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Profit First: My Love/Hate Relationship

Hobby Loss Rule - Side Hustlers Beware

Wondering about S Corp Tax Deadlines for 2023 because you’re thinking about forming an S Corp? We’ve got your back. With the Jamie Trull team on your side, you can hit the ground running with your business and make sure you’re doing it right. We aim to bring an extra dose of innovation to the […]

S Corp

S Corp Tax Deadlines 2023 Approaching Fast: Mark Your Calendar!

Business tax deadlines you need to know for filing your federal income tax and S Corp tax deadlines.

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The life of an entrepreneur is full of exciting and rewarding challenges.  One such challenge many have to grapple with is calculating a reasonable compensation for their S Corporation business!  Let’s discuss what the IRS looks out for when it comes to getting your figures just right, as well as the considerations you should keep […]

S Corp

What is a Reasonable Salary for an S Corp?

Let's take a look at your business income and other factors to determine whether you should file as an S corporation.

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How to accurately determine if S Corp tax savings will apply to you One of the most common topics I’m asked about as a CPA relates to WHEN it makes sense to become an S Corp.  There is a lot of incorrect information out there on this topic, so I’m going to provide some tips […]

S Corp

Most S corp tax calculator methods are wrong! [Do This Instead!]

S corporation tax calculator helps you understand reasonable salary requirements for S corps.

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