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How Digital Course Academy Transformed My Business & Life

September 22, 2021

Discover how Digital Course Academy with Amy Porterfield completely revolutionized my business, allowing me to achieve unprecedented growth and impact. Two years ago, I made the decision to transition from one-on-one work to a scalable business model, and it was the best choice I ever made.

From One-on-One to Scalable Success: My Digital Course Academy Experience

By creating and selling digital courses, I not only increased my business income by more than 10 times but also reached a vast number of people with my knowledge and expertise. Instead of being limited to a handful of clients, I was able to help thousands through my courses and provide valuable assistance, even for free.

Embracing the Digital Revolution: How Amy Porterfield’s Program Transformed My Business

Initially, I was unsure if this path was right for me. I questioned whether every business could benefit from this approach. However, I soon realized that if you have a skill, knowledge, or experience that can be taught to others, there is immense potential in the digital course space. Whether you’re an ice cream shop owner who can teach others to start their own shop or a lawyer offering legal guidance, there are opportunities waiting to be explored.

A Roadmap to Success: My Transformational Story with Digital Course Academy

Digital Course Academy became my guiding light during this transformative journey. Not only did it provide a blueprint for creating and marketing courses, but it also helped me understand the crucial aspects of selling online. Through Amy Porterfield’s expert guidance, I learned how to scale my business, attract the right audience, and generate consistent revenue.

Building Connections, Sharing Experiences: The Impact of Digital Course Academy

The impact of Digital Course Academy goes beyond just the program itself. It opened doors to an incredible network of like-minded individuals, both fellow students and successful course creators. Building connections, sharing experiences, and collaborating with others in the community became an invaluable part of my growth and success.

Financial Independence and Meaningful Impact: My Journey with Digital Course Academy

This journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From being featured as a success story on Amy’s podcast to forming a genuine friendship with my mentor, Amy Porterfield, my life and business have undergone a complete transformation. Financial independence, the freedom to choose my projects, and the joy of making a meaningful impact are now my everyday reality.

Unlocking Opportunities: Explore Digital Course Academy for Your Business

If you’ve been contemplating a similar shift in your business, I encourage you to explore Digital Course Academy. It’s not just about the potential financial gains, but also about gaining the knowledge and tools to build a scalable, profitable, and fulfilling business. I can vouch for the life-changing impact this program can have, as it has done for me.

Join Me on the Journey: Unlock Bonuses and Enroll in Digital Course Academy

I am excited to share my journey, experiences, and valuable bonuses with you. Visit https://jamietrull.com/dca to learn more and unlock over $1,300 worth of bonuses when you enroll through my referral link. Take this opportunity to invest in your business and embark on a transformative path toward success.

It’s Never Too Late: Let Digital Course Academy Be Your Guiding Light

Remember, it’s never too late to pursue your passion, share your expertise, and make a profound impact on the lives of others. Let Digital Course Academy be your guiding light on this exciting journey of growth and fulfillment.

*This video was recorded on September 22nd, 2021 and some of the information has since changed or may not be currently available. Read the latest blog about my Digital Course Academy Review here from 2023 with new updates. And visit my Course Cretor Resources Page here to find the most recent resources for you https://jamietrull.com/coursecreation 

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The following is a direct transcript that has been lightly edited. Please forgive any errors and misspellings. 

Good morning. It is September, gosh, I’m gonna try not to look at my calendar. I don’t know, it’s September 22nd. I need to remember to look at the calendar before I press the live button. But it is Wednesday, September 22nd, 10:00 AM central time, my usual time to go live with all of you. Wherever you are watching me right now,

Whether you’re on my Facebook page, whether you’re in my Facebook group, financial literacy for women business owners, or whether you’re watching me on my YouTube channel, Jamie Trull, tell me you’re here. Say hello. Tell me you can hear me because I always get paranoid about that. And tell me what the weather is like by you. Because right now, I will tell you today is actually my favorite day of the year. It’s my favorite day of the year. 

Fall in Nashville Tennessee 

Not September 22nd necessarily, but my favorite day of every single year is the day that I wake up. I live in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s the day that I wake up. I walk outside and I’m like, Ooh, there’s just this like, chill in the air, right? Like the chill, you feel it in your bones, the chill that is in the air. That is my absolute favorite day of the year. The high today is 65, so of course I gotta whip out all, all, all these sweaters, right? So it’s, it’s chilly where Veronica is in Arkansas. Danielle says it’s raining, it’s raining here too. So that had not, I, I would prefer it to be like a little bit sunny, but at the same time, that chill kind of usually comes with this like overcast type thing where you just wanna like to get back in bed and wear your cozy sweater and you know, put light your candles. Anybody else? I’m lighting all my like-fall candles.

Weekend Plans

I think this weekend is probably the weekend that I’m gonna go on a fall blitz in this house and just decorate the heck outta it because I love fall. I’m a fall birthday baby. So I am, I am like, this is my day, today is my day. So after this, I’m gonna go sit outside and just enjoy, get, get a hot coffee or hot like ice.

I got, oh, I got some cider yesterday. I know y’all are really excited about this. I’m just trying to spend time while people are joining and then we’re gonna get into it. But I got some cider yesterday and I am so excited to like, put that in the crockpot, mix it up, and make some mold cider. Oh man, you guys, it’s fall. It’s fall, y’all. It finally feels like fall. No chill. Where Jodi is, no. Well, for most of us, it depends on where you are. Some of y’all are like, well, I, it was chilly here last month, but for us, this is the first day here in Nashville that it feels like fall. Okay, so I’m gonna get started today. 

My Entrepreneurial Journey as an Online Course Creator

Today we’re gonna do something a little bit different. We’ve been talking a lot about numbers. So we’ve been talking a lot about numbers, cuz that’s kind of what I teach, right? I teach finances, I teach business finances to business owners. I’m a CPA. Numbers are my jam. I am a total numbers nerd and I love them, but we don’t always have to talk about numbers here. Sometimes it’s a little heavy, right? 

So I wanna jump into it and start talking about my journey. And I know some, some of you guys are gonna watch on replay as well. So if you’re watching on replay, say hi and tell me you’re watching. But the reason I wanted to talk about my journey in entrepreneurship is because I think it is so helpful sometimes to hear from other entrepreneurs what has worked for them and what their journey has looked like, because I think sometimes it looks like, you know, especially somebody where they’ve grown their business quickly, right? It just feels like, oh, well that looked easy to you. 

And I want to talk a little bit about where I was and what I was doing and what led me to what I do today, which gives me so much more freedom. I feel like I’m living into doing the thing and making the impact that I’m supposed to make. And I love everything about what I do. Almost everything. 

Being An Online Business Owner

Let’s be honest, we don’t always love everything. I never thought I would be an online business owner. That is hilarious to me. It is hilarious to anyone who knows me in my real life, okay? Tech is not my thing, right? Like typically, typically I’ve always said like, I’m not a tech person. My husband has always been my tech person. I’m like the kind of person that I can’t figure out how to my use my computer. And my husband’s like, well, did you like plug it in? 

You know, like, that’s kind of me. So it is so funny sitting here saying, I am an online business owner now, right? I, I run a completely virtual business. I have a team. They are fully virtual. We serve people completely, virtually. And I sit and talk to a camera all day. And that is just nothing that I ever set out to do.

It’s nothing that I ever thought that I was gonna do. It was the path that kind of revealed itself in front of me as the, the only way, as the thing that I needed to do. And I’m gonna tell you a little bit about that. So let’s kind of, you know, go back in time four and a half years ago, and I know it was four and a half years ago because that’s how old my daughter is.

Leaving my 9 to 5 Job

Four and a half years ago, I left my corporate job. They were moving our headquarters. I was working for the Coca-Cola bottling company that was moving its headquarters to Europe, from Atlanta, Georgia, to Europe. So I went through a multi-billion dollar merger, you know, inversion. We were moving the headquarters to Europe. We were changing from US Gap to IFRS. Y’all are like, what are you even talking about? But that’s what I was living in. I was helping, I was really, really involved in that merger to move our corporate headquarters. And y’all can probably guess I was working a few hours when I did that.

My Growing Family needed more flexibility

Now I was pregnant with my daughter Nora, my second child at the time, and working all the time, crazy, crazy hours to make, to basically work myself out of a job because the headquarters was moving to London. And I had already told them I didn’t wanna move to London. 

I knew that at the end of all these hours of work and all of this that I was putting in, that, you know, I was not gonna have a job at the end and I was gonna be having a baby right at the same time. So I actually left, I went on on maternity leave, I came back and I had one week of work, and then I left my job entirely. I left my job right at the time, like, you know, not far, not long after my daughter was born. And I dunno about you. I I would love to hear your story. 

So many, I know so many, especially women entrepreneurs, the reason that they started their job there, there business wasn’t necessarily from this, like, I’m gonna take over the world place. It was from a I just wanna be in control of my schedule.

My Dream

I just wanna get my kid off the bus stop every day and I just want to be present and I don’t want to work for someone else. I don’t want someone else to dictate my time when I have to be sitting in a seat. And that was very much me at this point, right? I had been, it was a 13-year-long career where I learned so much.

And it actually was a great company that I worked for, but I was tired. Anybody, does anybody, does that resonate with anybody? I was tired and I looked at my kids. My, my oldest was four at the time, and I already felt like I had missed so much, you know, and I, I just, it was like this, I can’t keep doing this to myself. I want something that I can control and that’s more flexible for me. So I took a step back for a little while. Thankfully, I had a little bit of a severance payment, so I got to stay home longer with my daughter. And then when it came time to start working again, I couldn’t do it.

The Phone Call

I remember a recruiter calling me with the perfect job. I had given the most ridiculous, like, this job did not exist. The most ridiculous. Like, okay, if I’m gonna go back to work, here are all the stipulations. My rec recruiter called me with a job that crossed every single one off that list. And I got off the phone and I should have been excited.

And I started sobbing and I realized I couldn’t do it again. That I never could work for somebody else. Sorry, if I’m gonna get, like, this is a topic that is like near and dear to my heart. And so I get a little bit, it’s just, it, it can induce a little bit of, you know, just a lot of feelings.

A lot of feelings. So sorry about that. But I just knew that I couldn’t, I couldn’t do it again. I did not want that for my family anymore. And so I didn’t know what I was gonna do. I ended up actually going back and consulting for a while. So it was kind of like starting my own business, but only a little bit. 

Transition to Working From Home Full Time

I went back for my old company and was consulting with the new London headquarters, but I got to make my own hours and I became addicted to working from home, having flexibility, all of those things. And so at the same time, then started building a business on the side and started taking clients. And I was like, well, I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I have skill. I’m a CPA, I have skills in financial things, so I’m just gonna see who needs my help. 

And at the beginning, of course, I’m doing a million different things, right? Like I’ll sure I’ll do bookkeeping. Sure, I’ll do your taxes. Sure, I’ll do all the things. And then I finally found my home in what I loved, which is the strategic side of the business, which is the CFO hat, as it were, right? Really the strategic side of making decisions in your business based on the numbers, which is what I did, right? I was in, I was the interpreter, and I was in financial reporting.

And technical accounting sounds super cool, right? That’s the department that I was in at Coca-Cola Enterprises. And, and so I was used to looking at numbers and then having to describe what they meant, right? And then how does that then play into what we do next? So we have to look at the path so that we can understand the future and we know how to take steps into the future.

And that’s what I loved. And so I started working with a few small business owners, and they just happened to be women. It wasn’t even on purpose, but they just happened to be women. 

Finding My Passion in Business

And I found that there was this massive hole, right in financial education that was out there, an accessible financial education and help with finances for women, business owners who had small businesses, right? Couldn’t afford thousands and thousands of dollars a month to pay someone to come help them, but they needed the help. And so for me, I started, I was working one-on-one for a while, and eventually, I don’t even know, I can’t even tell you why I I started to listen to some different business podcasts and all of that at the time.

I was going to like every networking, you know, meeting around Nashville and then all the groups doing all these things, spending all the time, right? Trying to find clients. And, and it just, it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t for me. I kept getting clients that weren’t my ideal customer, that like, didn’t have money to pay me, but they wanted to like, trade me for things, right? 

Like, and the things you do at the beginning of the business, you’re like, okay, sure. At that time, what ended up happening is I put so much into this, into working one-to-one with clients. I, and I did enjoy it, but I, I wanted to always over-deliver.

Overwhelmed by 1-1 work

And what that meant was, at one point I was working probably even more as, as much or more as what I had done in the old corporate world for myself and making half, less than half probably total, right? Especially when you take out business expenses and add all of that. Man, I was making way less than half of what I was making at my corporate job.

And I realized I don’t know if anybody has had this realization in their business, right? Like, I realized, okay, we whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What did that, this is what I didn’t want. This is what I did not want. How did I get back into this? 

Why do I feel like I’m on this constant hamster wheel trying to make more money?

So I did start to do things like increase my prices and really I had to step into my own worth. That was something that I had to do first. And it’s something that I think is really, really important for us to do, is recognize the value of our time. When I actually averaged out how much I was making per hour, it was, it was very jarring for the amount of experience that I bring to the table. I, it was not enough to live on it, it didn’t make any sense, right? 

For our family, it didn’t make sense. And so that was kind of the first turning point of what do I do now? Like, what do I do?

What Do I Want to do next with my business?

So good. I’m glad, I’m glad you feel me, Erica. Thank you. I like to hear from you guys. But it was, it was just one of those points where I’m like, okay, what do I do with my business? What is, what is gonna be the purpose of this? Where am I gonna go from here? I didn’t know the answer.

And so I just started, you know, doing some different things to reach, reach customers and clients as well. And like I said, I had realized in the middle of that a passion I didn’t know I had. 

That passion came from seeing, right? Small business owners, particularly women, small business owners, but again, not entirely who were really struggling with this aspect and, just the lack of common sense, understandable, easy-to-implement financial advice and knowledge and teachings that just did not exist, right? 

Figuring out the problem I could help solve

Like, there just wasn’t access to that in the same way. It was all like the accounting, you guys, you guys, you guys know this, right? Leave the accounting as a profession for the most part, by and large. 

Now, there are exceptions to this rule, and I will claim being one of them, right? There are more than just me though, that are, that are kind of bucking the trend. But it is a little behind the times, right? The way that the accounting world works and the way that accountants like to hold information, right? 

Experiences With Financial Professionals

Or make you feel a certain way. We had a thread last week in the group if you missed it, that was all about people kind of talking about their experiences with financial professionals. And there was a lot of, I just feel like, you know, I don’t know the questions to ask or they hold the information and they don’t, you know, like, there’s just, just a lot of like condescension sometimes for people. 

And I just realized that there’s, there’s a pay, there’s a missing piece for no shame, no judgment, ask any questions, you know, let’s learn this together, place that we could come together. So I started one, honestly, I started one. And the other reason for that was because I’m on, I truth be told, I’m on Facebook a decent amount normally in my life. 

Like, I just probably way too much time. I love Facebook groups. I’ve spent a lot of time in Facebook groups. And so I said, you know what I kept seeing in other Facebook groups, all of this misinformation, right? Somebody will be like, Hey, my sister’s cousin who’s a, who’s married to an accountant, always, right? Somebody’s cousin, married to an accountant, told me that I can deduct getting my nails done because I meet with clients. 

Financial Literacy Questions Small Business Owners Have

And so I have to look professional and therefore I can deduct my nails and my suits that I have to wear every day to work. And then there’d be a whole bunch of people that are like, yeah, yeah, totally, that’s fine. That’s great. Yep. My CPA lets me do it. And I’m like, whoa, guys, hang on. None of that is right. So I was like, you know what? We, I, I was trying to like help in different groups and things like that. I said, I’m gonna make my own.

I’m just gonna make my own. And people can come here and they can get like the right answer, right? Like they, I didn’t have a plan. I had no business. Like, it wasn’t like I’m gonna, I’m gonna make a digital course someday and sell it to the, I had no idea what I was gonna do. I just knew there was a need for better financial information to exist.

Growing a Community

So I created a place, and it grew a little bit, a little bit. Remember, we hit, we hit a thousand people by the first month. By the end of the first month, we hit a thousand people in that group. I was shocked, I bet with my husband we had maybe 600 or 700 I think. And it was like two days until the end of the month.

And I’m like, we’re gonna have a thousand by the end of the month. He was like, yeah, good luck with that. Like he, and he is typically a very supportive person, but even he was like, Hmm, are you, I tell you what, like we, I mean, I just put the call out, I’m like, Hey, invite your friends. 

And all of a sudden this group just grew on itself. And we reached it in a day. We reached it in a day. Anybody here, anybody here who’s watching, who was there for the very humble beginnings? This was July of 2019. That was financial literacy for women business owners. If you’re not in the group, a bunch of you guys are watching me over on YouTube. 

A New Season

So make sure that you’ve joined the group. That group grew a little bit, and now we’re at roughly 37,000 I think, business owners who are there for the same reasons. And a lot of what also grew that was walking through the season that we walked through last year. And I’ll get to that here in a minute because that was a really crazy season.

That was another season of a lot of work. But I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t do it any differently if I were to, to change anything. I wouldn’t. And what I will say is, I, started teaching and people started showing up and I didn’t know I liked to teach. I didn’t know I had any kind of gift for that at all.

What I had to do

I just showed up and shared my knowledge in a way that made sense, in a way that was taking all the debits and credits and, and, you know, jargon out of things and, and trying to make sense of it for people so they could really implement things. And it resonated and flash forward, I’m getting a little long-winded in this story, but I wanna, I wanna get to what I wanna talk about today. Flash forward, I didn’t know what I was gonna do. I had all these people, I had a waitlist a mile long for my CFO services a mile long. There was no way I was gonna get to any of those people.

And again, like I said, I wasn’t making enough per hour and I started raising my rates and things like that. But then I felt like I was pricing people out, right? Like I was then charging thousands a month for people to work with me, which is what I needed in order to make it make sense financially for me, right? But I was pricing people out. 

There were business owners that just weren’t at a place where they could pay something like that to have a virtual CFO themselves.

Passion for Teaching Emerged

But they still needed information. They still needed help. And I grew this like love and passion for those people, and I realized that those were my people. And so flash forward to August of 2019, I got a random message from somebody on Amy Porterfield‘s team. Now tell me if you know Amy Porterfield. I did not really know who she was at this point.

I had heard of her a little bit, but again, I wasn’t in the online, online marketing world at all to know what she was. Come to find out, she has one of the biggest podcasts on online marketing in the country. She also is a multi, you know, million-dollar online course creator. Amy Porterfield teaches people how to make online courses.

A New Perspective on Small Business

And I never even thought about it, never hadn’t even crossed my mind. And I, I ended up somehow, I don’t even know, probably like who the heck knows it was, it was faded. But I ended up on one of her lives and listened to her. I’m like, huh? In a digital course. That sounds really interesting, right?

Like, I had never really thought about how do I package my knowledge and then be able to sell it in a way that I’m not constantly trading dollars for hours, which is the cycle that I had gotten into, right? Even though I packaged price, it still was trading dollars for hours. If I didn’t work, I didn’t even make money, right?

I couldn’t just be like, oh, I’m just gonna take time off if I didn’t work. Like constantly. I didn’t make any money. And so I got to, you know, I got a, I I, they reached out to me because I was on a live, there’s a crazy story that goes behind that just of how you know, this, this person found me. But it was somebody on Amy Porterfield’s team that reached out and asked, asked me a whole bunch of questions on my, about my business. And I’m like, I don’t, why are you like, this is very random.

Like, is this market research?

What is this? And then we jumped on a Zoom call and she asked me to be on Amy Porterfield’s Online Marketing Made Easy podcast again, one of the top business podcasts in the United States of America. And here I am like, wait, what? Come again. And what they wanted to do was do what’s called an ideal client avatar call, an ICA call, meaning I was an ideal client for Amy. 

Amy teaches people who are oftentimes one-to-one, maybe service business owners or maybe ex-corporate people, things like that, who want to stop trading dollars for hours, right? Who wants to move into a more scalable business, who wants to make a greater impact? And so I got on the phone with her, right? Of course, Amy Porterfield herself got on the phone with her and had a discussion at, at the end of that, I came back.

My Big Commitment

At the end of that discussion, I kind of said, okay, I need, I need to do this. I need to, obviously, I need to make a digital course. And I will tell you this, I don’t know that I would have gotten that route. And this is why I think this happened, right? 

Cause I do believe not that there’s a reason for everything, but I think that there are a reason in some things. And I believe that I was meant to do this work. I was meant to go this route. I was meant to teach this topic. And I don’t know that I would’ve invested in a program to help teach me how to do it. An online, an online marketing. I don’t know that I ever would’ve thought like, I’m gonna buy, a course to teach me how to make a course on online marketing. 

Like that never would have crossed my mind until I talked to Amy Porterfield herself. And I got off that call and I said, I have a million reasons why I can’t do this. Why I don’t have the time to do this, right? Any why I don’t feel like I have the expertise to do this?

Why It Was Right to Become A Digital Course Creator

And all of that leads down the road of this is why I need to do it. I don’t have the time to do it, which is why I need to do it. But I need to create the time because I need to claim my life back. I need to claim my business back. And so I decided to invest in Digital Course Academy, which is Amy’s flagship program for creating digital courses.

You’ve probably heard me talk about it before, if you haven’t, it is phenomenal. And it is also the rubric that I base my course off of. I deliver very similarly to how Amy delivers hers because I’ve, I’ve learned directly from her. And that changed literally everything. It’s been two years since that, that decision I joined in in September of 2019.

How I 10x-ed My Business by Taking Action with Digital Course Academy

Two years later, I’ve more than 10xed my business income. I absolutely never could have gotten to the place that I am at today had I continued to do the one-on-one work that I was doing. And you know what else? I also could not have impacted the number of people that I’ve been able to impact both through my courses, which has been, we’ve had over a thousand, almost 2000 I think at this point. People who have taken my courses, right? 

My paid courses that they’ve taken. But we have reached tens of thousands of people and been able to help those people because I can better scale my time. I can offer a crap ton for free, right? I can help people for free.

And that is something that I never could have done had, had I been heads down trying to help one-to-one clients, I would’ve been able to help, I don’t know, maybe 10 people last year. But I was able to help tens of thousands. A lot of you guys found me during that time where you were trying to navigate PPP loans and EIDL and unemployment and all the things, right? 

My Business Mistakes Early On

I was trying to navigate all the things to help people without taking a dime for it, without taking a dime for any of that advice that I was doing. And the only reason that I could do it, thank you. Thank you. You guys are so sweet. The only reason that I could do that, is thank you, Stacy. Ugh,

guys. I’m like, the only reason I would’ve been able to do that is because I had pivoted into this scalable type of business, right? Where I could sell one too many, I could sell to the people that I really wanted to help at a price point that they could afford, right? They can’t afford me for thousands of dollars a month, but they might be able to afford a course where I still am walking through it with them. I’m still there to support them through this. 

They could afford that so that they could hone those skills themselves. And it has been transformative in every way, every way. Now. It was a lot of hard work. This didn’t go, I mean, it’s still, there was a lot of hours in there, especially that first year was a lot of hours. It was a lot of hours at this point. And then when we hit Covid, that was a heck of a lot of hours, right? 

What life looks like today instead

But now my life is totally different. I can pick and choose what I wanna work on. If I work extra hours, it’s because I’ve decided to, not because I have to, right? Because I have that financial independence that comes with having a scalable business model that I have built up. And I love it. 

I love the impact that I can make. And I would never want to do anything, anything else ever gets in my life. You guys are so amazing.

Oh my gosh. All right. 

So do I think all businesses can do this with DCA? 

It depends. I mean, like if you’re selling a, you know, if you are selling a physical product, right? So if you’re selling, if you have an ice cream shop, that’s gonna be a little tougher. But what could you do, right? If you have an ice cream shop and you’re selling physical ice cream, well, you could maybe make a course to teach other people how to start an ice cream shop, right? 

So do I think every business can do this? Not necessarily do I think every person can, has something inside themselves that they could teach to others. Yes. Right? If you’ve accomplished something or if you have, the background and the know-how, and the training in something, you can teach it to other people. 

Now you have to want that. You have to decide that teaching is something you really enjoy. And so I think that getting, getting in front of people and teaching just casually for free, that’s how I figured out I really liked it. So see if you like it first. But if you know you like teaching, then yes, I think everybody can do something. 

My Friend the Lawyer

So I know a ton of people. I know you’re, you’re a lawyer, right? I know several. One of my, one of my best friends, Braden Drake, has a, I won’t say it, I won’t say the full name of his business, it’s UNF Your Biz is what it’s called.

He has a program that helps business owners, right? With all the legal stuff behind their business. So how, like the LLCs, how do you do an LLC by yourself? He talks about all the different kinds of things in it, it, you know, contracts, that kind of stuff, right? Like that’s all in his signature program and he’s a lawyer.

And so he’s been able to really cut down on the amount of one-to-one work he does because he has packaged it in such a way and can then focus on selling and launching those things such that you can make a big difference, right? Again, that has to be something you want. If you really like doing the work that you’re doing, then stay, Kate, stay doing it. 

Some people really like doing one-on-one and they just want courses to help supplement that, right? Or maybe for people that can’t necessarily afford their one-to-one, okay, well now we have a course offering that we can offer to, the other people, which then might even get them ready to jump on and, and be a one-on-one client with you.

There is a lot of opportunity in the digital course space

So yeah, I do believe that there’s a lot of, a lot more, if you start to think about it, there’s a lot of opportunity in this space. I really truly believe it. I didn’t even really know it existed. And now I’m an online course creator, an online marketer, like what? That doesn’t even make sense. But yeah, I wanted to start thinking about it. 

And it may be like, if you’ve thought about this for a while, cuz some of you are here because you maybe have thought about this for a while and have wanted to do something like this, you know, there is, the program that I took is open right now it’s only open for another, I don’t know, till next Tuesday, but it’s open for enrollment. I don’t know when it’s opening again next year, maybe not for another year. 

Sometimes she only offers it once a year. So this is Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy. So that is what I took, it’s the full blueprint from, from like A to Z on what you need to do to not only create your course but also market and sell it. 

The part I didn’t even know I needed

Like I didn’t know how to market and sell something online. Like that’s, I had no idea. And so she really walks you through the whole process for it. So if you are kind of early on, you’re not really, you know, done much thinking on this yet or are really just, you know, kind of in this place where you’re trying to figure out if this is right for you, I want you to join the masterclass today. 

Resources from Amy

It’s a free masterclass there. There are two of them today and there’s one on Sunday. But go to and somebody can drop it in the chat. But https://jamietrull.com/amy will take you to where you can sign up for one of her free masterclasses.

She’s gonna be talking about the five mistakes most course creators make. This isn’t a good one, this isn’t just for people who have tried to make courses before, but it’s good for you too. But it’s also good for new course creators. So you can start to at least get some ideas around whether that’s something that you would wanna do. Okay, great.

Awesome. Well first off, but yes, it is a great class. I took it yesterday. It’s fantastic. I will of course tell you at the end she’s gonna talk about her program. You don’t have to take the program if this is the first time you’ve really thought about this, it may not be time yet to take the program. Maybe it’s the next time she opens it.

Pros of Digital Course Academy

But if you’ve been thinking about this for a little while and kind of ruminating on whether this is right for you, right? Then you might wanna be looking at Digital Course Academy. Not only was it instrumental in helping me really figure out how to build this business, and I’ve built my business on top of the Digital Course Academy model almost to a t You will see, if you go through Digital Course Academy you’ll be like, this feels really familiar, but you will see that. But you’ll also like, there’s such great connections. 

So many friends I have met through Digital Course Academy, and so many students have come from Digital Course Academy. It’s kind of crazy. So I definitely recommend going to the webinar if you have not yet been to it because it’s fantastic. 

Use My Digital Course Academy Referral Link for FREE Bonuses

If you have been thinking about this for a while and you’re well aware of Digital Course Academy and you’re, you’ve been kind of in that place of like thinking about whether this is right for you, then I want you to go check out, I have extra bonuses for anybody that enrolls with my link. Why am I a referral partner?

Am I only talking about this because I get money out of it? No, I am a referral partner because I believe in this program so much. I believe in this program so much that when I, went back on Amy’s podcast, so I went back on, I went on her podcast in August of 2019. Is that right? Yeah. And then I went back on in I think May, April or May is when, we recorded that podcast. 

And on that podcast, I actually told surprised Amy at the end of it and told her I was gonna be donating the cost of Digital Course Academy because I believed that the deal that I got out of it, it had an immediate impact. It was immediately an investment in my business. I talk a lot about investments versus expenses for me, I actioned it and it became a massive investment in my business that paid, paid itself a ton of times over, right? 

I’ve actually donated to one of her favorite charities at the exact same, sticker price of the course because I wanted to indicate to other people and to her the appreciation that I had for it and how worth it. I felt like it was because it changed everything.

Digital Course Academy Changed My Life and Business

Changed everything. And I’m here and I’m able to talk to you right now because it changed everything for me. And now crazy, like crazy as, as we go forward two years, right? I, I was on last year, I was on the live stream. I flew out to San Diego and they had me on the live stream with Amy as one of her biggest success stories.

I’m doing it again this year. They’ve asked me to come back. There’s, it’s me and five other students. It’s gonna be on Monday. We’ll be posting more information about it, but I’m gonna be there talking about my story as well. And the crazy thing is throughout all of this, like I’ve actually now, and this is something I completely didn’t expect, right? 

Finding Community Online as a Business Owner

I have become actual friends, like real-life friends with my mentor Amy Porterfield. And that is crazy. She moved here, you know, several months ago, she’s moved, she moved to Nashville. I’d like to say she moved for me. She didn’t move for me, but, but she and I have gotten a chance to spend a lot, you know, a, a good amount of time together over the last several months now that she lives here. 

And it’s so neat to just see this f full circle of like thinking back, going down memory lane to Jamie who was working constantly in her business and tired and trading dollars for hours and not sure if this was gonna work, right? Like the long term, you know, is am I gonna be able to make ends meet by this to where I am now? Where that’s not a concern at all and I know, I know that whatever comes my way, I’ll be able to figure it out, right? I know that. And so I just, it’s for me, that is why, that is why when Amy said, Jamie, do you wanna be an affiliate for this launch?

I said yes, even though we just finished our own launch. For those of you who’ve been around for a while, we just finished our Financial Fitness Formula launch, which is our own course. Now we jumped straight into our affiliate launch. For those of you who are deciding to be online course creators, I do not recommend that. I do not recommend this approach. 

My DCA Affiliate Bonuses

It’s a lot to go from one to the next, but I couldn’t say no to it. I couldn’t say no to the opportunity to tell people about this program. And so I added a whole bunch of bonuses for anybody who uses my affiliate link. My affiliate link is https://jamietrull.com/dca.

You can go check out if you’re ready, if you’re like, no, no, no, I’ve been thinking about DCA for a while and you just convinced me Jamie, then I want you to go to jamietrull.com/dca okay? I want you to go there and I want you to check out all my bonuses. I’ve added over $1,300 worth of bonuses, including, fun, happy hours with me, which are my favorite part of really getting to know you guys and really getting to be a part of your journey and helping bounce ideas off of you. 

Really helping you guys to connect in community with a smaller community because the Digital Course Academy community is a large community. So we have a much smaller community on our side and there are also lots of great bonuses such as bonuses around profitability because you know, it’s important not just how much revenue you make, how do you make sure that you’re profitable? 

My business runs at about 70% profitability

So that’s the great thing about a scalable business like digital courses, is that they can be exceedingly profitable if you do it the right way in the beginning, it can be harder. And that’s why I have, you know, templates and training in there to help make sure that your first-course launch is profitable, right? 

Not just that you make revenue, I want you to make more money than the money that you put in. And really, when you think about it, and you guys are all business owners here, thank you for that. This is the bonus page.

I did it scared

You guys are all business owners, so you understand the concept of investing in your business or growing it, right? A lot of people who are coming at it, like for me at that point, I was so young in business I didn’t understand, I didn’t really get the fact that, okay, if I put this money in, I put this time in to create this thing that it’s going to, you know, reap this like return on investment for a long period of time. 

I didn’t trust that. I think I really didn’t trust, like am I really gonna do it? Is this really gonna work? Is this too good to be true? Right? Wasn’t sure if it was really right for me. And once I kinda leaned into just trusting that, right? And saying, no, I’m gonna do this, I’m going to do the work now don’t sign up for it if you’re not gonna do the work. 

That’s the number one thing that when people say, what’s the one thing, what’s the one thing that you, that you did that you think made you successful? And I said I did it scared.

I did it anyway.

I was scared. And I was, I’m not, I’m not braver than anybody. I just did it anyway. Like I was, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I wanted to quit 15,000 times because I’m like, oh, this is too hard. And I said, no, I have all the things that I need,

I have all the support, I have the full blueprint that I need. And so I know that I can do this, I know that I can figure this out. And I just kept going and I showed up even when I was scared. That’s it. It’s not like some special ability that I have, it’s just that I just, I just committed to doing it.

Final Thoughts about Digital Course Academy and Enrolling this Year

So anyway, if that’s you, if you have been thinking about this, if you’ve been looking at a different, you, you wanna look at a different way to look at your business, right? Or maybe add some supplemental, supplemental income to your business. I will never call it passive income. Now can you create passive income down the line? Yes.

Passive ish. Passive-ish, semi-passive. I don’t believe in any passive income outside of like stocks and bonds, right? But passive-ish income later, yes, in the beginning, it’s very active though. So know that it’s a very active income. You are working hard to make it, but then you can scale it and you can, you can reach so many more people and impact so many more people through what you do.

And that’s my favorite part. Honestly, it’s not even about, yes, I have been able to get a lot more financial independence from doing something like this, but the impact that we’ve been able to have, the number of people that we can impact, the amount of money that we can give away to causes to help in our communities, right? All of those things are the things that drive me in this business.

So if you are looking for that, that’s something that sounds good to you, I just want you to check out just Jamie Trull dot com slash amy that’s gonna take you to the masterclass. If you’ve, if this is your first time thinking about it, just watch the masterclass. It, it may be too early for you to jump into a program like this, but if you’ve been thinking about digital course creation,https://jamietrull.com/dcais also a good place to go. 

All right? Okay. So the very first is a great question. 

Is the course only beneficial if you already have an idea for a course or does a course help you brainstorm ideas for a course? 

So the first module is the seven key decisions you need to make, right? So the first module is gonna kind of help walk you through making that decision. Now you probably want to sit down before buying the program and just like jot down a few ideas, like general ideas, just so you have a starting place to know like, okay, this is something.

And see if anything like revs you up that you’re like, Ooh, yeah, I’d love to have a course. That doesn’t mean that’s gonna be the idea you stick with cuz you’re gonna go through the program and you may change. I changed my idea two months into the program. I also don’t recommend that, but I did. But you’re gonna go through the seven key decisions in the very first module.

And so that’s a really great thing for, for helping you brainstorm that idea. But I would sit down today and just think about, okay, what are, what types of things could I just like, it might just, just jot things down, right? Like just brainstorming session with yourself and if something strikes you right or if a couple of things were like, ooh, those could, that might be able to work right then that could be an indication that this could be right for you. 

Stay open to possibilities in your business

Okay? Alright, friends. So that is it. That’s my whole, I only almost cried. It didn’t like full-on tears, so that’s a win for today. I’m still rocking the yellow. They’re gonna have to come off pretty soon yet.

But you know, I hope that you guys found this interesting. I hope that you may at least get your wheels turning about this. Like I said, if it’s not right for you right now, it might be right for you, in the future. And I really, really want you to think about, is it digital course creation. 

Maybe it’s something else entirely, but always keep your mind open to new and different things that you may not have thought about before. That the internet has given us this beautiful gift. It’s given us a lot of, a lot of crazy, a lot of crazy, but it’s also given us the gift of being able to reach people in a different way. 

And if you’re not harnessing that, if you’re not using that to its fullest potential, you are missing out on an opportunity, you are missing out on the impact that you could make. You’re missing out on the people that would be perfect for you. You’re perfect people. They’re out there, but they might be in like Washington State somewhere and you’re hanging out in Kentucky, right? 

Living the life you prayed for

Like you, they, they’re somewhere, but they will never find you if you’re not harnessing the power of the internet to really walk in that direction, right? To walk towards them, to to, to show yourself to them. And I fully, fully believe that. All right guys, I love you, Stacy. I love you too. You’re amazing. 

It is, it is crazy to just kind of walk down memory lane because, this time of year, especially because it was two years ago exactly, that things totally changed for me. And I know, like I know that that was meant to be, I know that this path was meant to be mine. I’ve never felt that. Not like I’ve always, it’s been one of those things that you hope for, that you pray for, right? 

That you, you are able to find the thing that is meant for you. And I feel like it had to smack me in the face for me to see it. So if this is me smacking you in the face, metaphorically, feel that, feel that, because sometimes, sometimes, sometimes we need a little bit of something just saying a push.

A push in the direction we need to go.

And it could change everything. Okay guys, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go maybe cry for a minute and then I’m, and then I gotta go show up in my Financial Fitness Formula community because this is our first week of my course program with my new students that enrolled. And I wanna be able to give them everything.

And hopefully, I might cry there too. Maybe today’s just a cry date. It’s the first day of like real fall to me and it’s also this kind of day. Love y’all. And I will see you soon. Bye.

I'm Jamie — Profit Strategist and Financial Literacy Coach.

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