 

I’m like, this is the most amazing thing that has ever been created on the planet Earth and everyone needs to take it. 

And then like the next week, I’m like, oh, I wish I had said this a little bit differently. 

I wish I had done this a little bit differently.

And I automatically, then I go into this spiraling of You about it. Yeah. And I think we all do that. 

We all want an A+ course. Yeah. And something I’ve learned from one of my friends, you know Brooke Castillo, she says like, go for the B minus work. 

I can’t do B minus but I can go for B plus.

Letting Go of Perfection In Your Course Material

I was gonna say, I don’t think your work is, I cannot do it, but I can go for B plus. 

Meaning it’s never gonna be perfect, but I can always work on it slowly each time I launch. 

Well, I love what you teach too, which is repeat and refine. You don’t need 700 digital courses. 

Because I, started and I was like, well I want a course about this and then I’m gonna do an offshoot course and I already had seven courses planned and you were like, let’s start with one, let’s just do one. 

Let’s do one. Yes. And then decide where we go from there. I’m like okay. You know, Love thinks that’s how that’s how we get. Yeah. Okay. So then talking about, you know, a lot of people try to do digital courses these days, right?

Yeah. Like that’s a thing. Now I think that people are aware of the impact of it. Many people have now taken a digital course, which probably wasn’t the case really five years ago. Right.

Right. Now, now people are aware of them.

What is it that makes for a successful digital course creator?

Like what’s one trait you have seen or one thing that successful digital course creators have in common? 

Okay, can I give two? Of course. Okay. 

So the first thing, the difference between a successful digital course creator and a course creator that doesn’t launch, and doesn’t make money is that a successful digital course creator is willing to just get started even though they don’t know all the answers. 

Yeah. So it’s, it’s a mindset thing, but it’s this idea that I know I’m not guaranteed success. 

I don’t know how it’s all going to come together, but I’m gonna do it anyway. So I have hundreds and hundreds of success stories,

Jamie is one from Digital Course Academy and Jamie. 

Would you agree with this? Because I can say this about all my other success stories. 

When you first created your course, did you say, I know this is gonna be a huge success? I

 am gonna make bank with this, I’m gonna change lives. This is definitely going to work. Not even a little bit.

Right? A little bit.

Success Stories From Digital Course Academy

So one, all my success stories never start out saying this is totally gonna work. 

I’ve got it in the back until Someone buys it. 

You’re like, hopefully, someone is gonna buy this, and I hope it’s not my mom. 

Like I hope it’s a real customer. So every course creator fills that in the beginning.

Yeah. So knowing that they are successful course creators just get started. 

They just do it. And it’s usually from courage, not confidence. 

Cuz confidence comes with success. 

But they just, and usually here’s the secret, they do it because their why is bigger than their fear. 

They want something they don’t have. And they know digital courses will get them closer to that.

Like you, yes. 

You didn’t wanna be tied to your desk on the phone with clients every single day knowing you can only make so much money and you only had so much time. 

So it’s that desire that why you have to get clear about. So that’s number one. 

And then the other thing about a successful digital course creator is when something doesn’t work out, they get back up and they do it again. 

And so some of my success stories, their first launch was not a success.

Amy Porterfield’s first Digital Course Brought Her to Tears

In my first launch, I made a whopping $267 and cried for a week. 

So I would never be here today with over eight successful digital courses, and over 40 million in successful online course sales. 

If that first launch, if I said I’m not cut out for this.

So they’re willing to get back up. I think that is, that is so, so true. 

I love the idea of your courage being greater than your fear, right? Yes. 

Like you have more courage than you have fear. Or at least overcoming that fear. Cuz I definitely am a recovering perfectionist Oh, right here. Yeah. 

Which is, which is the, the exact, like it was just fear, right?

And you just have to kind of do it anyway. Yes. 

You’re not gonna all of a sudden wake-up and be like, oh no, this is easy and I’m not scared anymore. 

And oh you’re terrified and you to keep taking those steps and then you’re right. Right?

When Does Success with a Digital Course Happen?

Success often comes on the other side of failure. 

It’s rare that we’re just gonna succeed straight out the gate at something. 

And if we just decide, well I guess I’m not meant to do this anymore. Right. You know what, what could have been Right? 

What could have been so true? That’s what I always think about. So I love that.

Yeah, absolutely. 

So okay then flip side of that, right? Of course.

 What is it then that you see? And probably kind of similar themes I would guess, but…

What is it that you see in people who maybe try to launch a course and aren’t successful?

Okay. That kind of is common. Yes. Okay. So the first thing I see.

I’m gonna get a little tactical now. 

Not just make it about success, I mean mindset, but more tactical. 

Yeah. And the first thing I see is that people don’t validate their idea. 

So this is a big one. 

So you have to make sure that you, it’s just not that you wanna create a course. 

Now let’s back up a little bit.

Who can create a digital course?

Anyone can create an online course or a digital course because you just need to have gotten results for yourself or for your clients or customers or somebody else. 

And you’re willing to show the roadmap of how you got it. Yep. 

We’ve all gotten results for ourselves or for somebody else in our personal life or business. So you have something that you can sell in a course.

So let’s say you think about it. Okay, so in my personal life I’ve done really well with Airbnbs. 

I know how to choose the right place, put it together, and market it right? 

I’ve made really good money with it. It’s a side hustle. But I do good with Airbnbs so I could teach that in a course for sure. Yeah, it’s a great course.

Why Talking To Prospective Customers Is So Important for Digital Course Creators

But now we need to go to the audience you wanna serve and ask them where they struggle with this. 

Have they ever bought anything else related to how to do a successful Airbnb? 

Where do they get their information from? 

What do they want? 

And really understand the people you wanna serve. 

I call them course calls, you know, course calls.

Yeah. I actually did a podcast with Jamie as a course call before she was a client.

I did totally just remember that before Jamie ever was in my course and I knew she was an ideal customer of mine.

 And so I wanted to show what a course call looked like. 

So Jamie got on my podcast and I interviewed her just as you could interview your potential customers, learned what she needed and wanted and took that information back to help shape my own course.

So that’s what you need to do. 

You need to validate that most people that don’t have a successful course have not validated, here’s another one. 

They don’t actually, people that don’t have success with their first launch, let’s say, they don’t really put a big effort into the marketing.

So I teach people how to do webinars and there’s a lot of people that like, whoa, webinars.

That’s scary. I’ve never done one. 

What if the technology doesn’t work? What if I don’t know how to do it? 

Whatever. All of that comes up for all of us when we do something new. 

But you have to have a marketing vehicle.

It’s not enough to post on social media and email marketing and say, I’ve got a course if you wanna buy it, come on over here. 

Doesn’t work that way. 

You wanna do a webinar or maybe a challenge or Facebook lives leading up to this? 

You have to sell and sell more than once. You’ll have to send multiple emails and post on social multiple times. It’s a campaign.


And so if you really treat it as one and all of us can do it without a lot of bells and whistles, it makes a huge difference. 

Yeah. I think that’s, that is so, so, so true. I didn’t know. 

So you know, most, most people in my audience know I took Digital Course Academy, that is how I connected with you, which is basically your blueprint for you know, here’s how to go create online courses and launch.

And that’s what I love. 

It’s not just like, here’s how to create a digital course. It’s the other part of it, which I didn’t even know I needed cause I was so stuck up, I was so stuck on the right. 

The tech is confusing, and what do I even, you know, write my course about and how do I do it versus even getting to the point of thinking, but how am I gonna even sell courses on it? Right. 

I hadn’t even reached that in my head to know I needed it. And then I got into DCA and I’m like, oh my gosh. Like I had no idea how much I needed this part of it.

How do you get people to buy a digital course?

I love that because I think what just made all the difference was having a way to sell it. 

And I think right now we have, there’s a lot of course creators out there trying or wanna be course creators who are creating things. Yes. 

But then they’re like, how, how do you get people to buy it? It’s so true. You know, and you have got to have that vehicle. And webinars are a fantastic fantastically effective way to sell digital products.

So fantastic. Yeah. Like you’ve done so well with your webinars and I teach people because webinars are a little bit foreign to people who’ve never done it before. 

So I’ll teach them as you know, slide by slide by slide by slide to get it all locked in. And I think that’s important.

What Makes Course Creators Successful?

That’s another thing between successful digital course creators and those who do not have success, whether you learn from me or somebody else, learn from somebody who is willing to teach you how to do it. 

They have gone before you and they’ll be your guide. 

When I worked for Tony Robbins, that was like one of the biggest lessons I took that if you ever wanna be successful in any area of your life, find someone who’s done it and who’s willing to give you their roadmap or guide on how they’ve done it so that you don’t have to stumble your way and guess your way through the whole thing. 

Yeah. Who has time for that? Right.

And I’m scrappy by nature, so like I’m always the person that’s like, I can figure it out and like that might be you that you’re like, I don’t need a course. 

Like I can figure it out. I saved so much time, so much energy, so much like failed launch time. Yes. I’m sure. So much mind junk just by being able to go through your course and also with other people who are going through it. Yes. 

And you show up answering questions like it was so, so, so beneficial to have a guide through that process and not get lost in like 17 dif different Directions. I love that. Right? Yeah.

Let’s just kind of fast-track this so that you can start serving the people you want to serve versus stumbling through…

Let’s get to the end game as fast as we can. How Do I do this?

Absolutely. Absolutely. 

So hopefully everybody, if you’re thinking about creating a digital course, and I know she said you can learn from anybody, don’t learn from anybody. 

I’ll tell you I’m a little bit biased, but you should learn from Amy for sure. But now, so let’s skip cuz we gotta get to some of the char, Right? 

And like We can’t, we can’t really eat while we’re, so I’m kinda eyeing this. We need to get some Jack Daniels going, I dunno. Yes. But so my last question cuz we’re spilling Amy’s secrets today?

What is totally uncourse creation related? 

Okay. What’s yours, you look scared. I am. I’m like, what is she going to ask for? Take a sip. Amy, take a sip. Hold on. What is this about? It’s not too bad, I promise.


What’s your favorite guilty pleasure activity?

Like when you just wanna do something for you, what are you gonna do? 

Okay, so it’s trash TV for sure. Yes. And here’s what’s so funny about, my guilty pleasure. I haven’t gotten to do it a lot.

So long story short, when we moved from California to Tennessee, my husband was a San Diego firefighter and retired, I don’t really talk about this a lot. 

But he was able to retire because the business I have does well. 

And quite honestly, moving to Tennessee with different taxes we’re like, this could work and fire fighting’s hard on your body.

Freedom for the Family

So my point is, he got to retire at a young age and it’s been amazing and wonderful but, as a firefighter, you’re not home every other night. 

It’s 24 on 24 off. So every other night I watched trash TV at night, just do like, I’m talking Real Housewives, any reality show, whatever it might be. Real Housewives is my favorite.

New York is my favorite. 

So now he’s home every night and I’m like, you need to go away for a while cuz he will not Not watch it. No. He’s like, why are they yelling at each other the whole show? 

I love it. So I haven’t gotten my guilty pleasure a lot lately. Oh no, I’ll get back to you.

Come on. Yeah, I know. Well, I get kind of some of that now because I, I told you this earlier, my husband, I won’t say necessarily retired, but he’s taking a hiatus right now. 

That’s right. The fantastic thing about that is because of my digital course business which is working really well. You’re okay. 

It’s been, it’s been really great and he has been, it’s been great having him around. But yes, there are moments like that where I’m like, don’t you have somewhere to be right now? 

I gotta do a podcast. We Love them dearly, but like every day, like yeah, every day is a lot. Every day is a lot. 

Oh, that’s so good. Too good. Too good.

How to get started with a digital course

Okay, well let’s give a quick cheers. Cheers to You and then cheers to you Amy.

And if you guys wanna learn more about creating digital courses, I wanna make sure you go get all the information. I’ve compiled all the things that you need to know.

All of Amy’s great resources and my own are at https://jamietrull.com/amy.

So go there right now, check out everything, there are so many great things to get you started and get you really moving on your journey to create your digital course.

So thanks for joining us.


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